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Chapter 22: A Different Great Xia Prefecture

Translator: Lordbluefire

For this day, Su Yu decided to follow Liu Wenyan.

He wasn’t in a hurry and this wasn’t the first time he followed Liu Wenyan. In the past, when he was learning the all-races languages, he often tagged behind Liu Wenyan.

Su Yu continued to do his stuff. Cultivating, reading, learning…It was just that he didn’t use essence blood and activate the Origin Gathering Art to cultivate.

There was someone from the Longwu Guards protecting him in the dark.

Su Yu didn’t see that person and that person also never appeared. However, Su Yu still felt some curiosity and yearning toward the Longwu Guards.

He heard that people from the Longwu Guards were very strong to the extent that even his father wouldn’t be able to compare to the weakest of them.

How strong were they exactly

While Su Yu was curious, Liu Wenyan also did what he would do every day: drinking tea, reading books, and teaching.

“Are you hoping to join the Longwu Guards?”

Seeing Su Yu glancing outward multiple times, wanting to find a trace of that expert from the Longwu Guards, Liu Wenyan couldn’t help but smile.

Su Yu felt a little embarrassed. He then spoke in a low voice, “I’m just curious what the strongest army of Great Xia looks like.”

“The Longwu Guards…”


Liu Wenyan felt somewhat rueful. “The Longwu Guards have existed for many years. The prefecture lord’s name actually originated from Longwu Guards. Longwu Guards were there first, followed by the prefecture lord and then the Longwu War Academy. However, the Longwu Guards of this generation are said to be the strongest among all generations!

“There aren’t too many people in the Longwu Guards. After all, they are elites, so their total number is around 5,000 pax.”

“Just this bit?”

Information on the Longwu Guards wouldn’t be released to the public. Hence, this was the first time Su Yu heard that the strongest army in the Great Xia Prefecture only had this bit of people.

Were 5,000 people a lot

Too little!

Terrifyingly little!

One must know that just the city guards of Nanyuan City exceeded thousands in number, and the city guards of Great Xia Prefecture exceeded 50,000 pax.

Moreover, the Great Xia Prefecture Army was over 100,000 pax!

Yet, the Longwu Guards who were stronger than them actually didn’t have over 10,000 members!

“The Longwu Guards are elites, so they don’t require so many people. The soldiers there emphasize on quality and not quantity.”

Liu Wenyan laughed. “The Longwu Guards proclaimed to the outside world that they have 10,000 pax. In truth, they don’t have such numbers. However, the strength of their soldiers is indeed very strong. Ten people made up a squad. A hundred people are enough to make an army. And if they have 1,000 pax, they are invincible…”


Su Yu mumbled. Liu Wenyan smiled lightly. “That’s just something they say, so don’t take it too seriously. However, they are indeed really powerful! Basically, their soldiers are all at the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm. Their squad leaders are either at the ninth level of the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm or at the Soaring Realm. Also, their hundred-men leaders are at the high levels of the Soaring Realm.”

Su Yu clicked his tongue!

Indeed, they were very powerful!

5000 pax, this meant that they had 50 hundred-men leaders at the very least. Were they all at the seventh level of the Soaring Realm and above

One must know that even the Nanyuan City Lord wasn’t this strong.

What about the thousand-men leaders that were above the hundred-men leaders

Wouldn’t they be even stronger

To the point where one surpassed the Soaring Realm

Also, how strong was the vice general of Longwu Guards

The chief general of Longwu Guards was Xia Longwu. Su Yu was clear on this point.

Moreover, since the soldiers were all at the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm, this was really terrifying. One must know that in the Allskies Battlefield, the devil suppression army couldn’t be considered a weak army. Back then, Su Long could become a captain just by being at the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm. His status there was similar to a team leader of 10 pax in the Longwu Guards.

One was at the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm, while the other was among the weakest ninth level of the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm. No wonder the Longwu Guards didn’t want to accept his father.

Liu Wenyan laughed and continued, “A ten-men squad has been stationed here in Nanyuan, and the person who spoke earlier is a squad leader that leads five men among them.”

“Is he impressive?”

“Relatively so, he is at the ninth level of the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm.”

Su Yu clicked his tongue again. “Just a squad leader of five pax is at the ninth level of the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm?”

“Although he is a squad leader, the team that’s stationed here is considered relatively stronger than the rest. He won’t have a problem if he wants to become the team leader of 10 pax in a weaker team.”

Liu Wenyan laughed again. “Don’t feel envious. The Thousand Pound Realm and Ten-Thousand Stone Realm are actually just the foundation. The Soaring Realm is then the true starting point. Even in the Allskies Battlefield, Soaring Realm experts aren’t cannon fodder but elite troops!

“When you manifest your will and step into the Soaring Realm, you will naturally understand.”

Su Yu felt some yearning. “I wonder if I can do it in a few years…”


Liu Wenyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. A few years

(Brat, you really believe my words? I said three to five years previously, but I was referring to peak geniuses. Although your talent isn’t bad, it isn’t at their level. If you are lucky, you might achieve it in ten years. If you are unlucky…you will be the same as me and get stuck at the barrier forever.)

(But even if it’s ten years, your cultivation speed will still be quicker than normal body cultivation.)

The two of them continued chatting, and Su Yu started to ask Liu Wenyan some questions about some all-races languages.

Su Yu pondered and asked, “Teacher, is there really no way to increase one’s cultivation speed at the Origin Opening Realm? Other than those risky methods, are there no other solutions? If that’s the case, why can many students at the fourth level of the Origin Opening Realm step into the Thousand Pound Realm very quickly after joining a high-grade academy?”

“From the fourth level of Origin Opening to the first level of the Thousand Pound Realm, there’s a difference of six cultivation realms. From the fourth level of Origin Opening to the fifth, one will at least need half a year, right

“Even if it takes half a year each for the following level-ups, one will need at least three years before they can step into the Thousand Pound Realm. But why did I hear that in war academies, their students would at most spend roughly a year in cultivation, and then they managed to enter the Thousand Pound Realm?”

This question was something Su Yu always wanted to ask. But in the past, the teachers all chortled and told them that they would automatically know this once they joined a high-grade academy.

This time around, he wanted to take this opportunity to understand more. After all, his improvement in the near future might be very fast.

Liu Wenyan felt that maybe it was because Su Yu would enter a civilization academy very soon, so he didn’t conceal anything from him. He laughed. “You should have seen a term in some books before – secret realms in academies.”


“The reason is there.”

Liu Wenyan assumed an air of testing him as he asked, “Why do the myriad worlds and experts from the myriad races want to open Allskies Battlefield outside their realms?”


Su Yu didn’t hesitate in his reply. “The environment outside is different. The gravity, air, and origin qi density…are all different. If the God Race enters the Devil Realm, they might be suppressed and won’t be able to unleash 30% of their strength and vice versa. So, these powerful races don’t dare to carelessly attack another race.”

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