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Chapter 3: All-Races Atlas

Translator: Lordbluefire

Outside the registration venue.

Su Yu walked a few steps but suddenly turned his head and spoke with astonishment, “Why are you following me?”

Chen Hao was at a loss. “Are we not going to school?”

“I’m not going.”

“Not going…then what are you going to do?”

Chen Hao felt very wronged. (Earlier, you were the one who said you wanted to go to school, why are you changing your tone now?)


Su Yu calmly said, “I don’t need to attend the other classes. The teachers have agreed that it doesn’t matter if I don’t attend classes, but as for you…if you don’t go, you best prepare for your parents to be invited to a school meeting with them.”


Too heartrending!

Chen Hao covered his face and ran away. That was right. Su Yu no longer needed to attend classes as the teachers permitted him to do so. But it was different for him.

As for cultivation classes, it was already sufficient for Su Yu to open three apertures, and the teachers didn’t expect him to register for the war academies either. Naturally, no one would urge him to go and cultivate.


Staring at Chen Hao leaving, Su Yu shook his head and smiled.

Chen Hao’s father was an old friend of his father, and this fellow was also classmates with him. They could be considered good buddies. However, this fellow was raucous and boring. If this guy followed him, he would definitely have a headache.

In the library.

The administrator was very familiar with Su Yu. Su Yu would come here often to read, and the duration of his stay would often be half a day. After a few years, it was impossible even if he didn’t want to become familiar with Su Yu.

“Su Yu, you have grasped over ten all-races languages. Why are you not relaxing but still studying so hard?”

The administrator teased. Su Yu was considered a person of some fame in the Nanyuan Mid-grade Academy.

Many students, other than having to grasp the necessary immortal-devil language, demon language, and common language, wouldn’t have the spare energy to study other languages. However, Su Yu had mastered several languages.

Su Yu smiled in response but didn’t say anything.

After he entered the library, Su Yu directly headed to the third level.

Right now, it was class time, so the library was almost empty. Other than a few teachers who were checking information, there were basically no other students.

Many of the students would rather cultivate assiduously than face all these undecipherable scribblings. If the problems could be solved by martial strength, these youths naturally wouldn’t be bothered to use their brains.

The few teachers here saw Su Yu, but no one greeted him.

Everyone was used to the quietness here and was immersed in their own worlds.

Su Yu also didn’t greet anyone. He walked with great familiarity toward a bookshelf that he visited the most. He scanned through the books and soon took one out.

—[Lu Fish].

This was an All-Races Atlas. The human race gathered the information of different races that had appeared and made them into an illustrated book, providing them to all of humanity to learn and understand.

Naturally, this was merely one of the many books.

The All-Races Atlas wasn’t just a single book but a series of books. As for how many there were exactly, Su Yu had no idea. Some of them were specially concealed and only provided to a certain group of people with special privileges. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

The Nanyuan Mid-grade Academy only had 39 of those books, speaking about 39 races.

The atlases contained many things. For example, the appearance, habits, customs, languages, even some unique cultivation arts of the different races, their combat method, and how they kill…everything was described.

At this moment, what Su Yu wanted to understand wasn’t this. He flipped to the title page because the title page would contain an illustration of the race that the particular atlas was written for.

Lu fish sounded like part of the fish species but was actually not in reality.

He had opened the atlas and stared at the picture. It was a species that resembled an ox.

But not completely. The lu fish’s tail looked like the tail of a snake, and it also had a pair of wings.

Why was it called lu fish? It was said that lu fish was an amphibian-type lifeform, so it could live in water or the sea as well. In water, its combat strength was even stronger compared to when it was on land.

As for its wings, it didn’t represent that it could fly. The wings resembled chicken wings and could only aid it to glide slightly, unable to grant it true flight.

“The flesh of lu fish can be eaten to dispel poison. It’s a holy treasure for detoxifying poison!”

“It dwells in the Di Mountain Realm which is filled with hills and water. The lu fish hibernates in winter and wakes in summer, and it would roam the Di Mountain Realm when it’s awake. We have to be extremely cautious because the degree of danger is very high!”

“The stance of the Allskies Battlefield is neutral. It is forbidden to kill them for no reason…”

Su Yu simply read through. Actually, he had read this information before. However, he had never learned the lu fish language. The language of this race was very difficult because it was too niche. Also, the lu fishes weren’t the kings of the Di Mountain Realm.

What he wanted to see wasn’t this information but the illustrated picture instead.

“Lu fish…”

Su Yu mumbled as he recalled last night’s nightmare.

The thing that hunted him last night… was it a lu fish

When he dreamt while he was younger, he actually wouldn’t think too much about it. But after so many dreams, in addition to him becoming more mature, he would attempt to analyze the dream realm to see if there was any information worth checking.

What were those monsters who were hunting him exactly

Did they exist in reality

During these years, others thought he was a genius and was willing to put in the effort to study the all-races languages, mastering 18 of them. His hard work caused people to sweat when they heard of it.

But the reality wasn’t so. Su Yu only worked so hard because of his dreams. Hence, he paid more attention to the various races in the world.

He would often check all sorts of information for the sake of understanding more. This was why he would put in so much effort to learn the languages and texts of the various races.

“The dream realm is too blurry, so I cannot be sure if that was a lu fish. However, I think I saw a similar pair of wings on the monster in my dream, and its cry sounded like an ox as well…”

Su Yu silently mumbled. Because the dream realm was very blurry, he couldn’t be sure as well.

However, during these few years, he had found some information. Sometimes, he would discover some special characteristics of the monsters in the dream realm, and they did match the ten thousand races of all skies.

By this conjecture, Su Yu felt that he hadn’t guessed wrongly. The monsters hunting him in his dream were the myriad races of all skies!

Over ten years, 4,500 nights. At the very least, he had dreamt of several thousand monsters before.

If they weren’t monsters from the various races, could it be that there were still unknown lifeforms in this world

“You guys truly give me a lot of face, all of the races are hunting me in my dreams…”

Su Yu bitterly smiled in his heart. They were really giving him too much ‘face’.

(I’m just a minor character, what did I do to make all races hunt me in my dreams?)

Very soon, Su Yu gritted his teeth. (I’m not acquainted with you all and have never seen you guys before. Do you guys have to kill me so badly?)

(Is it very fun to torment an ordinary person like me?)

(But…why would such a dream realm appear exactly?)

Su Yu still didn’t understand. If he had seen such races or interacted with them before, he could still accept it.

But he had never left Nanyuan City in his life and had at most read the information about some races in books. Why would he have a connection with these monsters

After roughly ascertaining the race of the monster in his dream last night, Su Yu returned the book to its original location.

For some things, he couldn’t get to the bottom of them currently.

Very soon, Su Yu left this bookshelf. This time, he came to the library not only to confirm the matter about the lu fish. There was another matter.

A moment later, Su Yu went to another area in the library – the origin opening area.

Books in this area were all about questions regarding cultivation in the Origin Opening Realm.

The start of the human race’s cultivation mainly focused on [Origin Opening Art]

Although one couldn’t feel origin qi if they didn’t open their nine apertures, origin qi still existed. They could absorb a small trace of origin qi to refine their bodies and gradually open their nine apertures before stepping into the Thousand Pound Realm to train their bodies.

The process of opening the nine apertures was a long one. Humans would start training in the [Origin Opening Art] at a very young age, and it was a process where one made steady progress incrementally. It was also the survival of the fittest.

Geniuses would be able to advance swiftly at this time.

With a strong cultivation aptitude, they would naturally be faster compared to others.

Su Yu wasn’t a cultivation idiot. He had read many such books and also knew that the main point of the Origin Opening Realm was to allow nature to take its course. One wouldn’t be able to swiftly break through just by assiduously cultivating.

However, Su Yu still wanted to do a check today to see if there were any methods that could allow one to cultivate faster.

He did a search but didn’t manage to find the books he wanted.

He then frowned slightly. Could it be that there was no information pertaining to this

If this was so, his chance of breaking through to the fourth level of the Origin Opening Realm before the examination wouldn’t be great.

“Su Yu, what are you looking for?”

At this moment, a short-haired girl who was reading at the side couldn’t help but ask.

She had been here for a very long time and had been reading throughout.

She was also acquainted with Su Yu. Although they weren’t from the same class, these people who were fond of visiting the library would know each other somewhat after a long time.

Su Yu revealed an apologetic look. He had disturbed her from her reading.

“I wish to find some cultivation records about how to increase cultivation speed for the Origin Opening Realm, but I failed to find any.”

“Increase cultivation speed?”

The short-haired girl mumbled softly. She then spoke, “There are some methods to increase cultivation speed, but the human race isn’t suggested to use these external methods in the Origin Opening Realm. The Origin Opening Realm is the foundation, and the opening of the nine apertures is the process of laying your foundation. Stability is everything. After all, origin opening… this is the realm where you open the path of cultivation!

“Su Yu, did you not register for civilization academies? They won’t test you on these things. By looking for such records, are you planning to increase your cultivation speed?”

The girl then continued with some worry in her tone, “You cannot rush your foundation building or mishaps might happen easily. Even if you smoothly open your apertures, rushing hastily will surely impact you negatively in the future.”

Su Yu smiled. “I know… I’m not stupid. I only want to see if there are some safer methods. If there are none, I will forget about it.”


The girl pondered before pointing to the lowest level of books at a certain corner. “There are a few books regarding the information you are looking for over there. However, some of the methods they described are very extreme. Su Yu, it’s best that you don’t try them out, or things might be very troublesome. You might even die.

“At the start of the Anping Dynasty, some humans tried these methods before. But since time and tides waited for no man back then, they could only do it blindly. Sadly, none of those seniors managed to step onto a path of invincibility. Instead, because they rushed the process of origin opening when they were young, they all died at an early age.”

“Thanks, I understand.”

Su Yu smiled and nodded. This female student was named Liu Yue, a student in the top preparatory class.

Su Yu wasn’t that familiar with her, but he knew that she would often come to the library to read. It was said that she had also grasped many all-races languages. But as to how many exactly, Su Yu wasn’t clear on that. He didn’t like to ask about such matters.

If there were no accidents, Liu Yue should have registered for civilization academies as well. Hence, she wouldn’t care about raising her cultivation base.

After that, Su Yu didn’t continue chatting with Liu Yue. He soon found those books in the corner that Liu Yue had pointed at.

[Methods to speed up the Origin Opening Realm], [Insights in Origin Opening], [Importance of Foundation Building]...

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