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All Hail Cousin Brother

Chapter 52 - A Scheming Person

Chapter 52: A Scheming Person

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Yang Shuwan suppressed her anger and brought Imperial Physician Hu back to the Main Courtyard.

Although she was angry and frustrated, it was very rare that Imperial Physician Hu was visiting. Of course, she couldn’t miss this opportunity. She had to let him Hu take a good look at Jia Jia’s health condition.

Imperial Physician Hu entered the inner room with Yang Shuwan.

In front of Yu Jianjia’s bed, the sheer, light gray curtain had already been lowered. Yu Jianjia leaned against the pillow, looking very weak. Her fair hand reached out from behind the curtain, revealing only a thin wrist.

Yang Shuwan said politely, “Imperial Physician Hu, please take a look. How is she?”

He said, “Before I came over, Lord Yu had already informed me that she was born prematurely and weak, with some congenital defects, causing her to be sick often.”

It wasn’t the time for Yang Shuwan to be concerned about keeping Yu Jianjia’s heart disease a secret, so she quickly said, “She often suffers from heart palpitations. She’s been managing it with medicine all these years, so she’s generally fine. It’s just that she’s usually treated by an ordinary doctor. Of course, his medical skills can’t compare to yours; you often work in the palace and it isn’t easy to get a consultation with you. Please help her as much as possible.”

Imperial Physician Hu said politely, “Madam, you’re too polite. Since I’ve entered your residence today, I’ll naturally do my best.”

As he spoke, he reached out and started taking Yu Jianjia’s pulse.

Yang Shuwan did not dare to disturb him, so she turned around and left the inner room. Then, she called Nanny Li over. “Gather all the maidservants and old maids who were in the area around Jade Courtyard earlier. Warn them sternly and tell them to watch their mouths, making sure not to gossip unnecessarily. Also, give each of them two taels of silver.”

Nanny Li left to carry out her orders.

Yang Shuwan also sent someone to find out if Yu Zongzheng had gone to Clear Autumn Courtyard. Then, she returned to the inner room, where Imperial Physician Hu had already finished the health check and was led to the outer room by Hui Xiang.

Yang Shuwan ordered someone to serve tea. After Imperial Physician Hu took a sip and placed the teacup down, she asked anxiously, “Can my daughter’s illness be cured completely?”

It was true that she was born with a congenital deficiency, but premature birth might not necessarily be the case. Imperial Physician Hu pondered for a moment before saying, “She was indeed born with a congenital deficiency. All these years, I believe your family has also used a lot of good medicine to treat her.” 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

Yang Shuwan nodded. “We’ve hired many famous physicians in the capital and tried all kinds of prescriptions. We’ve also used expensive tonics like ginseng. She was doing fine before, but for some reason, in the past two months, she has had four to five bouts of illnesses, both serious and minor.”

Imperial Physician Hu understood and said, “Her illness can be nursed with good medicinal herbs. Although it can’t be cured completely, it’s not a critical matter. However,” his tone changed and stroked his goatee, “Did she have a very serious case of sickness recently?”

Yang Shuwan suddenly felt a surge of anger in her heart. “Last month, Jia Jia accidentally slipped and fell. It gave her a shock and she had a high fever that night, which lasted for two days and two nights.” At this point, she gritted her teeth so hard that they almost cracked. “She almost lost her life.”

At first, Jia Jia had only had a low fever. She wanted to call a doctor, but Jia Jia had stopped her, saying that they should invite one later.

At first, she did not agree. However, when she thought about how Master was about to leave the office, and how Jia Jia had suffered because of Yu Youyao, she felt that she had to let him, as their father, know about it. So, she listened to Jia Jia and got the maidservant to wait on her attentively while she went to take care of other matters.

Others might not know about her daughter’s health, but as her mother, how could she not know it well?

She usually had a low fever, but would usually be fine after drinking a bowl of medicinal soup.

Unexpectedly, when it was late at night and Master was still in the government office, Hui Xiang came over to report that Jia Jia was having a high fever. Only then did she panic and quickly sent someone to get a doctor.

But it was too late.

The doctor said that Jia Jia had caught the flu because the weather was cold and she had not worn enough. Furthermore, the harsh winds had caused her to catch a cold. Due to Madam Yang’s lapse in hiring a doctor in time, Jia Jia’s symptoms had worsened and triggered a high fever.

She was filled with regret, but she did not think that it was her own blunder. She felt that all of this was caused by Yu Youyao.

Hence, she used money to change the doctor’s words, such that he would only say that Jia Jia had fallen and due to the shock, she had developed a high fever.

Which had caused Old Madam to be furious and punished Yu Youyao to kneel in the Temple Hall.

When Master returned from work the next day, Yu Youyao was also having a high fever. Her situation was even more critical than Jia Jia’s, so he wasn’t able to flare up no matter how angry he was.

In the end, this matter was left just like that.

Therefore, Yang Shuwan hated Yu Youyao even more now. “It was also after this serious case of sickness that Jia Jia’s health had begun to deteriorate again.”

Imperial Physician Hu did not respond. Although Third Miss Yu’s body was a little weak, she had been recuperating well. There was nothing life-threatening. Even if she had fallen and been shocked, she would not have developed such a high fever from it, to the point of almost losing her life. There had to be more to it.

It was inevitable for a prominent family to be secretive. He also knew that there were things he shouldn’t probe about, so he did not ask a single question further. “That’s right. She had been recuperating well in the past, but this bout of sickness had greatly damaged her vitality. After recuperating for more than ten years, the fruits of her labor were destroyed in one day, and she has to start recovering from scratch again. However, she’s older now, so it’s naturally not as easy to heal as when she was young.”

At this point, he suddenly stopped talking. For a moment, he looked troubled, as if he had something he couldn’t say.

Yang Shuwan did not notice his hesitation. When she heard this, her heart burned with frenzy. “Then what should we do?”

Imperial Physician Hu hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he only said, “I’ll prescribe a set of medicine for Third Miss to take. In the future, she has to take care to recuperate well. This illness is extremely troublesome. She cannot think or worry too much, and has to relax to replenish her blood and vital energy. Otherwise, she won’t be able to recover no matter what.”

A doctor with brilliant medical skills could easily perceive the patient’s temperament with accuracy.

Joy, anger, worry, and all sorts of emotions would be reflected in one’s body. Looking at Third Miss Yu’s condition, he could tell that she wasn’t a simple person, but was someone capable of scheming and playing tricks.

When she was young, she was still able to rest and recuperate well. However, now that she was older, she had not been managing her illness well. This time, her foundation was completely destroyed, and it might even affect her offspring in the future.

For a young lady, this was an extremely serious issue. That was why he had hesitated to say it.

After careful deliberation, he eventually decided not to bring it up.

After all, this was only a one-time house call, and he had only come over because it was a request from his colleague.

In the future, he wouldn’t be in charge of Third Miss Yu’s illness either, so he would just do his best to prescribe the most effective medicine for Third Miss Yu, instead of saying too much and inviting trouble for himself.

He wrote down the prescription. Before he left, he repeatedly instructed, “Although medicine is important, recuperation is fundamental. Remember to relax and calm your heart to increase blood flow. Only then can you recover well from your illness.”

As long as Third Miss Yu listened to him and took his prescription, after recuperating for three to five years, there would still be hope for her. It would be a little more difficult to have children, but it wouldn’t be impossible.

However, if she did not heed his advice, infertility would be considered a light consequence, while the heavier consequence would be a shortened lifespan or even the loss of her life.

Yang Shuwan nodded repeatedly and ordered someone to hand him the silver and a few very expensive medicinal herbs. She politely saw him out of the courtyard, where she saw Chun Xiao waiting at the entrance.

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