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2060 Chapter 454 I’m a professional forger (please subscribe)

“Don’t ask me. Daming Prefecture doesn’t have it either. There are people in Daming Prefecture who want it, but they can’t get it.”

He was talking about Niu baidao, but Old Niu was still missing one item.

Old Niu only had one item. He had fused with a lifetime body, but he was still missing a lifetime body. This required a powerful object to carry it. This time, Old Niu didn’t come back. He was looking for treasures in the heavenly battlefield.

As for the human realm... it was very difficult to find it now. After all, the human realm had achieved too much invincibility hundreds of years ago.

“There are usually carriers in the ruins. This is also one of the reasons why the ruins are so powerful. A ruin without a carrier wouldn’t be an invincible ruin...”

Su Yu understood!

He felt a little pained. I only have two items. Do I have to throw them in as well?

Speaking of which, why did I have to spend so much on the Xia family’s plan.

If something unexpected happened and the fake remains were snatched away, wouldn’t I suffer a great loss?

Su Yu was willing to spend a great deal of money to create a fake.

If it was his own plan, he would have been willing to spend a great deal of money to create it. However, the crux of the matter was that this wasn’t his own plan.

Helpless, Su Yu sent another message. “Manor Head, is it fine to just throw the object directly in?”

“Of course not. It’s still very difficult to enhance the space in an instant. If you’re willing to do so, you can think of a way to shatter one object and fuse it with the mystical realm’s divine text. If you have a lot of money, you can get two more objects. That way, it’ll be incomparably realistic!”

Zhu Tiandao joked, “If you have money, you can try it. Two objects are for people to verify their dao. One object in the enhanced space is enough. Three objects are enough. Even invincible wouldn’t doubt it if he saw it. Only a fool would joke about three objects. If the human race gets their hands on this thing, they might really be able to obtain an invincible one. Many ninth level sun moon cultivators currently lack this object to verify their dao...” i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

Was that so?

Su Yu understood!

He understood!

If he could hide it from invincible, he would have to spend a lot of money. In other words, there were three items that could be used. No one would doubt it.

One was broken to increase the spatial strength, and the other two were hidden in the ruins as a benefit for the inheritor. In addition to the other supporting items, the fake ruins could actually be used for real.

Heaven Yuan Qi, used to cast the body.

The Sun Moon mysterious yellow liquid was used to strengthen the acupuncture points.

The carrier was used to prove that one was invincible.

Yes, it was best to add a treasure of Ling Yun’s nine transformations. In this way, if a person could really obtain the ruins, coupled with a powerful cultivation technique and a powerful talent, he might really be invincible in the DAO.

Would this really be considered an invincible ruins?

“The carrier, I only have two!”

Su Yu thought in his heart. One was the Dragon Pearl, and the other was the heavenly gold black iron.

Very quickly, he thought of the Dragon Horn Treasure Box. Could there be one inside?

If there was, then there would be three!

Since sect master Tianyi placed so much importance on it, perhaps he was preparing it for him to attain Dao.

Thinking of this, Su Yu quickly flew towards the great Xia Manor. He had to find the Xia family... forget it, he had to find the Wan Tiansheng and find him to forge. The Xia family was not professional at all. Su Yu felt that it was too dangerous to cooperate with them.

A bunch of misers. They did not have the capital to forge a fake, so who could they lie to?

Only when one was willing to invest would one be able to produce something.

If the forgery was successful, then the losses would be taken back. In fact, the losses would not be huge, and it was just for everyone to see.

If the losses could not be taken back... then the losses would be disastrous!

Su Yu was prepared to invest everything he earned in the heavenly battlefield this time. If he really succeeded, it might be a huge profit. If he killed an invincible, would the invincible corpse be worth anything?

Did the invincible soldier have a heavenly soldier?

That traitor had quite a lot of Sun Moon Divine Runes, right?

Fortune comes from danger!

Su Yu thought in his heart. In fact... he was prepared to lose everything. He just hoped that the plan would be more perfect.

The Xia family might really not be able to take out these things. In desperation, they chose to create an unreal relic. It was too fake!

But this time, they were gambling with their lives!

It was not playing house!

There were many people who Su Yu could not let go of. Be it Hong Tan or Bai Feng, Su Yu did not wish for a small loophole to cause trouble for everyone.

Money and these things, once they were gone, he could just go and rob them again!


Heart Cultivation Pavilion.

When Su Yu took out the large amount of sun moon profound yellow liquid, the two carriers, over a thousand portions of Heaven Yuan Qi, and some precious treasures like the demonic god fruit, Wan Tiansheng’s eyes turned red.

“Su Yu... why don’t we stop forging? These things are enough for a normal person to cultivate to invincibility. There’s no need to look for additional resources. Why Don’t We Forget About It?”

Wan Tiansheng was truly speechless!

You are too generous, too generous, too generous!

Are you really not afraid of me robbing you by putting these things here?

I really want to rob you!

To be honest, these things are enough for a normal genius to cultivate all the way to invincibility. The prerequisite is that you have the talent and qualifications. Otherwise, no matter how many treasures you have, it will be useless.

This kid Su Yu is really rich.


I know the rest, but I really don’t know about the two carrying objects.

These things are hard to come by outside.

Even one of them is hard to come by!

He made a judgment. It was probably the three invincible incarnations that were destroyed last time, and Su Yu went to pick them up. This kid was really bold.

Very quickly, Su Yu took out another box, “There might be another one inside. Sect Master Tianyi values it very much, so I think it’s most likely the object! “The dragon pearl is too obvious. It shattered the Dragon Pearl and fused into the space. If there’s one inside, then the other two objects will be inherited treasures... in this way, no one will suspect anything.”

The Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints secretly ridiculed, ‘suspect?’?

‘I suspect you’re a fool!’!

‘No one will suspect anything. The Great Xia Manor has only been established for a short period of time, and the consumption is huge. Ye Batian and myself have actually used some carriers, causing the great Xia manor to be unable to make ends meet.’.

‘how could they have the money to create such a fake! ?’!

‘even if you say it out loud, the ten thousand clans and the invincible humans won’t believe it. This is a fake relic created by the Xia family.’.

If the Xia family had the capital, they would have nurtured another invincible state long ago.


Even if it did not work, it would still be quasi-invincible!

Not to mention the Great Xia mansion, there was not a single mansion in the entire human realm that could create such a fake relic. Unless they joined forces. The key was, if they joined forces, how would they know that they would not join forces with that betraying invincible force?

“You... Sigh, you’re so professional!”

Su Yu nodded and said proudly, “I’m a professional forger! Manor Head, using a fake to confuse the real is the real deal!”

Wan Tiansheng was helpless. If this thing had been around for a few hundred years, it would have been a real invincible relic. Now, it was just a little new.

How extravagant!

Speaking of which, this kid was really reliable. Wan Tiansheng actually knew that there was a loophole in this, but... Sorry, he didn’t have the money to create a luxurious fake relic.

His idea was to activate it at the same time as invincible arrived.

Now, it seemed like he could wait!

It was best if an invincible person really came and spread the news!

The relic was real.

And Su Yu.., very soon, he said, “Not only that, I also plan to use the divine literature battle technique stele to release the fluctuations of multi-divine literature battle techniques, so that the relic and the multi-divine literature system will be linked together. This way, it will be easier for that betraying invincible person to appear. Because if he doesn’t appear, this relic will be taken away by the multi-divine literature system, and it might give birth to an invincible person. The ten thousand races will also have to take it very seriously!”

Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints was silent.

Kid, do you know that if you do this, perhaps... you will really attract many invincible, invincible races.

I’m Scared!

I’m afraid I Won’t be able to hold on for much longer!

Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints was helpless. I wanted to draw out the invincible race who had betrayed me, and I also wanted to kill one more. But you, Kid, I Feel Like You’re setting me up, the kind that won’t stop until I’m Dead!

You still want to connect with the multi-divine literature department. Aren’t you afraid that the myriad races will go crazy and have seven or eight invincible realms?

Su Yu seemed to know what he was thinking. He gritted his teeth and said, “When the time comes, I’ll have to trouble you to send me to the entrance of the Heavenly Battlefield!”


Wan Tiansheng’s heart moved slightly. He looked at him again and didn’t say anything else. He roughly knew what he was thinking.

He sighed. This kid... was he still prepared to participate in the invincible level?

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