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Chapter 18: Luring The Snake Out Of The Cave

Translator: Lordbluefire

Preparatory Class 3.

This was the class that Su Yu was in. He rarely attended any classes for the past few days, but of course, no one was too bothered.

With the impending examination for a high-grade academy, everyone was on a tight timeline. Who would have any mind to be concerned about others not attending class

Besides, Su Yu wasn’t the only special person.

There was a student at fourth level Original Opening Realm who didn’t attend classes at the academy for a long time too. At this point, it was more important to adjust one’s mentality.

Su Yu sat in his seat and didn’t hurry to look for Liu Wenyan.

It was still too early. At this time, Teacher Liu might still be reading books. That old man had a habit of waking up early to read a book.

Chen Hao sat next to Su Yu, and the two of them were considered deskmates. The teachers didn’t have problems with the seating and allowed the class to sit freely.

Not long after they were seated, a woman with a well-developed figure stepped into the room with a book.

Sweeping her gaze down and across, she didn’t care if there were people absent either. The female teacher then opened the book and started. “The examination for the high-grade academy is not far away now, so we won’t revise the foundation courses. Today, we’ll briefly talk about the issue of everyone’s choices for their future, after graduation.

“We also won’t talk about the four academic systems; everyone should be clear about them.

“Then, let us talk about how to make a choice if you don’t pass the assessment for even the Internal Affairs Academy, or if you get into somewhere you are unwilling to go.”


The female teacher smiled as she looked at everyone. “This is a magical era where the ordinary and extraordinary coexist. Some students don’t want to resign themselves to ordinary life and wish to walk the extraordinary path as well.

“Even if you don’t get into War Academies, does that mean that there’s no hope anymore

“No, there is!”

At the sound of the female teacher’s words, even if the students knew about this before, they grew somewhat agitated at that moment. It was one thing to have heard about it, but the news was more trustworthy when it came from a teacher.

“The first and also the most dangerous in comparison is to join the military!”

The female teacher looked at everyone with a restrained smile and said solemnly, “I think everyone already knows this: joining the military is the easiest way for an ordinary person to access the extraordinary path. When you kill an enemy on the battlefield, those are all contributions. A lot of the people in the class have relatives who are soldiers, so everyone should understand this point.

“Part of the crisis, which I think everyone is aware of, is that the number of soldiers dying every year reaches six figures!

“However, we are not here to talk about the crisis today. Rather, it’s that even in the military, there are various options.”

With that, the female teacher looked toward Chen Hao who was in high spirits and laughed. “Tell me, Chen Hao. What are the main armed forces of Great Xia Prefecture?”

Chen Hao looked excited and stood up hurriedly as he replied, “The first is Longwu Guards, the strongest army in Great Xia Prefecture!

“Second is the Great Xia Prefecture army. They are responsible for guarding Great Xia Prefecture and maintaining the peace within.

“Third is Windarrest Hall. In charge of capturing All-Races Sect members and maintaining law and order in society.

“Fourth is the respective city guards, responsible for guard duties in the various cities.

“Regarding the main four military structures mentioned, other than the Windarrest Hall, the other three units will enter Allskies Battlefield to assist the front lines in times of turmoil. They can also be considered reserved forces for the frontline.”

The female teacher smiled and responded, “That’s not wrong but not a full picture. Longwu Guards aren’t the reserved forces and won’t enter Allskies Battlefield. Strength isn’t the reason for this. It’s just that the frontlines don’t need the Longwu Guards’ reinforcement for the time being.

“Apart from the four types of armed forces you mentioned, there are still two more.”

Chen Hao was a little curious, so the female teacher smiled and said, “The fifth type is the frontline army. Actually, a portion of them are stationed at Great Xia Prefecture. Of course, they’ll be hard to encounter and they are also in charge of receiving recruits.

“The sixth type is the decommissioned army. Everyone should know about them. Many people used to be from the frontline army or decommissioned veterans from the various structures. This is also a powerful armed force.”

At this, the female teacher seemed hesitant but still added, “In fact, there is still the seventh force!”

Everyone was confused. There was

“There is. The seventh is the guard team from various academies!”

“Don’t look down on these guard departments from each academy. Take Nanyuan Mid-grade Academy for example. It’s just a mid-grade academy, but everyone knows of the school’s guard department. Department Head Huang is also an expert at the ninth level of the Thousand Pound Realm.

“And this is only in Nanyuan. Within Great Xia Prefecture, the guard department’s armed forces are formidable. In fact, it is not uncommon to see someone at the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm or Soaring Realm. On top of that, the war academies have teachers and students, so their strength is actually extremely strong, even surpassing the strength of the prefecture army. They are just not as strong as Longwu Guards.”

With the simple few sentences from the female teacher, it was evident to everyone that they had overlooked this point.

“So, what I want to tell everyone today is that even if you don’t get into an academy, you don’t have to worry about having no way forward. There are many ways to get in touch with extraordinary powers, however…

“Danger and opportunities coexist!

“If you don’t learn as well and don’t cultivate as well as others, then you will need to pay a bigger price to stand out among your peers. For example… your life!”

The teacher added seriously, “For students who wish to walk the extraordinary path, you can consider joining the military if you don’t get into a war academy. The frontline is the most dangerous, but it has the greatest chance. Next, is the prefecture army. You will not be able to get into Longwu Guards for sure, but the prefecture army recruits soldiers every year. In comparison, it is a lot safer than the front lines.

“Apart from the prefecture army, Windarrest Hall also has an academy, the Windarrest Academy, but it is not well-known. Also, Windarrest Academy is rougher in comparison. You may be arranged for graduation after just breaking through to Thousand Pound Realm and delegated to a city for internship. Consider it as participating in actual combat ahead of time.”


The teacher said a lot, but the main point was about joining the military.

Nearing the end, the female teacher changed the topic. “Actually, if you don’t get into a War Academy and worry about the pressure of competition in the prefecture army, you can absolutely give the city guards a shot. The examination for city guards is a little simpler, and the structure for nurturing is also fairly well-developed.”

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