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Chapter 20: Luring The Snake Out Of The Cave (3)

Translator: Lordbluefire

Only then did the academy head continue, “Recently, it hasn’t been too peaceful in the Great Xia Prefecture. Those fellows from the All-Races Sect are showing up everywhere. Although they are useless, our Nanyuan City is after all just a minor city, and we don’t have sufficient strength to defend it.”

“So what our academy wants to do is that you bunch of people will head to the Great Xia Prefecture in advance. There, it will be safer.

“There are already incidents of geniuses in the other minor cities being ambushed. The All-Races Sect are creating chaos everywhere…”

Su Yu didn’t speak, but someone in the crowd hurriedly stated, “Going to Great Xia…what about the examination?”

“It’s the same whether you take the examination in Great Xia Prefecture or here. Moreover, your chance of success will be greater than taking the examination in Nanyuan. The number of people there is far more in comparison, and you guys are considered a special batch with the recommendation of our academy. Hence, you guys can just head over and wait for the exams.”

“How long do we have to wait?”

A female student spoke with some reluctance, “There are still roughly two months plus to the exam. Could it be that we have to stay in the Great Xia Prefecture all the time?”

“That’s not the case. If those b*stards from the All-Races Sect are eliminated, you guys can return at any time.”

The academy head was a little angry as he spoke, “The main point is that these rats are creating chaos everywhere, and our Nanyuan City is too small. We don’t have excess strength to protect you all, so we are afraid of the unexpected. If they decide to target you guys, there will simply be too many chances for them to act.

“On the way to your destinations, in your homes, or even inside the academy. We might not be able to protect you.

“Rather than splitting up this group, we might as well gather everyone and send you all away. In fact, after you guys leave, your family members and the other students will be safer. Because…in the eyes of the All-Races Sect members, the others don’t have enough value for them to take a risk. Everyone, do you understand the meaning of my words?”

Everyone nodded. No one was a fool. They naturally understood what the academy head was talking about.

Those fellows from the All-Races Sect wouldn’t do something that gave them no benefits. It was meaningless to kill a few ordinary people. Instead, their own lives might be in danger.


However, it was different if they could kill a few geniuses. In their files, geniuses of the human race were all clearly marked.

If they succeeded, they would receive plenty of benefits.

Naturally, the elites in Nanyuan couldn’t be considered true monstrous geniuses. The defenses here were laxer, and they didn’t have enough soldiers. Also, there had been many cases where the geniuses of minor cities were killed.

Seeing that everyone understood, the academy head continued, “So, everyone can make your preparations. Those who are willing to leave, come back to the academy again in three days. The city guards will send a team to escort you all to Great Xia. When you all arrive there, all expenses will be borne by the school, so there’s no need to worry too much.”

Liu Wenyan didn’t interject earlier, but at this moment, he calmly added, “If everyone can leave, it’s best if you go to the Great Xia Prefecture. Recently…there has been some uneasiness. The All-Races Sect is showing signs of activity once more and is killing geniuses, intercepting merchant carts and even leaving bloody bodies outside the city. The situation isn’t good although things temporarily haven’t spread to Nanyuan.”

“But something is wrong!”

Liu Wenyan softly spoke, “Everyone here is no longer a child, so you all should have some judgment about this situation. The intention of the drinker isn’t on the wine. Or in other words, this is a distraction.

“The ones who showed their faces and got caught and killed are minor characters of the All-Races Sect. Many are madmen from the Bloodfire Sect. These madmen are all brainwashed idiots and basically don’t know what’s life and death. They are merely cannon fodder for the All-Races Sect.

“The truly big fish haven’t shown their faces yet. They create chaos for the sake of attracting the Longwu Guards’ attention, wanting to control the strength of the Longwu Guards and city guards of the various major cities.

Su Yu then asked, “Teacher, could it be that the Great Xia Prefecture has no idea about this?” 𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

“They naturally know!”

Liu Wenyan laughed. “The Great Xia Prefecture is filled with talents, so how could they not know of this? But even if they knew, could the Longwu Guards choose not to move out? The prefecture army has to be stationed somewhere and cannot move around recklessly. As for forces that can move around, the Longwu Guards are the strongest, so they have to act.

“The Windarrest Hall also has a headache now. There are too many places they need to guard, and this is because no one has any idea what the All-Races Sect’s true target is.

“People in darkness can act unbridled and attack anywhere casually. So, even though the Great Xia Prefecture can destroy them instantly, it’s useless if they can’t find this group of people.”

Liu Wenyan then continued, “So, the most important thing now is for us to reduce the number of locations that might be attacked. We gather all of you to send you all away in a group, and this will allow us to have the strength to destroy those fellows if they attack here, as we won’t split our strength trying to protect you all.”

Everyone was enlightened. So, this was the case.

A student spoke with anger, “Those b*stards. After I come out from the war academy, I’m going to kill every one of them I see!”

The teachers here smiled and didn’t say anything. Everyone had thought of this before. The main point was that those fellows were too difficult to find. Many of them had hidden truly deeply.

“In that case, everyone can go back and think about it. Those who want to leave can come to the academy three days later. The city guards will escort you guys.”


Everyone answered. With the current situation, it seemed that they could only leave.

If they chose to leave, they could reduce the burden on Nanyuan City. Everyone also understood this point in their hearts.

When the others left, Su Yu didn’t leave.

He came here this time around for the sake of finding Liu Wenyan. He wanted to learn a few more all-races languages, including the lu fish’s language. Before this, he had dreamt of a lu fish, but during these few days, Su Yu didn’t continue to dream.

The language of lu fishes was considered very niche. Hence, Su Yu had never learned it before, and he didn’t know if Liu Wenyan knew it.

As for going to Great Xia, Su Yu didn’t have much reaction to it. In any case, he was the only one at home. It was the same no matter where he went.

The other teachers, including the academy head, also departed. In the end, only Su Yu and Liu Wenyan remained here.

After hearing that Su Yu wanted to consult him on lu fish’s language, Liu Wenyan laughed. “Lu fish are rarely seen on the Allskies Battlefield, and they usually only roam around the Di Mountain Realm. Hence, their language is extremely niche, and the texts in their written language are even fewer. At the very least, what the human race gathered isn’t much. I really haven’t grasped this language yet, but someone surely knows this language in the Great Xia Prefecture…”

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