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Ancestor Above

Chapter 513

513 The battle of ten thousand years (ending 2)

The system that had accompanied Lu Qing for hundreds of years had disappeared.

However, this did not mean that the power that the system had given Lu Qing and the various functions that the system possessed no longer existed.

Those functions, be it the exchange tab or the power provided, all existed in the form of the world’s authority that Lu Qing had mastered.

This was similar to the ability of The Wishing Spell. In the entire cultivation world, there was no second genuine immortal, and there was no other existence to compete with him for the power of the world. Then, even if he could not do as he pleased in the whole world and achieve what he wanted, he would not be far from it.

Of course, this was only the beginning.

The celestial dynasty was nurturing cultivators with great effort, especially high level cultivators. Lu Qing was also sparing no effort to help the many cultivators, hoping that a few more true immortals would appear.

Lu Qing had already completed the Taishang Scripture when the cultivation world was generally at peace. He had already obtained all the ancient cultivation techniques and the inheritances of the ancient Immortals.

In addition, he had already reached the level of a true immortal. This also meant that Lu Qing had the most authority over the world. Even if a newly-cultivated true immortal had some control over the world, they would not be as comprehensive as Lu Qing, nor would they be as strong as him.

In other words, Lu Qing did not care that his position would be threatened after he nurtured another true immortal.

On the contrary, Lu Qing did not forget his ultimate goal of unifying the entire cultivation world over such a long period of time, including thinking of ways to do so: To save this world.

A large number of cultivators were cultivated and the best of the best were to be sent to the entire world and into tens of thousands of time fragments. These time fragments would be resolved and their endings would be directed towards a positive direction.

Even though there were many time fragments, Lu Qing, who had control over the manpower and resources of the entire celestial dynasty, could not send all of them into the time fragments.

The most important thing to consider was the success rate.

For some low-level time fragments, they would rather send people of a higher level than the time fragment itself to deal with it than reduce the success rate.

Under such policy guidance, the success rate of dealing with time fragments in the entire world was very high.

Of course, after the completion of the time fragment, the participants would get the [ time gift ] and the [ origin seed ], which were two great rewards for their cultivation. Therefore, when choosing the participants of the time fragment, the success rate was taken into consideration. The participants were usually more talented and had a bright future.

At the same time, the cultivators who participated in the various time fragments had to lead the events that had happened in the fragments to a positive ending and complete the fragments. As for the secondary mission, before they entered the time fragment, there was also a specific explanation. They hoped that they could collect as much information as possible about the ancient times as they solved the time fragment, especially various technologies that were far more advanced than the current era.

A large amount of technical information had been compiled and reproduced in the current era. This would greatly improve the various modern cultivation techniques.

For example, there were formations and the air battleships that the Yan Kingdom had created. In ancient times, there were even more powerful things.

If the technology of the entire era was improved, it would significantly increase the strength of the current cultivation forces.

This was the other aspect that Lu Qing was more concerned about-‘technology’.

If the situation was good, the gods ‘next invasion would be pushed back by 10000 years. If it wasn’t good, a few thousand years wouldn’t be a problem. At the very least, if they fought with the time fragments one by one, they would be able to fight for more time. They could drag the cultivation world further and further away from the abyss and the immortal realm.

However, there was a limit to this. When most of the Shards of Time had been dealt with, it meant that there were no other means to go further, and that the gap between the cultivation world and the gods and demons could be pulled further apart. One day, the three parties would meet again.

In the end, the time fragment was just a means of delaying, not the final solution.

In the end, they would definitely have to face each other head-on.

If by that time, the overall strength of the cultivation world had been restored to the same level as in ancient times, then they would have a fighting chance.

After all, in ancient times, human cultivators were caught unprepared because they didn’t understand the situation of the enemy. The early suppression was too fierce, and the losses were too great.

But even so, they eventually drove away the gods and demons, no matter how heavy the price was.

If the cultivation world could recover its power from the ancient times and be on guard against the invasion of the gods and devils at all times, even spending thousands or even tens of thousands of years to make preparations for this, Lu Qing did not believe that he would not do as well as the ancient Immortals.

There was no doubt that the most important time window to fight against the gods and demons was during the early stages of their invasion. 𝐢𝙣𝓃𝘳𝙚𝐚𝙙. 𝓬𝐨𝑚

In fact, Lu Qing estimated that even if the entire cultivation world’s power level could not be restored to what it was in ancient times and only 60 to 70 percent, it would be enough.

In the ancient times, aside from the powerful cultivators and many Immortals, the overall level of cultivation technology was not to be underestimated.

For example, the simplest method was to use formations against opponents at the divine sea stage and above who had the power of the inner world. In ancient times, there was a special method to use the power of the Spirit vein to suppress the inner world.

With this technique, low-level cultivators could rely on their spirit veins to fight against opponents above the divine sea level. Their defense line would not be easily broken through.

Assuming that the people of Qin had similar means when Lu Qing attacked the great formation of Chang ‘an fortress, even he would not be able to enter so easily-even if there were only a few Dharma lakas in Chang’ an fortress.

And this technique was not only reflected in defense.

The aerial battleships that the celestial dynasty currently had were actually very crude. With some ancient technology, it should be easy to modify these aerial battleships and make them more powerful.

Of course, this was only a small aspect. The improvement of the overall technology would naturally be of great help to the overall combat power of the cultivation world.

War was the primary driving force behind the development of science and Technology.

Lu Qing had made all the preparations for the battle when the godfiends descended once again in a few thousand or even 10000 years.

And that battle was much simpler than he had imagined.

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