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All Hail Cousin Brother

Chapter 220 - 220 Play beat the drum, pass the flower

220 Play beat the drum, pass the flower

“Eldest Miss’s tenth birthday is held today, and she’s holding a small banquet in the residence. It’s a grand banquet. Not only did she invite the other young misses into the residence to play, but there’s also a banquet in the main kitchen. It’s said that Eldest Miss took out her own money and organized a table for all the masters in the courtyard. Even the servants have a table.”

“Isn’t that so? Just now, I happened to see Eldest Miss. She was dressed in yellow and green, and her skin was fresh and tender, like a flower bud. The small crown on her head was specially made by Old Madam. The top was inlaid with pearls, and each of them was the size of a peanut. When Eldest Miss stood in the middle of the young misses, no one was more eye-catching than her.”

“Eldest Miss is indeed very glorious. Poor Fourth Miss…”

“Isn’t that so? I heard that Eldest Miss even invited the fifth young miss of the second house. Even Sixth Miss was invited but she didn’t invite our fourth miss…”


Before Yu Qingning could even catch her breath, she was already furious…

At the Jade Courtyard, a group of young ladies sat on stools in a circle. Song Wanhui took a flower ball and passed it to Yu Youyao.

Before Yu Youyao could pass the flower ball, the drum sounded.

Song Wanhui smiled. “After playing a few rounds, it’s finally your turn. Otherwise, I would have thought that your family members were cheating together.”

Everyone covered their mouths and laughed.

The smile on Yu Jianjia’s lips deepened. All the young misses of wealthy families were talented. As the eldest sister, she did not attend talent classes except literature classes. However, when young misses played together, who cared about this?

They all wanted to showcase their talent.

Yu Youyao held the flower ball in her hands. “Didn’t you cheat? All of you play the zither, play chess, read books, write poems, and have all kinds of talents. When I saw this, I was afraid and how could I have the guts?” After saying that, she turned to look at Yu Shuangbai. “I only learned literature at home.”

Eldest Miss Yu was very generous. Even if her talent was not outstanding, she was neither servile nor overbearing. Qi Sinian smiled. “Listen, I’m afraid she’s deliberately being unreasonable and doesn’t want to perform anymore.”

Suddenly, she thought of the Green Parasol Zither Painting hanging in the hall. Eldest Miss Yu might really be talented.

Tang Yunxi’s eyes were also sparkling. She said timidly, “You’re the host today. You have to show us your skills and have fun with us.”

After saying that, she looked at Eldest Miss Yu uneasily.

Yu Youyao was not angry. She stood up with a sigh. “You’re the guests. You’re right. Even if I embarrass myself, I have to bite the bullet.” With that, she turned to look at Yu Shuangbai. “Lend me the flower ball.”

Yu Shuangbai hurriedly handed the flower ball over. In the end, she asked worriedly, “Big Sister, can you do it?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone laughed.

Yu Youyao pulled a long face. “We’re sisters. How can you undermine me like this? How can you ask if I can do it? I have to do it even if I can’t.”

With that, she kicked off her shoes. It wasn’t exactly a rule.

She threw up the ball of flowers in her hand and lay down on the ground. She raised her leg and caught the ball with the tip of her foot. The ball spun on the tip of her foot but did not fall.

It was unknown how her little feet had grown. The backs of her feet were taut and straight, forming a straight line with her leg bones, but the soles of her feet were curved like crescent moons. Even though she was wearing socks, they revealed her graceful curves. She was a half-grown child, and her feet were not grown. They looked very small and beautiful, even more beautiful than a three-inch golden lotus.

The eyes of all the young mistresses present lit up.

Eldest Miss Yu put her leg up, and the flower ball was thrown up again. She flipped her body and lay on the ground. She stretched out her leg and happened to catch the flower ball that had fallen. The flower ball was then pressed against the tip of her foot. The person lying on the ground folded her legs behind her and pressed the tip of her foot against the back of her head…

Tang Yunxi cried out in surprise. Her eyes widened, and she did not even blink.

Song Wanhui turned to Qi Sining and said, “Her figure is really flexible!”

Qi Sinian nodded. “I’ve learned how to soften my body from Nanny since I was young, but I can’t do it like her. She’s like water. She can do whatever she wants.”

What was rare was that Eldest Miss Yu was not talented or weak, so she did not do anything fancy. She really did as she said.

It was obvious that Eldest Miss Yu was also a straightforward person.

At this moment, Yu Youyao folded her hind legs and sent the flower ball on the tip of her foot to the top of her head. She slowly moved her body and stood up from the ground. The flower ball was still on her head.

This performance was extremely exciting. No other girls would play like this when they were together. It was really eye-catching.

Yu Youyao stood up and shook her head slightly. The moment the flower ball fell, she caught it in her hand. “Everyone, just treat it as a joke. Don’t make me laugh.”

Song Wanhui immediately smiled and clapped her hands. “Today, everyone is gathered together to have fun. We’re not as impressive as you. You’ve broadened everyone’s horizons. All we know is some poor literature.”

Qi Sinian also said, “Isn’t that so? I was just about to ask how you trained your figure. I’m so envious.”

Yu Youyao sat down with the flower ball and said with a smile, “I was born with it. Others can’t envy me.”

These words were really asking for a beating. Qi Sinian immediately reached out his hand to tickle her armpit. Yu Youyao was caught off guard and was tickled. She was a half-grown girl and was embarrassed. How could she withstand such tickling? She giggled and quickly hid behind Song Wanhui.

Qi Sinian scratched Song Huiwan, and the three of them immediately laughed. Tang Yunxi watched with sparkling eyes, filled with envy.

Yu Jianjia immediately felt that the tea in her mouth was tasteless.

She also did not understand why Third Miss Song and Sixth Miss Qi had become so close to Yu Youyao after taking a liking to her.

However, she did not know that when people interacted with each other, what mattered was not talent, but their temperament.

It did not matter if Yu Youyao was talented or not. What was important was that she had done what she had said previously. She did not mind showing off as much as she wanted. She was really playing openly.

This was called treating others with sincerity!

Just as everyone was having fun, a young maidservant rushed in. “Eldest Miss, Fourth Miss is here. We…” It wasn’t good to stop her, nor could they stop her. Fourth Miss was determined to come here. If she caused a huge commotion, it would be rude in front of the guests. After all, Fourth Miss was still their mistress…

Before she could finish speaking, she saw Yu Qingning run in a sorry state. She looked at Yu Youyao, who was standing in the middle of the crowd like a moon surrounded by stars. Ignoring the maid servant’s obstruction, she rushed over.

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