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Arpious of the Planes

Chapter 23 Martial Arts And My Weapon

It seems Leo's status is lower than Sophias, is it because she's the daughter of the chief.

"Leo, was your chief the strongest Amazonian in your village?"

"Indeed he was, I heard that he was a genius only found once every century," Leo replied.

It looks like bloodlines do mean that if you have offspring they would be as strong or possibly even stronger than you. But it doesn't matter if you are stronger than your parent or the strongest in your village, there will always be somebody stronger than you. If your pride takes over and leads to you being ignorant of your situation you will end up just like the Amazonians in my empire.

While we were walking through the village I noticed that it seemed like the number of houses have increased. Some of them are even larger than the ones before, but sadly we don't have enough residents to actually fill these houses.

I and Leo finally arrived at the entrance of the cave and it was being worked on by part of the builder team. They were trying to make a grand entrance and the room behind that grand entrance would be sort of a hub for people to relax or just talk. I had no ideas for it so I decided that once everybody's room in my castle is finished I would let Leo have his own creative control over the interior of the entrance room.

This time we both walked down the middle path which I haven't seen yet. There were only 4 huge rooms, 2 on the left and 2 on the right from the entrance room to the throne room. We checked all the rooms and found the very top right room to have a king-sized bed centered against the wall. The blanket and sheets were extremely soft while laying on the mattress was as if I was laying on top of a cloud.

After Leo took a look around the room he came to a conclusion on what he would like to do. He also told me that it would take about 2 days to gather the materials and make the blueprints since he wants them to be perfect.

By the time we finished talking I was getting hungry so I left the castle for dinner. Surprisingly it was already night time,

"Today sure went by fast... maybe I should've woke up earlier,"

"Oh master, what are you doing? I thought we were going to have dinner in the throne room," Aika said while appearing from the left side of the castle.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

I follow Aika to the throne room where a huge wooden table is set up with chairs. All of the leaders including Sophia, Kumo, and Homura were already at the table waiting for me. Aika sat down and the only chair left was the one at the end of the table which I assumed was my seat.

As soon as I sat down the other maids started to bring out dishes but they were really nothing special, just the usual meat and vegetables but presented in a fancy way... or so I thought. One of the maids had brought out a liquid which she said was soup. I tried it and it was basically chicken noodle soup... but without the noodle and chicken.

Homura was very excited about trying some of this cooked food but she didn't know how to use utensils properly so she kind of just grabbed what she wanted and ate it. Kumo already ate before this, but she also seemed kind of... lonely.

I should ask her about that later.

We talked for a bit and decided to tell them what I thought of doing tomorrow.

*clap* *clap*

"I would like for everybody here besides Kumo since you are physically incapable of doing this to come back here tomorrow because I would like to teach all of you some martial arts," I said after getting everybody's attention.

Kumos lonely face soon turned into a depressed face but I knew how to fix that.

Nobody disagreed so it was set in stone that we would practice some martial arts tomorrow. I knew how martial arts because when I swore to become stronger, I wanted to at least be able to defend myself. I couldn't do it during highschool since I didn't have the money but I worked my ass off not just in jobs but also in college for a better future.

Dinner had finally come to an end which all of the leaders had returned to their houses in order to rest up for tomorrow.

Homura decided to sleep on my bed as usual even in a humanoid form... hopefully it's not too awkward. This left just me and Kumo by ourselves at the dining table, the maids were starting to clean up but I told them to leave just the table.

I walked up to Kumo who was kind of just laying on a chair since she doesn't have a humanoid form and hugged her.

"Let's go to bed," I whispered.

"Mmkay," she replied.

When we got to my room Homura was already lying on the bed but not asleep. As we crawled underneath the sheets I hugged Kumo tightly which loosened her depressed expression even by the slightest. Suddenly Homura grabbed onto my back pushing her breasts against me. This surprised me just a bit but the warmth of both of them calmed me down putting me to sleep.

[Day 16]

I woke up today with Homura on top of me, while Kumo seems to have already gotten up. It was very embarrassing with Homura on top of me, I couldn't stop looking at her... breasts.

"What am I a pervert!" I yell while throwing Homura off of me, causing her to roll off the bed.

It seemed like my maids were waiting outside because as soon as they heard me yell they came in to help me change my clothes. The dress today was a very revealing grey dress that went down to my knees.

As soon as I changed I left the room while my maids had something for Homura to change into. I walked over to the throne room where there was nothing besides the elevated throne. I sat on it and thought to myself,

I think we should really add more things to the throne room. Without the eating table it looked pretty barren, it needed some spice and I had an idea but it would take some time to actually get it done so I shoved the idea for later.

Homura came into the throne while wearing a loose, white, long sleeve shirt with matching light blue pants to go with it. Kumo came into the throne room the same time the table had been set up so it was just me, Kumo, and Homura having breakfast together. It was pretty nice if I have to say so myself.

Once we finished breakfast we entered the right side of the castle where I asked Akio last night to connect some of the rooms to make a sort of open area to practice with weapons or... martial arts. Once we entered I saw everybody I had invited yesterday at dinner, Kumo, Homura, Akito, Aika, Sophia, Aimi, Aito, Aiso, and Akio.

We immediately got into the lesson in which I taught them basic things such as kicks and punches. Some picked it up faster than the others but they all seemed like naturals but the one who grew the fastest would definitely be Sophia. I asked her and she said that she had never fought anything before so it was probably just due to innate talent.

Once everybody had finished practicing by themselves I set up some sparring matches where they would be able to use the maximum of their power. They would fight the others that are closest in skill level so they could improve on each other.

The fights were pretty basic and they were just getting used to this new fighting style. I told them that they could incorporate their weapons while using martial arts to give them an edge over anybody they are fighting.

I was getting impatient because I saw Kumo sitting in the corner with a depressed face on and I had already planned to go hunting with her to cheer her up, but it wouldn't be just any time of hunting, we would go to unexplored places we haven't been to yet. The reason I was impatient though was because I wanted to learn how to fight with a weapon but nothing felt comfortable in my hands. The closest one thought would have to be the spear, so I racked my brain on the closest options to a spear and it suddenly came to mind... a scythe.

I always thought scythes were the coolest weapon but nobody really ever used them. Most people associate a scythe with death but I never liked it for that reason. I liked it because of the way it moved and flowed it was just crisp and nice to watch. If you think about it, it is basically a spear with a longer blade.

I asked Akio to shape a rock into the shape of a scythe which he had never heard of so I had to explain and draw a diagram of it on the ground.

Soon I was holding a scythe made purely out of stone. The handle was about 3 quarters of my height and the blade was the size of one of my wings. I started to swing it around and it just flowed like the spear but it was much more natural to me. I felt unstoppable with it in my hands so I couldn't help but say,

"This is perfect,"

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