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Chapter 9: Booklet Activated

Translator: Lordbluefire


The huge ironwing bird cried out, sounding even clearer than it did in the dream. At this moment, its appearance could be seen clearly.

This time around, the dream was a little different. An extremely humongous golden drop of blood was floating in the air. It was the ironwing bird’s blood essence.

The ironwing bird that was hunting Su Yu seemed to have been attracted.

At the next instant, its eyes looked toward the golden blood, looking to be in a bit of a daze.

Very soon, the ironwing bird gave up on hunting Su Yu, choosing to fly toward the golden blood in the air instead.

The ironwing bird flew increasingly faster and appeared in the blink of an eye before the golden blood. Then, with a cry, it swallowed the blood essence.


At this moment, the ironwing bird was like a brilliant golden sun, erupting forth with a dazzling glow from its body that illuminated the entire dream realm.

Su Yu also stared at the ironwing bird with a look of anticipation. What was going to happen next

The blood essence really did work!

Just as he was contemplating this, the ironwing bird suddenly grew larger. It grew increasingly bigger, looking like it was going to explode.

Su Yu’s countenance changed. As expected, a loud cry rang out and the dream realm started to collapse. After that, the ironwing bird exploded to become countless golden light spots, and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared within the dream realm. Su Yu also exploded into pieces due to this explosion.


In the last moment of the dream realm, a booklet that blotted out the skies and sun suddenly appeared.

The pages of the booklet flipped through rapidly. All of the other pages were blank, but very soon, it stopped at the last page. The ironwing bird’s golden light spots integrated into it and instantly lit up the page. After that, the picture of an ironwing bird appeared on the page.

The dream realm stopped here and Su Yu instantly woke up.


It was painful. His head felt so painful as if it was going to explode. His entire body was also in pain, as if he had really been blasted into pieces earlier.

Su Yu woke up.

At this moment, his gaze was flickering. The dream realm had been deciphered.

A faintly discernible booklet then appeared in his mind.

It was the booklet that had appeared in the dream realm!

“Dream realm turning into reality...”

Su Yu’s countenance became a little grim. It had been so many years. Deciphering the dream was supposed to be something that one should be happy about, but why would the dream turn into reality

To think that the booklet that had absorbed the ironwing bird’s light spots actually appeared in his mind

Was it a phantom image? Or was there really a booklet existing in his mind

Su Yu thought about the booklet in his mind and at the next instant, the pages of the booklet started to flip. Very soon, it arrived at the page lit up by the ironwing bird.

Ironwing bird (Seventh level of Thousand Pound Realm):

Racial Skill: level 1 laceration (need blood essence to activate), ironwing slash (need blood essence to activate)

Foundation Origin Art: Origin Gathering (need blood essence to activate).

There were only these short three rows of words, and they weren’t in the human language but the language of the ironwing bird race instead.

If Su Yu hadn’t learned the language before, he probably wouldn’t be able to understand them.

“Seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm... Racial Skills, Foundation Origin Art...”

Su Yu frowned. What was this booklet

This so-called ‘need blood essence to activate’, judging on the words alone, would require him to continue taking in blood essence. Activate... activate what

Activate skills

The seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm should be referring to the blood essence he had absorbed earlier. It must have belonged to an ironwing bird at the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm. This part was easy to understand.

However, what did the things at the back represent

Su Yu started to think rapidly. “Could it be that as long as I have enough blood essence, I’ll be able to activate the ironwing birds’ skills?”

“Then will I be able to use the skills after activating them?”

“Even if I can use them, what’s the level of strength I can unleash? The third level of the Origin Opening Realm or the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm?”

“How long can they be sustained for? Will there be side effects?”

“And where did this booklet come from?”

Su Yu’s gaze kept on flickering. These dreams started more than ten years ago. Could it be that this booklet had been in his mind since then

Who had placed it in his mind

Was there some kind of scheme

There were many strong races amongst the myriad races of all skies. Could it be the scheme of a certain race, wanting to make use of him to create internal chaos amongst the human race

Su Yu couldn’t help but think in this way!

Some races amongst the myriad races of all skies were very treacherous, so it wasn’t as if such matters hadn’t occurred amongst the human race before. Many human race experts had been assassinated or influenced by the myriad races of all skies. Eventually, some would be enticed and led astray to become a member of the All-Races Sect.

“But the human race has a population of over ten billion, and I’m just one of most ordinary humans. Even if they were to entice me, they didn’t have to administer a scheme for over ten years on me, do they?”

Su Yu still didn’t understand. Then, he found it a little hard to suppress the tempting feeling in his heart.

Should he give it a try

Moreover, this booklet felt very, very thick, and he had only activated one page. Did that mean that he could continue to activate the other pages

Su Yu was thinking about this when he suddenly felt a faint fluctuation.

At the next moment, he felt a little in a daze. The fluctuation had come from the booklet’s page and wasn’t a language. It was a fluctuation that was similar to spiritual illustration.

“It can be activated. As long as it’s from a race I’ve dreamed of before, I can activate a page from the booklet after finding their blood essence. However, I’m only at the Origin Opening Realm now, so I have to consider my body’s tolerance when swallowing blood essence...”

Su Yu understood it now. Take for example, he had felt that he was in great pain as if he was going to explode. This was when he had just taken the blood essence of an ironwing bird from the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm.

If Su Yu were to take in the blood essence of one that was at the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm, he’d probably be crippled even if he didn’t die.

“I understand it now!”

Su Yu mumbled. He understood a little now. Each of the dreams he had over the years represented a race.

The activation of the booklet this time around wasn’t because the ironwing bird’s blood essence had such a great effect. But as long as he had the blood essence of the race he had dreamed of, he would be able to activate the booklet.

However, in the past, Su Yu didn’t recognize those races, and he was just at the Origin Opening Realm. How could he possibly go and take in blood essence

If it wasn’t because he understood what the ironwing bird was saying this time around, he wouldn’t have taken the risk either.

If he wasn’t careful, he could die.

“Foundation Origin Art, Origin Gathering…”

Su Yu didn’t think further into this and suddenly thought of the Foundation Origin Art that was mentioned in the third row. The Origin Gathering Art was the ironwing birds’ Foundation Origin Art, and its only use was to absorb a portion of origin qi.

“Origin Gathering Art… need blood essence to activate?”

Su Yu’s gaze flickered. “What does it mean? Can I use blood essence to activate the Origin Gathering Art and absorb origin qi?”

“But it’s impossible for one to actively absorb origin qi during the Origin Opening Realm. One can only passively wait to temper them.”

He didn’t pay too much attention to the racial skills aspect. Laceration and ironwing slash were both basic skills of the ironwing birds. The human race had records on these skills based on the summary of their studies on the ironwing birds. Hence, the blood essence activation might refer to letting Su Yu learn these skills or reach the power of one at the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm.

However, it was different for the Origin Gathering Art. It could also be activated with blood essence. But what was this

The human race was unable to actively absorb origin qi if they hadn’t reached the Thousand Pound Realm. Hence, the effect of the [Origin Gathering Art] was to let the human race gather origin qi, making the origin qi density around them higher. This would then allow the duration of their passive tempering of the origin to be longer, and the effects would be better.

“Origin Gathering Art...”

Su Yu suddenly felt insuppressible agitation. If he could activate the Origin Gathering Art, would that mean that he could initiate the absorption of origin qi despite being at the Origin Opening Realm

The crucial reason people tended to be stuck for very long on the ninth level of the Origin Opening Realm was because they couldn’t actively absorb origin qi into their bodies. The human body was innately unable to form a connective cycle for its apertures and acupoints.

Then what if one could actively absorb origin qi

“But... there’s a need to deliberate on the consequences!”

“What are the consequences of absorbing origin qi? And how much blood essence is required for the activation? If it’s just a drop of blood essence, how long can it be sustained for?”

“How are the effects?”

“These things are very expensive, costing 50,000 coins per drop. If the effects can only be sustained for a few minutes with each drop, then there’s no need to waste the money on them at all.”

Countless thoughts flashed in Su Yu’s mind. Blood essence was required to activate the pages for the other races as well. Where on earth was he going to get his hands on so much blood essence

With so many thoughts clouding up in his mind, Su Yu suddenly felt that his brain couldn’t work well.

“Maybe... I should test it out a little!”

“Another thing is... Where did this thing come from? Should I go ask the teachers?”

Su Yu gave it some thought and then quickly rejected this idea.

Even if this item was planted by someone, the teachers wouldn’t know about it either. Their realms were too weak and this wasn’t something they could come into contact with. For this thing to be undetected for over ten years, even one at the Soaring Realm might not know about it, let alone those at the Thousand Pound or Ten-Thousand Stone Realm.

“It’s useless to just think about it. I should try it out.”

Su Yu was thinking about this when a loud sound came from the door!

At the next moment, Chen Hao swung his bag and bellowed, “I’ve informed the Windarrest Hall! If you aren’t afraid to die, then you can continue to stay! The building is filled with experts! Hurry up and scram!”


Su Yu was stunned.

Chen Hao swung his bag and made a fuss. After his loud bellow, commotions came out from both upstairs and downstairs.

Very soon, someone upstairs bellowed, “What happened?”

“Did the b*stards from the All-Races Sect come?”

“What audacity!”

“Surround them!”


Su Yu snapped out of it and quickly shouted, “It’s nothing! It’s nothing! Old Master Zhou, Chen Hao is just playing a joke on me! So sorry! So sorry!”

Very soon, an old man appeared with a kitchen knife in his hand and pushed away Chen Hao who was blocking the door. Seeing that Su Yu was alright, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “I thought that the b*stards from the All-Races Sect have come. Your father has just left, so you should be more careful. If there are any problems, call us at any time!”

After saying that, he slapped Chen Hao’s head.

“F*ck, why were you shouting? If nothing is wrong, don’t go shouting around. If people from the All-Races Sect really came and we didn’t take things seriously next time, wouldn’t it bring harm instead?”

The old man was very angry. Of course, his anger wasn’t directed at Su Yu but Chen Hao.

“Young lad from the Chen Clan, if you make fake news again, I’ll have your father drag you downstairs and hang you up n*ked to give you a whacking!”

Chen Hao wore a long face and wanted to explain that it wasn’t him!

It was Su Yu!

That guy suddenly sent him a message to ask him to break into his house. How could he not think too much into things

He was maligned!

Su Yu got up, still feeling a bit of pain. But thankfully, it was just some soreness. It could be that most of the powers from the blood essence had been absorbed by the booklet, so he wasn’t actually hurt.

Ignoring everything else, Su Yu hurriedly apologized. After that, Old Master Zhou looked consoled and couldn’t help but pat Chen Hao on the head.

(Look, why is the difference between you and the young lad from the Su Clan so big?)

(You’re such a fool!)

Chen Hao felt like crying!

Su Yu also smiled bitterly inside and quickly asked, “Did you really inform the Windarrest Hall?”

“I didn’t. I was just trying to scare them off!”

Chen Hao felt upset. He didn’t know if something had really happened, so how could he possibly go inform the Windarrest Hall

“That’s good then.”

Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Chen Hao then said, feeling upset, “What’s so good about it? Why did you send me that kind of message? I thought that something had happened to you.”

When all the aunties and uncles staying nearby saw that nothing was wrong, they also left in succession.

Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief and pulled Chen Hao into the house. He then closed the door and said, “I felt a little giddy earlier and was afraid that I might faint. That’s why I sent you a message. Didn’t I ask you to knock first?”

“Oh, are you alright?”

Chen Hao didn’t continue to pursue the matter but said worriedly, “It couldn’t be because you’re too hungry, right? Uncle Su has left. Do you not have food to eat?”

“Why not come to my place for meals in the future? My father asked me to call you over previously, but I didn’t say anything for fear that you might feel embarrassed...”

Su Yu was caught between laughter and tears. (Would I starve myself to death?)

However, he did feel a little touched. Although this person was a little talkative and a little insensitive, he was quite concerned toward Su Yu, his friend.

“It’s fine. It’s just that I cultivated the [Origin Opening Art] for too long last night so I felt a little uncomfortable when I woke up this morning. But I’m fine now.”

“That’s good then!”

Chen Hao heaved a sigh of relief and quickly said, “Then are you going to school today? Why don’t you give the teacher a call and say that you’re sick? Tell the teacher that I’m accompanying you to see the doctor. Can you help me to apply for leave as well?”


The touching feeling Su Yu had a moment ago disappeared!

This guy was hopeless!

He didn’t dare to skip class and wanted to ask Su Yu to apply for leave on his behalf.


After chiding him jokingly, Su Yu thought for a moment and said, “I’m not taking leave, so I’m going to school today. I happen to have something to do at the academy.”

“You’re going too?”

Chen Hao felt a little puzzled. (Why are you so fickle?)

(When I asked you earlier, you said you wouldn’t go, but now you say you are. Are smart people all so fickle-minded?)

Su Yu couldn’t be bothered with him. The reason he wanted to go to the academy was to see if there were any channels or ways for him to get his hands on some ironwing bird blood essence or some other blood essences. He wanted cheaper ones.

The Great Xia Trading Company was too black-hearted!

One drop for 50,000... With the bit of money Su Yu had left, it would be far from sufficient.

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