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Almighty Coach

Chapter 27: Talents of Athlete

Chapter 27: Talents of Athlete

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"It costs 2,000 points of empirical value to upgrade from the middle level to the high level for a sophomore coach? That’s too much!" Dai Li complained to the System.

"Be grateful. When you come to the phase where you need to upgrade from a sophomore high level to a junior coach, it costs even more." The golden head stopped for a second and continued, "Let’s see what gift you got for the upgrade first!"

"I wonder what is in the gift box. Will it be another halo?" Dai Li opened the box and only found something that looked like a chip, with the word "detector upgrade gear" on it.

"Detector upgrade gear? Is it to upgrade the detector?" Dai Li asked immediately.

"Yes. This gear can upgrade your primary detector to an intermediate detector. In addition, it will increase the range of detection by 10 meters," the System said.

Dai Li followed the instructions on the screen and finished upgrading to his detector. He went back to reality and used it on Haiyang Chen to test it. A line showed appeared in his mind immediately.

Detecting target: Amateur athlete

Professional projection: 100m sprint; Professional ability: 7; Professional talent: C+.

"It’s different from the primary detector. It can even detect the professional subject and talent. What do they even mean? Could you clear things up for me?" Dai Li asked directly.

"The detecting targets are divided into three groups: ordinary, amateur athlete, and professional athlete. The detector will decide which group the target belongs to according to reality. Retired professional athletes will be put in the professional athletes group. Your student has already reached the level of amateur athlete after one month of training, so the detector determined that he was an amateurish athlete," the System said.

"Haiyang Chen improves very fast these days, and his grades are always at the top of the lists. I think he is an amateur athlete. But isn’t seven too low for professional ability? It’s a long way to go to reach 100," Dai Li said.

"Even if he has 100 for professional ability, he is still below the professional athletes. Professional ability is counted using a 1,000-point evaluation scale. Let’s take the 100m sprint, for example. Athletes who broke the world records are all above 800 points for professional ability," the System continued.

"1000-point evaluation scale? Then don’t these poor 7 points mean nothing for him?" Dai Li asked.

"Of course, he is nothing. National second-class athletes are very fast compared to ordinary people. However, if you compare them with real professional athletes, they are nothing," the System said.

"What does professional talent mean?" Dai Li continued asking.

"It means his talent is in the 100m sprint, not in all of the sports. People have different talents in different sports. Some people are good at playing basketball while others are geniuses in football. The talents are evaluated separately."

"How many grades are there for the talents? A, B, C, D?" Dai Li continued.

"There are five, from the highest-level, S, to the lowest level, D. Each level has three sub-levels. For example, level C is divided into C+, C, and C-," the System explained.

"Five levels multiplied by three sub-levels is 15 levels. That means C+ ranks No. 10 out of all the grades. That’s not high at all," Dai Li said with disappointment.

"C+ is actually quite good. Talent is like a pyramid—the higher it goes, the less people there are. Most people are around level D. People who are level C in one specific sports activity have the possibility of becoming a professional athlete in that sport; those in level B could be world champions with very intensive training; for level A athletes, it is very possible that they can become a world champion; and if one is in level S, then one might even break the world record; as for the highest-level, S+, the world is their oyster!" the System explained.

"People with a level of S+ could rule the sports world!" All the famous athletes’ names popped up in Dai Li’s mind. There must be someone among them who had level S+. Then he thought about Haiyang Chen’s C+ and asked, "So according to what you said, if all the people with a level C could become a professional athlete, then C+ would mean one could be one of the best among the national athletes. Is that right?"

"Yes, you could say that. C+ doesn’t mean world champion. But with hard work, one could obtain some records, I suppose," the System answered.

That means Haiyang Chen is talented. I can’t waste his abilities. I think I should put more effort and attention into his training! Dai Li looked at Haiyang Chen, who was not far from him. Then he detected the abilities of the other students. Just like the System had said, most of the ordinary people were level D. Besides Haiyang Chen, there was only one student named Qingliang Xu who was a level C. His talent in the 100m sprint was a C. Although he was not as good as Haiyang Chen, he was much better than the other students.

I didn’t expect to have two students who have the possibility of becoming professional athletes! Dai Li suddenly felt that he couldn’t be satisfied with national second-class athletes. He wanted his students to set their goals higher.


Time passed by quickly. It was the end of August, and school was about to start. The training class would soon come to an end. The notice for the national athlete tests was put on the official website of the local sports bureau.

The national athlete test was held by provincial administrations, and they would be taking place in the provincial capital cities. Last year, it was admissible to hold tests locally in order to relieve the burden of travelling from the students. However, the staff who would be in charge of the tests were all sent from the provincial administrative, while the local cities provided facilities and testing locations. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

The sports field was built three years ago in Yuzhou City. The facilities were quite new, and modern enough to hold the national athlete test. It was decided that the test would be held in the local city, which was obviously good news for students. They could take a taxi to the examination field. The students from the outskirts of the city could also go back home the same day without having to look for hotels to stay in, which saved them a lot of money.

After the schedule of the test was confirmed, all the examines went into the dashing phase. Time was becoming tighter. Dai Li also began his final dash training with his eight students.

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