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All Hail Cousin Brother

Chapter 55 - Damned Old Woman, She’s Too Vicious

Chapter 55: Damned Old Woman, She’s Too Vicious

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Yang Shuwan’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t be bothered to eat anymore and quickly went to the outer room. “Nanny, why are you here? Do you have any instructions for me?”

Nanny Liu looked at Madam Yang with a smile, as seeing that she didn’t look too good, she knew that she had been having a bad day. “Old Madam feels that everyone in the residence is too undisciplined. Not only are they gossiping, but they’re also allowing the matters of the residence to be spread outside and causing Eldest Master trouble.”

Yang Shuwan’s expression stiffened.

Nanny Liu was clearly implying that she had no manners and had been gossiping in front of Master, while also insinuating that she was not competent in managing the household, and was only capable of playing tricks to deceive her Master.

Only she knew whether the heart of the lotus seed was truly bitter.

But what could Yang Shuwan do?

No matter how dissatisfied her mother-in-law was, as the daughter-in-law, she could only listen obediently, but not open her mouth to defend herself. Otherwise, wouldn’t she be proving all of this to be true?

Nanny Liu continued, “Therefore, Old Madam has sent me here specially to inform First Madam that from tomorrow onwards, you will have to go to the north courtyard at dawn to observe the rules and set an example for everyone in the residence. This will also be a way for you to show your filial piety. In turn, the young mistresses will be able to learn from you as well, and Eldest Master will not scold them for behaving improperly and being unruly.”

Yang Shuwan felt like she had been struck by lightning, and she felt dizzy for a long moment. Immediately, she felt a burning pain in her abdomen, and the blood drained from her face. Her body was on the verge of collapse.

Her mouth trembled, but her voice seemed to be stuck in her throat, and she was unable to say anything.

It was only now that she truly realized what being taught a lesson really meant!

“Madam, did you hear everything clearly?” Seeing Madam Yang’s ashen face and her silence, Nanny Liu thought of Yao Yao’s swollen face and felt a surge of glee.

This whole commotion today had been started by Yang Shuwan.

With Old Madam’s temper, she was definitely going to find an opportunity to teach Yang Shuwan a lesson. However, if she did that, Eldest Master would definitely still have protected Madam Yang, even if it was just on account of Third Miss and Fourth Young Master.

And it would’ve inevitably caused some unhappiness between Old Madam Yu and her son. It hadn’t been easy for him to have become dissatisfied with Yang Shuwan—if she did that, wouldn’t it just make Master’s heart return to Yang Shuwan?

In the end, it was Eldest Miss who had come up with such an ingenious way to deal with Yang Shuwan that left no room for dispute.

She was simply ruthless. Even Old Madam Yu and Nanny Liu herself, who had been in the inner residence for most of their lives, could not compare to Yu Youyao.

Madam Yang’s mouth trembled as she squeezed out the words from her throat. “I-I’ll be there first thing tomorrow morning.”

More rules!! This was a method of bullying and torture used in rich families. It was her nightmare.

Yang Shuwan’s First Mother, her father’s legitimate wife, was an extremely shrewd person. She often threw her weight around, setting rules and standards for the daughters of the concubines in the residence. Waking up at dawn, making and serving tea were the simpler chores, but washing and handling of the trash were common chores as well.

It was common for most First Mothers to deliberately make things difficult, using punishments such as kneeling and copying books!

However, she had been married into the Yu Residence for nine years—when had Old Madam Yu ever set any rules?

But today, she actually had the thought of establishing more rules and standards?

Nanny Liu smiled and nodded. “In that case, I’ll convey your reply to Old Madam.”

Her smile looked more like a sneer dripping with mockery in Yang Shuwan’s eyes. Yang Shuwan was so angry that her heart throbbed in pain. She looked at the back view of Nanny Liu walking out arrogantly, and wished that she could pounce on her right then and there to tear her apart.

That damned old woman was really getting on her nerves, deliberately using the excuse of setting rules to torment her, punish her, and avenge Yu Youyao.

But what could she do?

Even if Master weren’t angry with her right now, wasn’t it only natural for a mother-in-law to set rules for her daughter-in-law?

Not long ago, she and Jia Jia had put on a show of “filial piety” in front of Yu Zongzheng. Now that the opportunity to express their “filial piety” had actually arrived, if she rejected it, wouldn’t she be slapping herself in the face and provoking Yu Zongzheng’s displeasure?

Damn old woman, she was too vicious.

The next day, after having a great night’s sleep, Yu Youyao woke up before dawn.

When Chun Xiao heard sounds, she quickly walked over. “It’s still early. Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

Usually, in the morning, she would sleep right down to the last minute until Nanny Xu personally came to wake her up. Today, however, she actually woke up on her own without anyone coming to call for her.

Yu Youyao shook her head and yawned. “It’s almost time to learn etiquette from Nanny Xu. I can’t possibly depend on her to drag me out of bed every time.”

Chun Xiao pursed her lips as she smiled, and lit a fragrant incense that refreshed and energized the mind.

Yu Youyao leaned against the couch and smelled the faint fragrance in the room. Her muddled mind cleared a little. “Has there been any movement in the main courtyard?” i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

Chun Xiao nodded. “Madam Yang got up as soon as she heard the rooster crow. I guess she’ll be going to Old Madam’s room to obey some rules soon. Madam Yang has never suffered like this before, so she’s probably feeling dismal.”

Yu Youyao chuckled.

Chun Xiao called over a maidservant on duty and began to prepare to serve Yu Youyao, saying, “It’s one thing for Madam Yang to gossip in front of Master, since he often falls for her tricks anyway. But how could she dare to bring Old Madam Yu into her schemes? I wonder what she was thinking.”

Yu Youyao said calmly, “She was just fearless because she felt that she had a strong backing.”

Yang Shuwan had been married into the Yu Residence for nine years. Yu Zongzheng had always treated her well and often protected her in front of Old Madam Yu, afraid to let her suffer any grievances.

Therefore, even though her grandmother didn’t like Yang Shuwan, she never made things difficult for the woman on account of her relationship with her son.

As time passed, Yang Shuwan also started to feel that her Old Madam Yu did not dare to be too harsh on her as she was afraid of pushing her own son away from her.

Gradually, she simply started to treat Old Madam Yu lightly, and only showed superficial respect for her.

Chun Xiao agreed deeply. “In the past, Old Madam never held it against them. She simply turned a blind eye, probably because they hadn’t truly crossed her. But today, Madam Yang had instigated Master to hit Young Mistress, which already angered Old Madam. Then later, when Imperial Physician Hu went to take her pulse, it truly and completely infuriated her.”

Throughout her entire life, Old Madam Yu had raised two important court officials—Eldest Master and Second Master—and it showed how capable she was. However, Madam Yang had probably been mistaken, thinking of herself as the one in charge in the residence, since Old Madam Yu did not interfere in most matters of the household.

Once a person was smug, it was easy to become careless.

Meanwhile, Madam Yang, whom Yu Youyao and Chun Xiao were discussing about, had not been able to sleep at all that night. She’d tossed and turned, feeling tormented. Finally, Nanny Li called out for her, which got her up.

Since Yang Shuwan hadn’t slept well, her head hurt terribly. She lashed out at Nanny Li, but Nanny Li reminded her that she had to go to Old Madam’s courtyard at dawn to follow the rules. Hence, she had no choice but to bear with the headache and exhaustion, getting out of bed to wash up.

She had been married into the Yu Residence for nine years. When had she ever woken up so early? When had she ever suffered like this? When had she ever been bullied like this?

However, no matter how much resentment Yang Shuwan felt, she still arrived at the north courtyard at dawn.

A maidservant on duty outside invited her into the hall. “Old Madam is still sleeping. Please wait in the hall.”

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