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Chapter 7: The Reappearance of the Ironwing Bird

Translator: Lordbluefire

Xia Trading Company.

This was the largest trading company in Great Xia and was also founded by the Xia Clan in Great Xia Prefecture. 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

A five-story shopping center in the commerce street was the location of the Nanyuan Branch of the Xia Trading Company.

The first level sold common medicine, the second level sold weapons, the third level sold cultivation arts, the fourth level sold miscellaneous items from the myriad races, and the fifth level was a trading ground for the general public.

Su Yu directly headed to the fourth level of the Xia Trading Company the moment he arrived.

He had come here once before with Su Long. No matter what, Su Long was a cultivator at the ninth level of the Thousand Pound Realm. However, the origin qi in Nanyuan wasn’t sufficient, and there were no external objects that could aid him in cultivation. Hence, he had no way to continue cultivating if he didn’t purchase some stuff here.

The fourth level was divided into many regions. The ‘unknown cultivation arts region’, ‘blood and flesh of demon races region’, ‘fragmented treasures region’, and ‘heavenly ingredients and earthly treasure region’...

Naturally, this place was merely the Nanyuan Branch. In truth, the majority of items sold here were at the level of the Thousand Pound Realm. There was almost nothing at the level of the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm.

In the blood and flesh of demon races region.

A beautiful female staff had a professional smile on her face as she passionately asked, “Sir, what do you need?”

“Blood from ironwing birds!”

“Ironwing birds…”


The female staff pondered and soon replied, “Blood essence or ordinary blood?”

For an incomparably large ironwing bird, there was plenty of blood in its entire body.

Other than a few drops that were essence blood, the rest were ordinary blood. There weren’t many uses for ordinary blood, but essence blood could be used for a lot of things.

Su Yu wasn’t sure what he needed exactly. After hesitating for a while, he said, “Bring both of them out so I can look at them.”


The female staff didn’t ask any more questions. The ironwing birds couldn’t be considered a rare race, as they were air forces that were commonly seen in the Allskies Battlefield. If it was another powerful flying race, the Nanyuan Branch might not have the stock.

Very soon, a male staff took out two transparent glass bottles from the glass counter.

“This is the ordinary blood, and that is the essence blood. They are both types of blood of an ironwing bird at the Thousand Pound level.”

The female staff saw Su Yu staring at the bottles, so she smiled and explained, “If sir wants the blood of an ironwing bird at the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm, the Nanyuan Branch doesn’t have it in stock. You can only purchase that if you head to the Great Xia Prefecture.”

“The Thousand Pound Realm one will do!”

Su Yu couldn’t use the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm blood in any case. Even if he could use it, he was reluctant to purchase it.

“How much is it?”

“It’s cheap for ordinary blood, 5,000 coins per bottle. As for essence blood, it’s slightly more expensive. After all, an adult ironwing bird won’t be able to release more than 10 drops of essence blood. Hence, it’s 50,000 coins for one drop of blood.”

Su Yu frowned slightly. So expensive

“The Thousand Pound Realm is considered cannon fodder on the battlefield, and there are casualties everywhere. Just a drop of essence blood is actually so expensive?”

The female staff’s expression didn’t change. She continued smiling. “Sir, your words are correct. However, it’s very expensive to transport it from the Allskies Battlefield to the Grand Xia Prefecture! We have to extract, maintain, sell it…there are many processes and also taxes. Hence, 50,000 isn’t expensive.”

As she spoke, she continued, “If we were in the Allskies Battlefield, this blood from a Thousand Pound Realm ironwing bird naturally wouldn’t be worth a lot. If you were lucky, you could even pick it up casually. However…this place isn’t the Allskies Battlefield.”

Su Yu fell silent.

Indeed, in the Allskies Battlefield, the myriad races at the Thousand Pound Realm weren’t worth much money. The main point was that when a great battle occurred, who would have time to pick such things up? Even if one picked it up, would you be able to send your gains back

Only the Xia Trading Company or other commerce organizations with powerful backings would be able to transport it back.

Hence, the price at the consumer’s end naturally became expensive.

“Give me a bottle of ordinary blood…and also a drop of essence blood!”

Su Yu felt a little guilty. Fortunately, his father was no longer here. Otherwise, if his father knew he had just squandered over 50,000 to buy such stuff, he might be beaten to death.

“Alright, card or cash?”

“I will pay by card!”

Su Yu’s expression didn’t change, but he was bleeding in his heart. 55,000 coins!

The long-time savings of his father only had one-sixth left after a short while.

“I’m merely guessing. If this is ineffective…I would have lost big.”

Upon thinking of this, Su Yu hurriedly asked, “Oh right, do you guys buy back ironwing bird’s blood here?”

The female staff started a little but soon smiled and answered, “We do. The price for ordinary blood will be 1,000 coins per bottle and 10,000 coins per drop for blood essence.”


Su Yu wanted to curse at someone!

(This is a scammy black shop!)

Although the Xia Trading Company was Xia Longwu’s Xia Clan’s business, he still cursed it as a black shop.

Buying back at one-fifth of the selling price. What a swindle.

(Forget it, I won’t be calculative with you guys.) These people were merely following instructions and couldn’t make decisions. It was useless even if he argued with them.

After swiping his card, there was an additional box in his hand that contained two glass bottles.

One of the bottles had a drop of golden-colored blood, which seemed to be churning and one could faintly see a miniature ironwing bird flying inside.

This was blood essence.

For the essence blood of races that were similar to demons, they would be somewhat of use to cultivation regardless.

If experts at the Thousand Pound Realm consumed the ironwing bird’s essence blood, it could help to improve the strength of their bodies.

After the Origin Opening Realm, humans would officially step into the pathway of cultivation. What the Thousand Pound Realm cultivated was precisely the strength of one’s body.

It was useful to people at the Thousand Pound Realm but useless to people at the Origin Opening Realm. For the latter, if they consumed the essence blood of demon races, they would actually be injured instead. If this wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be an example of someone whose body exploded after bathing in the blood of gods and devils.

If one didn’t open the nine apertures, they would have no way to cycle origin qi, and swallowing essence blood would only burden their body, causing it to become a fatal poison.

For heavenly ingredients like the Skyorigin Fruit, they produced pure heavenly origin energy. This type of energy was more gentle, and it was completely different from the tyrannical origin energy.

As Su Yu pondered, the staff also reminded him, “Sir, if you have yet to reach the Thousand Pound Realm, you must not consume the ironwing bird’s essence blood, or things will be very dangerous!”

“I understand, thanks!”

As he spoke, Su Yu casually asked, “Do you guys have Skyorigin Fruits here?”


The staff was a little dazed. She then replied, “Sorry, we don’t have that here. In addition, I have never heard of a treasure named the Skyorigin Fruit.”

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