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2062 Chapter 455 Southern origin remains (subscription required) 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

And in the passageway, geniuses walked out one after another. Some of them were smiling, while others were curious.

Human Realm?

This was the human realm!

Someone experimented and fiddled with it before saying with a smile, “The human realm really doesn’t have any suppressive power!”

“I feel that it’s even more open than the Heavenly Battlefield!”

“The space is also very stable!”

“It’s just that there’s too little yuan qi!”

“That’s right, there’s too little yuan qi. Human realm... interesting. According to ancient legends, this place might be the starting point of the myriad worlds in the heavens, a sacred land to worship!”

Someone said something, and someone retorted, “Who said that the human realm is a sacred land to worship? That might not be the case. It might just be a subsidiary land of ours back then!”

One genius after another appeared. Some argued, while others ignored them.

Soon, these voices disappeared.

Seven or eight experts appeared.

The purple-haired modona, the silver-haired Zhan Wushuang, the sage-like Xuan Wuji, the sinister Ming Yue, and the incomparably cold curse soul..

When these people walked out of the tunnel, the surroundings became quiet.

Outside, the human race’s sun and Moon were restless!

These were the geniuses of the heavens and the top geniuses of the heaven-hunting list. If they were killed, all the races would vomit blood.

However, these people all had experts protecting them.

This time, there were over a hundred geniuses, and there were also over a hundred dao protectors. Almost all of them were at the Sun and Moon realm. At this moment, the sun and moon were everywhere, and all the races had poured in their capital.

At this moment, a genius with long blood-red hair laughed and said, “Where are the geniuses of the human race? Come out and have some fun!”

“Battle Tower!”

Someone said indifferently, “Blood fire demon race, don’t give our demon race any more trouble!”

That youth scoffed and said with a sneer, “Stop telling me what to do! Our Blood Fire Demon Race is not your vassal! Moduo na, don’t you agree?”

In front, Moduo na ignored him.

Battle Tower didn’t care and laughed, “Where’s Qin Fang? Where’s Huang Teng? Why Don’t you come out and play!”



Some of the human experts cursed in their hearts. The killing intent of the tens of millions of soldiers boiled, and even the sky changed color.

The Battle Tower didn’t seem to care. It was just killing intent. who hadn’t seen it before?

He was a fifth Level Mountain and sea realm expert.

Very strong!

Of course, he wasn’t on the Heaven Roll, but the Earth Roll.

At this moment, a loud voice sounded out. “All living beings of the ten thousand races, do not cause trouble, do not slaughter the people of the human race, and do not fight in the main city. Those who disobey will be killed without mercy!”

“Humans, experts above the age of 100 must not have any conflicts with the geniuses of the ten thousand races... you can kill the Dao Protectors!”


The first half of the sentence made some of the humans furious, but the second half was suddenly filled with killing intent!

I understand!

We humans also need face and fight equally. We don’t need to care about the words of the geniuses, but we can kill the Dao Protectors!

At this moment, the sun-moon Man with the axe, surnamed Wu, the head of the three hundred thousand strong warriors of the war god Hall, walked out, he sneered and said, “Kids are playing house. Why Don’t you play with them? Don’t the bloodfire demons like to fight? Come on, chop them to death and play with them!”

As soon as he appeared, many human experts sneered.

On the side of the Bloodfire Demons, a rough man beside the war tower glanced at him and chuckled, “Wu Ji, you’re already at the ninth level of the Sun and Moon realm. Do you want to fight with me? How boring would that be? Since Lord Gu Shan is here, why don’t you play with him?”

In the crowd, a burly man with a larger build tilted his head and glanced at this fellow, he said in surprise, “Oh, the blood fire demon race has learned this? They’ve improved! Forget about me. The immemorial giant race is just here to watch the show. If I want to fight, I have to be at Qin Zhen’s level. It’s not appropriate for me to kill Wu Ji.”

Gu Shan was an expert from the immemorial giant race on the dao manifestation board.

This time, he was not the only one on the dao manifestation board. He was also here to protect the Dao. He was escorting a genius of the giant race.

Seeing that Wu Ji seemed to be about to fly into a rage.., gu Shan laughed and said, “Wu Ji, I’ll speak the truth. I’m straightforward. If you want to fight, just kill the fellow from the bloodfire demon race. However... There are also experts from the incipient demon race here. We’ve just arrived. It’s not good to see Blood!”

After saying that.., he laughed and said, “Don’t bother with these juniors. Just be arrogant for a while. In the heavenly battlefield, you human Su Yu is still the best. You beat them up like grandsons. Now that Su Yu can’t come back, they only clamored a few times. Don’t take it too seriously!”

Wu Ji glanced at him and snorted. He looked at the expert from the bloodfire demon race with disdain and sneered, “At least you’re sensible! The bloodfire demon race, I’ve killed the most people from your race!”

The expert of the blood fire demon race didn’t care and casually said, “Kill as you wish. Our race has many experts!”

It was so straightforward!

Our race didn’t lack experts!

Other than invincible being less than the Shi demon race, the other experts might not be less than them.

They were all fought!

If they didn’t fight, how could there be so many experts? Of course, even if they fought, there might not be. But if they fought, robbed, and won, we would go home. The mess was the entire demon race’s responsibility. The Shi Demon Race had to pay the bill.

With the bloodfire demon race as the vanguard, they would have to contribute. The bloodfire demon race might have died many times over the years, but they also earned a lot. After the fight, they would pat their butts. As long as they didn’t die, it was fine. They would go home and cultivate. The incipient demon race would have to go out and settle things.

As they spoke, young men and women appeared once again in the passageway.


There were also some experts protecting the path.

Upon seeing them, many people from the human race had complicated expressions on their faces. Those at the bottom weren’t too clear about the situation. The Sun and moon of the higher-ups all knew about the situation.

Some of these young men and women were low-key and frightening, some were arrogant and frightening, and some were extremely vigilant. They looked around to investigate the situation.

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