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Tears of Anger!

In the embroidery room, Yu Youyao pinched an embroidery needle and carefully threaded it through the embroidery cloth.

She’d originally thought that embroidering a bamboo-patterned sachet would be very easy, but once she really tried it, she realized how difficult it was.

She knew the double-sided embroidery technique like the back of her hand, but when it came to actually executing it, it was a completely different story.

One needle at a time, the green bamboo pattern that she had wanted to create became a “caterpillar.” It looked like a mess, and it shattered her confidence.

Yu Youyao refused to continue. “At this rate, when will I manage to embroider a decent fragrance pouch for Cousin? I should just get Chun Xiao to make one for me, so that I won’t make Cousin wait too long.”

Out of ideas, Nanny Xu secretly went to the north courtyard.

After a while, Nanny Liu personally arrived at the Jade courtyard. “Old Madam knows that Eldest Miss is learning embroidery and is worried that you’ll hurt your hands, so she has ordered me to deliver gloves to you.”

What good were gloves? They could only help so much.

However, both her grandmother and Nanny Xu were working together to make her continue embroidering. What else could she do?

Yu Youyao pinched the embroidery needle bitterly and continued to practice. After a while, she couldn’t sit still anymore. She angrily threw the tools into the embroidery basket. “Dong Mei and Chun Xiao are both great at needlework, and can help embroider things like fragrance pouches or handkerchiefs. There are also embroiderers in the mansion. Why should I have to suffer?”

Nanny Xu said, “This morning, Fourth Miss visited the An Shou Hall and greeted Old Madam. She gave Old Madam a head scarf that she had personally embroidered. Immediately, Old Madam asked Nanny Liu to help her put it on. I wonder when she’ll be able to wear the handkerchief embroidered by you, Eldest Miss.”

Yu Youyao broke down.

Usually, the older young mistresses from wealthy families would learn needlework in order to please their elders and gain a good reputation. However, her grandmother doted on her, so naturally, she had no need to go out of her way to please her grandmother. However, it was precisely because her grandmother doted on her that she wanted to be more filial to her too. She shouldn’t be unable to do what her other grandchildren could do.

Yu Youyao took a deep breath and retrieved her embroidery tools from the basket.

About half an hour later, Yu Youyao accidentally pricked her finger with a needle. Bright red beads of blood appeared on her fingertip. It was so painful that her eyes welled up with tears and she cried in anger. “It hurts. I don’t want to learn anymore. I really don’t want to. Embroidery is about technique, and it’s something that has to be learned from a young age. I’m already so old. No matter how seriously I learn or how hard I work, I won’t be as good as others. Nothing I embroider will be presentable enough and I’ll only make a fool of myself…”

Nanny Xu was already prepared for this. She pressed on Yu Youyao’s finger with a handkerchief. After a while, the wound stopped bleeding. Then, she carefully applied a layer of medicine and everything was fine.

“What I’ve taught you is the double-sided embroidery technique, which has already been a lost technique among most people. If you learn it, it will be a unique skill that you possess. It won’t be inferior to those who’ve learned needlework since they were young, let alone allow others to look down on you.”

After explaining and coaxing, she finally managed to appease Yu Youyao. Nanny Xu was exhausted.

The first step was always the hardest, but at least she’d finally survived the first day of it.

On the second day, Yu Youyao finally accepted her reality, not acting as she did on the first day. Nanny Xu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Yu Youyao was just a little lazy, but she actually picked up everything quickly once she got serious.

In the afternoon, when Zongzheng returned home from work, he saw Concubine He’s personal maidservant, Zhi Lan, waiting at the entrance of the backyard. Instantly, he stopped in his tracks.

Zhi Lan bowed. “Master, Concubine He has personally whipped up your favorite dishes today. She’s waiting for you.” 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

Yu Zongzheng suddenly pictured a dark and silent courtyard, where Concubine He carried a single illuminating lantern in hand, waiting for him, alone and eager, in the still of the night.

Under the dim yellow light of the lantern, Concubine He’s thin dress accentuated her seductive figure. Seeing that there was no one else around, he hugged her in his arms and pressed her against the corner of the wall.

He thought to himself that since it was in the dead of night, there was not a soul in the courtyard, and Concubine He did not stop him…

With these images in mind, Yu Zongzheng couldn’t help but gulp. His lower body tensed a little, and he was about to nod in agreement.

Just then, his servant boy, Zhao Da, reminded him, “Master, today is February 20th.”

The first and fifteenth days of the month were special dates, so he stayed in the main courtyard on those days. Other than that, he also had to sleep in the main courtyard on all even dates. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head, and the raging fire in Yu Zongzheng’s body was completely extinguished. “Tell Concubine He that I’ll go to the Clear Autumn Courtyard tomorrow.”

When she saw Yu Zongzheng walk away, Zhi Lan stomped her feet.

As soon as Yu Zongzheng arrived at the main courtyard, Yang Shuwan’s maidservant, Mu Jin, greeted him. “Master, you’re back. Madam said that Master has been busy recently. Since it’s the 20th today, the family will have a lively meal together.”

Yu Zongzheng had felt rather glum that he couldn’t go to the Clear Autumn Courtyard, but after hearing this, his somber expression softened.

He thought of his children with Yang Shuwan. Jia Jia was obedient and understanding, though she was physically weaker, which made him dote on her more.

Shansi was his only legitimate son, and was his treasure.

Yu Zongzheng drew the curtain and walked into the inner room.

Yang Shuwan was wearing a peony dress and gave off a different kind of charm. Yu Jianjia was dressed in an outfit embroidered with plum flowers, looking delicate and weak. The two of them seemed to be talking about something in private, and their expressions revealed that they were facing some sort of difficulty. When they saw Yu Zongzheng coming over, both of them looked surprised.

Yang Shuwan hurriedly stood up and greeted Yu Zongzheng. She smiled and said, “Master, you’re back early today. It seems like everything went smoothly at work today.”

“The rankings will be released these few days, so the government office isn’t as busy as before.” Yu Zongzheng sat on the seat where Yang Shuwan had been sitting, while she sat meekly beside him.

Yu Jianjia stood up and personally poured a cup of tea before serving it respectfully. “Father, you have worked hard in the government office for the entire day. Have a cup of tea to relieve your fatigue.”

With his beloved wife and daughter by his side, Yu Zongzheng was in a good mood. He took a sip of tea and put down the teacup. He looked at his daughter and said, “A few days ago, you followed your grandmother to Precious Peace Temple to offer incense but caught a cold and fell a little sick when you returned. I was busy during that period so I didn’t have the time to come and see you. Are you feeling better now?”

“I’m feeling much better.” Yu Jianjia smiled. Her pale face was filled with admiration and affection. “Although you didn’t come to visit me, you had Zhao Da send me some premium ginseng to nourish my body. I know very well that you dote on me. It’s just that you’re busy with work, yet you still have to worry about me. It’s my fault for making you worry.”

After saying that, she bit her lower lip lightly and looked guilty, making her look even gentler and more endearing.

Such an obedient and sensible daughter made Yu Zongzheng want to dote on her further. He softened his tone and said, “Don’t think that way. You have to be more careful with your illness. I’ll get Zhao Da to invite Imperial Physician Hu over one day, so that he can take a good look at your condition. He’s an expert in nursing patients to health.”

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