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All Hail Cousin Brother

Chapter 53 - Big Cousin’s Showtime

Chapter 53: Big Cousin’s Showtime

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Chun Xiao stepped forward and bowed to Madam Yang. Then, she said, “Imperial Physician Hu, it’s a rare opportunity that you’re here. Eldest Miss has ordered me to come over and trouble you to head to the Green House to take a look at Young Master.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Shuwan knew that she had been thoughtless. She quickly said, “Imperial Physician Hu, I’ll have to trouble you to make another trip.”

Compared to the Old Madam and Yu Jianjia, there was a real patient in the Yu Residence. Since Imperial Physician Hu was here, he naturally had to make a trip to the Green House.

Since he was already here, of course he had to show generosity and graciousness. He nodded. “Of course.”

And so, Chun Xiao led him there.

At this moment, the sky was already dark, and there were lights everywhere in the residence. The door of the Green House was locked. Chun Xiao went forward and knocked on the door. After a while, the old maid opened the door and stuck her head out. She immediately smiled. “Miss Chun Xiao, it’s so late. Is there something wrong?”

Chun Xiao said politely, “The residence has hired an excellent imperial physician. Eldest Miss has asked me to bring him here for Young Master to take a look at his health condition.”

The servant boy quickly ran in to inform them, while the old maid hurriedly opened the door and respectfully invited them in, then led them into the courtyard.

Zhou Linghuai was painting in the study while Chang An was serving him. Chang An turned to look at the table not far away. There were a few simple dishes and a plate of tonics which had not been touched at all. He couldn’t help but turn to look at his young master, who was engrossed in writing.

The words flowed with such bold and forceful strokes, exuding a powerful and strong aura. At a glance, the words instantly resembled swords, looking so sharp and aggressive that it was intimidating.

Chang An shook his head and sighed. He didn’t know who had provoked his young master, whose personality had also become more and more unpredictable recently.

“Knock, knock, knock—” There was someone at the door. “Eldest Miss has sent Miss Chun Xiao over with an imperial physician.”

Chang An turned to look at his young master. At some point, the young master, who had been waving his brush, had stopped. He had even thrown aside the large brush he had been holding. It seemed that he did not intend to continue writing. Chang An felt a little puzzled, but still said, “Quickly invite Miss Chun Xiao and the imperial physician in.”

With that, the servant boy went quickly.

Chang An walked to the desk. Before he could even speak, he heard Zhou Linghuai say calmly, “I heard it.”

Chang An was stunned for a moment. He took a closer look at his young master and saw that his young master’s expression was as usual, no different from before. However, his dark eyebrows were thick and long, revealing a calm and relaxed disposition.

While Chang An was still in a confused state, Zhou Linghuai had already wheeled out of the study and gone straight to the hall.

Chun Xiao and Imperial Physician Hu were both waiting in the hall.

Seeing Zhou Linghuai approach, Chun Xiao stepped forward to greet him and explained the reason for their visit. “This is Imperial Physician Hu from the palace. He’s a divine doctor, and is extremely skilled.”

Zhou Linghuai’s pale lips slowed a slight smile as he stretched his wrist out. “Thank you, Imperial Physician Hu.”

Imperial Physician Hu had already heard a little about this young master who had come to seek refuge as a relative of the Yu family. He’d known that his legs were a little weak, but he had not expected him to be in a wheelchair, so he couldn’t help looking up and down a few times.

He saw that although Zhou Linghuai was still young, he was already an outstandingly handsome and sophisticated man, exuding a noble aura beyond compare with ordinary folks. He couldn’t help but feel impressed, yet also feel pity.

A moment later, he composed himself and stroked his long beard as he checked Zhou Linghuai’s pulse. After a while, he said, “Young Master Zhou, your tongue is light red in color, and your pulse is thin and weak. Your blood flow and circulation aren’t smooth. Eldest Miss has informed the maidservant that in the past, you fell off a horse and it even stepped on you. That must have caused you to injure your spinal cord, which damaged your core and your vitality. I’m afraid I don’t have any treatments for this either.”

As he spoke, he shook his head and looked helpless. It seemed clear from Young Master Zhou’s body that he would pass away at a young age.

Zhou Linghuai nodded and said nothing.

Seeing his indifferent attitude, Imperial Physician Hu could guess that all these years, Young Master Zhou had probably already sought a lot of doctors, but had always been told the same words as what he’d just heard, so he was no longer affected much by it.

Therefore, he had a whole new level of respect for this young master. Most people would definitely be dispirited if they were to find out that they had become disabled. However, Zhou Linghuai looked calm and indifferent, and he smelled vaguely of ink, so it was obvious that he was still an industrious person.

After having considered for a moment, he felt that he had to try harder to help him. “Young Master Zhou, you need to nurse your core energy to treat your condition. I have a secret medicinal formula for nourishing it. You can give it a try.”

This secret formula had been passed down from the previous dynasty and was stored in the library of the Imperial Academy of Medicine. His discovery of it had actually been by chance, as the medicinal herbs needed were not only rare, but many also contained extremely poisonous parts. For example, one of the medicinal herbs required the feces of a certain bug. The nobles in the palace were all particular about not using such filthy ingredients. Hence, usually if such ingredients were needed for a medicine, he would think of means and ways to replace them with other medicinal herbs.

It also contained some highly poisonous properties, which could result in death if not handled carefully.

Therefore, no matter how good or effective a prescription was, he never dared to prescribe it to the nobles, nor did he dare to let them know about it.

He was willing to let Zhou Linghuai use it, not only because he felt some pity for him, but also because he wanted to know how effective this prescription actually was.

If this trial was successful, he could also use it with more assurance in the future. Perhaps he could even use it to gain recognition in the palace.

On the other hand, even if it failed, it wouldn’t have much to do with him.

Zhou Linghuai did not know that the doctor was having such thoughts, so he simply thanked him. “Thank you, Imperial Physician Hu.”

Imperial Physician Hu nodded. He sat at the table and wrote down two prescriptions. One was the secret formula, while the other was a prescription for strengthening the core and nourishing the blood.

After that, he gave a few more pieces of advice and instructions.

Before Chang An could pay the doctor, Chun Xiao handed over an exquisite snuff bottle. Imperial Physician Hu was about to politely decline when he saw the craftsmanship of the bottle, which he had only seen owned by the sages in the palace. His eyes immediately widened. He gasped inwardly at Eldest Miss Yu’s generosity and said a few courteous words before accepting it.

After sending off the imperial physician, Chun Xiao immediately returned to the Green House and said, “I won’t disturb Young Master’s rest. I’ll take my leave.”

Zhou Linghuai nodded but suddenly asked, “Is Cousin not feeling well?”

He knew about Imperial Physician Hu. He was the palace’s Imperial Physician, and his medical skills did not lose to Uncle Sun’s. Most folks would not be able to invite him over. Something must have happened for Imperial Physician Hu to be invited over so late at night.

Something flashed across Chun Xiao’s eyes and she said, “No, it’s just that Third Miss had suddenly fainted. Master used his badge to invite Imperial Physician Hu to the residence, so of course Young Master had to get a visit from the doctor as well.”

Zhou Linghuai nodded, then asked Chang An to send Chun Xiao off.

As soon as Chang An left, Zhou Linghuai’s expression turned grave and he shouted, “Yin San!”

There was a rustling sound from a big tree in the courtyard. A black shadow suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Linghuai. “Young Master, what are your orders?”

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