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Almighty Coach

Chapter 17: Making a Big Fortune

Chapter 17: Making a Big Fortune

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After two weeks, Dai Li returned to Jianguo Chen’s office.

"Li, all the credit belongs to you this time! Without you, Talent Education wouldn’t be able to continue the training class for the high school PE entrance exam." Jianguo Chen smiled, opening the safe behind him. He took out a bulging envelope and gave it to Dai Li. "You’ve had a long fight these last few days."

"Thank you, Professor Chen." Dai Li knew that his salary was inside of the envelope. He took it out immediately and began calculating. "One student means 500 yuan. Thirty-six students means 18,000. I can’t believe I made 18,000 yuan in two weeks. This is awesome!" However, the envelope felt strange in his hand.

"Why is it so thick? It should be no more than two stacks of money. Is 18,000 yuan this thick? I feel like there are three or four stacks of money. Could it be that they are all in 50 yuan bills instead of 100s?"

Dai Li felt embarrassed opening the envelope and counting the money. It was Jianguo Chen who said, "Open and count it. It should be 36,000 yuan."

"36,000? Double? Did you count wrong?" Dai Li had no idea what happened.

"No, I didn’t," Jianguo Chen said with certainty. He smiled and continued, "I told you 500 yuan for one student. But this time, because all of the students in our training class got full scores, I gave you 1,000 yuan per student, which made it 36,000."

Dai Li was still at a loss for words. Jianguo Chen continued explaining. "According to my information, the highest commission that a coach can get from a training class of the high school PE entrance exam in Yuzhou City is 1,000 yuan per student. Normal PE teachers from middle schools can’t reach that price, but I’m paying you to the highest standard. The salary for interns we talked about is gone because those professional professors only take commissions."

It was 18,000 yuan more than what he had expected. Dai Li did not care about that intern salary, which was 300 yuan per week. However, Dai Li was still surprised that Jianguo Chen would raise the salary by himself, since most capitalists tried every trick they could to deduct wages. This confused Dai Li.

Jianguo Chen continued, "Li, our training class for the PE exam ended this year. However, we are going to have it next year too. And we plan to do two to three grades, as well as increase the enrollment in each class. I hope we can continue working together. As for the commission, I promise to give you the highest in this industry."

Dai Li finally got the idea of why Jianguo Chen raised the commission. He obviously wanted to keep Dai Li working at the PE training class next year for Talent Education.

There was no doubt that Jianguo Chen was a successful businessman. Normally people who only placed hope in making a fortune would try every method to take advantage of Dai Li’s salary, let alone raise it. But what Jianguo Chen cared about was the future. He hoped to build a long-term relationship with Dai Li to prepare for next year.

Although Dai Li was not famous at all, and he was not a professional coach, the result he had achieved was amazing. Thirty-six students had passed the exam with perfect scores with only two weeks of training. It spoke to Dai Li’s ability. And for sure, the record would attract a lot of parents. Jianguo Chen believed that he wouldn’t have to worry about the students who would sign up as long as Dai Li worked for him.

Dai Li continued counting to himself. "Two to three grades of training class with more students in each class. Let’s say 40 students per grade across three grades, that would make 120 students. The commission would be 120,000 yuan if 1,000 yuan is offered as a commission per person!"

Dai Li was shocked by the number after he made the calculation. If he could make 120,000 yuan every year there was a high school entrance PE exam, he could make 10,000 yuan per month without working the entire year if he split the number evenly across all twelve months.

Dai Li didn’t have to worry about if there would be enough students or not. Yuzhou City was a city with a large population, and there were more than hundreds of thousands of examinees. One or two hundred students for the training class would be a piece of cake.

He nodded thinking about the cash. "Professor Chen, I will definitely be here if you still have training classes next year!"

Although it was just a verbal promise, Jianguo Chen had already achieved his initial purpose. But he didn’t expect to keep Dai Li, who was a genius, simply through a verbal promise. He had some other tactics. He changed his tone and said calmly, as if they were just chatting, "The result of the public constitution was already published. How was it?"

"I screwed it up!" Dai Li didn’t try to cover. "I’ll work harder next year."

"Do you have any plans then? For job hunting?" Jianguo Chen asked.

"I plan to go to the job market for college students to see if I can get a job." Dai Li continued, "To be honest, it’s hard for me to find a job because of my major."

"I have some information that you might be interested in. Our municipal sports school is going to hire some assistant coaches. It’s temporary, though, not a permanent position," Jianguo Chen said.

The so-called temporary hiring in the public institution was actually contract work. You could even call it a part-time job if you boiled it down. Although the people who were hired temporarily were not the same as permanent workers, they still had to do the same work, sometimes even more. But the salary and benefits were completely different. Sometimes temporary workers even had to bear the blame for something even if it was not their fault. For example, if news came out on the internet that the members of the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau used violence during work, it was always the temporary workers who had "done it" after the investigation. The permanent workers would always be seen as nice and friendly, never using violence.

Temporary workers were one rank below the others in the public institutions. However, there were still many people who made every effort just to get a temporary position there. Although the salary was not high, and the work was very hard, it was at least stable. The salary was paid on time and they wouldn’t suddenly be unemployed. Especially for those parents who were old, the positions in public constitutions were "real" jobs. A temporary worker who earned 3,000 yuan was considered much better than online writers who earned 30,000 yuan a month. And to graduates like Dai Li who had little social experience, the choices were limited. A temporary position in a public institution was very attractive to him, especially a public institution that was a sports school. 𝚒𝓃𝘯𝙧𝚎𝗮𝚍. 𝒄𝐨𝓂

All Dai Li wanted was a job related to training. The more trainees he got, the more empirical value he would gain, and the quicker he could upgrade his coach level. Sports school was obviously the best choice. There were full of trainees that Dai Li could use his Coaching System on to make it easy on himself.

"Thank you so much, Professor Chen. I will go there and check it out tomorrow," Dai Li said.

Jianguo Chen wanted to help him to the end since he had been with him since the beginning. He took out a piece of memo paper from the drawer and gave it to Dai Li. "This is the number of Professor Qinghua Sun, who works in the sports school. He used to be my classmate. I’ll talk you through it. Just go there tomorrow and tell him directly that you are there because of me."

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