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All Hail Cousin Brother

Chapter 219 - 219 Attracting Trouble

219 Attracting Trouble

Tang Yunmeng tightened her grip on her handkerchief and looked at Eldest Miss Yu, who was dressed in yellow and green not far away. She snorted coldly.

The light green color complemented the light yellow color. When the two colors were mixed together, they looked elegant and noble. On the outside, she was wearing a shark gauze layer that was as thin as a cicada’s wings. It was also embroidered with branches. She had only seen the fifth young miss of the Marquis of Weining, Lu Mingyao, wearing this outfit before.

Then, she looked at Tang Yunxi, who was sitting beside Eldest Miss Yu.

The person who usually followed behind her with her tail between her legs was now sitting beside a group of glamorous legitimate daughters. She straightened her back and her expression darkened.


At this moment, everyone was discussing what to do.

“Let’s recite poetry!” Yu Jianjia suggested. Most of the girls from wealthy families, especially those from scholarly families. They played all kinds of fancy games to show their talent, so everyone agreed.

Tang Yunmeng did not want to be left out, so she smiled and ignored everyone else who was chatting warmly. “Eldest Miss Yu, I heard that you have a fourth sister at home. It’s your birthday today, so why isn’t she here?”

As soon as these words were spoken, there was silence.

It would be a lie to say that the few young mistresses present were not curious.

However, it was Yu Youyao’s birthday today, and they were also here to befriend her. Other people were unimportant, so they naturally wouldn’t ask and make Yu Youyao unhappy.

Yu Jianjia pursed her lips and picked up her tea to drink.

Yu Shuangbai was about to speak when Yu Youyao held her hand. Without even looking at Tang Yunmeng, she smiled and said, “That won’t do. I’m not good at poetry, so I won’t be able to raise everyone’s spirits later. There are many of us, so it’ll be lively no matter what we do. How about we play beat the drum, pass the flower. The losers will perform their talents. This will also be more interesting. Without elders accompanying us today, we’ll be as happy as we want.”

This suggestion received a warm response from everyone present.

There were more tricks to playing beat the drum, pass the flower, so it was naturally more interesting than poetry. However, usually, when they went to other places, the young mistresses would be more reserved and not play too much.

Yu Youyao asked Xia Tao to prepare a flower ball and a flower drum…

Just like that, Tang Yunmeng was ignored by everyone present. She stood on the spot awkwardly, her face turning red and green.

Chun Xiao came over to invite her. “Eldest Miss Tang is probably tired. Why don’t you go to the side and eat some snacks?”

With that, she held Tang Yunmeng’s arm and pulled her to a small table at the side, without any explanation. Tang Yunmeng was furious.

However, she was a guest, so she naturally had to be polite. She couldn’t really make a fuss.

Everyone saw this scene and couldn’t help but think highly of Yu Youyao.

She was a person with a temper.

When interacting with such people, she naturally felt more at ease than those who were smiling but had a knife in their hearts.

When Yang Shuwan came out of An Shou Hall and walked to the intersection between the Jade Courtyard and the Hanlu Courtyard, she saw Mu Jin walking over from the Hanlu Courtyard.

A smile appeared on Yang Shuwan’s face. She looked around and retracted the smile on her face. She asked impatiently, “Is everything done?”

Mu Jin quickly nodded. “It’s done. News about Eldest Miss’s birthday banquet was spread to the Hanlu Courtyard through a few old maids.”

Yang Shuwan smiled again. “Have you finished organizing the old maids guarding the door?”

Mu Jin said, “Eldest Madam, don’t worry. The old maids guarding the door of the Hanlu Courtyard are usually very cautious. It’s just that they can’t bear to smell alcohol and urine. After a few cups of yellow urine, they won’t be able to guard the door anymore.”

Yang Shuwan couldn’t help but smile. She asked cautiously, “You can’t implicate me.”

When Mu Jin heard this, she quickly said, “Today is Eldest Miss’s birthday, and the residence is busy with the Jade Courtyard, so it’s a little more relaxed than usual. I sent someone to mobilize Concubine He from the Clear Autumn Courtyard. Concubine He made her own wine and asked the maidservants in the courtyard to send things to Fourth Miss secretly. If this matter blows up, it’ll be Concubine He’s fault, and it won’t be Eldest Madam’s fault.”

Yang Shuwan was also completely relieved. She smiled and said, “You’re so smart. Seeing that Concubine He might have an opportunity, she might even try to seduce Master. This move will probably cause trouble in the house for another month or so.”

No matter how much Lady Qiu was doted on, she was just a maidservant.

Concubine He was a legitimate concubine. If she really seduced him, she probably won’t be able to hold back her arrogance in the future.

Mu Jin quickly smiled. “I pity Concubine He. She’s been locked in the courtyard for more than a month and can’t even see her daughter, so I just made it convenient for her.”

She made it sound like she was being kind.

Yang Shuwan laughed when she heard this. She didn’t mention Concubine He anymore. “Fourth Sister was asked by Yao Yao to stay in the house to learn the rules. I don’t know when she can come out. It’s Yao Yao’s birthday today, so she can come out for a breather.”

She had raised this daughter of a concubine. No one knew better than her what kind of personality she had and how to control her. One was holding a banquet in the residence, while the other was being tortured in the courtyard. No proud person could stand such a difference.

Mu Jin nodded repeatedly. “Eldest Madam is kind.”

Yang Shuwan sighed slightly. “I hope that Fourth Miss has learned some rules from the nanny in the Education Department and can be more well-behaved. Otherwise, after being locked up for so many days, the resentment that she has been holding in the house will flare up and she will definitely cause trouble during this birthday celebration. Yu Youyao will be embarrassed, and the sisters she invited probably won’t be willing to befriend her. In the end, she will lose all her face after holding a small banquet. In the future, she won’t have the face to go out anymore. How can Old Madam let Fourth Miss off easily?”

If Yu Youyao embarrassed herself, it showed how obedient and polite Jia Jia was.

Whether the sisters were good or bad, they had to be compared. When they were compared together, it would show how different they were.

Mu Jin also looked worried.

Yang Shuwan glanced at the Hanlu Courtyard and said, “Let’s go and take a look at the main kitchen. Eldest Miss is having a banquet today, and the main kitchen is preparing a meal. As her stepmother, I have to go over and manage it.”

Yu Qingning was woken up by Nanny Jin at dawn to learn the rules. She no longer had a book on her head and was carrying a blue and white plate. She walked carefully, afraid that the blue and white plate would fall from her head and smash.

As a result, the journey was very difficult. After two hours, Yu Qingning smashed three round plates and did not even take a break. Nanny Jin punished her continuously for most of the morning.

At 11am, Nanny Jin stared at her for a long time. She was a little tired, so she asked her to rest for an hour and continue learning the rules of serving tea.

When Yu Qingning walked into the courtyard, she heard two old maids sitting together. They were munching on melon seeds and chatting—

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