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Afterlife Department

Chapter 660 - Stairwell

Shasha wiped her tears that streamed down her cheeks as she descended the stairs. Although she feels sorry for Lin Lan, and would be labeled as a hypocrite, but she can't let herself be wronged. She still has her parents and siblings. And she knows that the moment she engages herself in unspoken rules, she would be already one foot on the grave in her life in the entertainment world.

In short, she already ruined half of her life. She knows very well that she won't be able to undo these things, as time can never be turned back. Thus, she can't let herself fell in this abysmal grave of unspoken rules in the entertainment world! The moment that she would, it will be an irremovable stinky mud on her, not only in her body but also in her career!

These unspoken rules… just who the hell created them?! It must be a devil, not a human! Although these unspoken rules can bring benefits to those who wanted to do this, but how about the other ones who were forced to do it? Was it worth it? Of course not, for these people aren't worthy!

"Wu… huh?" she sobbed, then suddenly stopped when she suddenly noticed something. "Huh? These stairs… why do I feel like they seem to be very long?" she muttered, asking herself.

The stairs comprises of twelve steps, and there are six floors in the dormitory building of the trainees of the Yuhua Entertainment. Tonight, one of the elevators is under maintenance while the other one has someone using it. Since there were only six floors in the building, and her and Lin Lan's room is in the fourth floor, she decided to use the stairs.

It was just ten in the evening when she left the hospital after she took care of Lin Lan. Seeing that she was still unresponsive until now, she recalled that she has seen Lin Lan writing a diary before. She asked her about it and Lin Lan's smile was so sweet. She guessed that Lin Lan wrote her happy memories in it so that she won't forget them when she was old.

So, Shasha decided to go back to their dormitory and pick up the diary along with her change of clothes. Currently, she doesn't have any resources in her hands since her agent gave it to their other artists that are also under their hands because they have a bad impression of Shasha, thinking that she is impetuous and proud. Thus, they gave her a cold shoulder, which Shasha couldn't be any happier since she has time to look after the comatose Lin Lan right now. Not to mention that she is also currently studying, she can concentrate more on her exams with her agent giving her a cold shoulder.

But, right now, this isn't her concern. "Why... why am I still here? Why do I feel that I took a long time just descending the stairs?" she asked to herself as she looked at the stairwell.

Since the dormitory building is just a couple of floors, it didn't have a number painted on the wall that indicates to which floor are you currently in. So, Shasha doesn't know whether she is now in the third floor or the second floor.

The problem is that – "Shouldn't I already be in the first floor now?" she asked as her eyes widened in disbelief as she took a step to lean down and check the flights of stairs below.

She didn't think about the rumors of Li Fengxin's ghost haunting the dormitory building since she doesn't believe in ghosts or anything supernatural. She was raised by her family that only believes in science and they also don't believe in superstition. So, she doesn't feel fear or horrified of the horror movies. If only she did, or if only her nerves aren't this thick, she would have already known that there is something wrong in her current situation.

Close to midnight, being alone, and in the stairwell… this is one of the basic scenes in horror movies! Anyone who would also be in this situation would already feel scared! Or, there wouldn't be anyone that would go to a stairwell in the middle of the night… well, they wouldn't even go out in midnight, especially if they live in a building that is haunted. Heck, they wouldn't even rent in this haunted building, nor even approach it! Unless they have lost their minds!

But, these trainees are currently living here. When someone, specifically Li Fengxin, has died, there were still some activities during the night in the dormitory building since the trainees still have to train their singing, dancing and acting skills. But, ever since the rumor of Li Fengxin's ghost haunting their building was heard, the trainees naturally got scared and thus they endured not to go to the training room to train for the sake of not meeting Li Fengxin's ghost. Even just staying inside their rooms already scares them since they feared that Li Fengxin's ghost would change its mind and also enter their room to haunt them!

But, there is just Shasha, this fearless girl, whose nerves are very thick. Her nerves are too thick that most of the trainees thinks that she is dumb or an idiot. They even secretly call her that. And if they just see her right now, they would have already utter a string of curses and yelled at her many times to run!

But, she even bravely leaned to check the flights of stairs below to know which floor is she currently in. "Eh? Why am I still in the fourth floor?" she muttered and frowned after she counted the number of the flights of stairs below.

If her fellow trainees heard what she just said, they would definitely shake her awake from her idiocy. She already is aware that she was descending the stairs for a long time, and now she found that she is actually still in the same floor. So, why is it that she isn't running yet?! Can't she see that there is obviously something wrong with her current situation?!

But, Shasha isn't aware of this. Her brows knitted in confusion. "Am I… am I too tired lately?" she asked herself before she continued to descend the stairs.

It is reasonable for her to be tired. Even though her agent didn't give her any resources yet, she is still studying and also taking care of Lin Lan in the hospital. So, she definitely would be tired. Thus, again, she didn't realize yet that there was something amiss in her current situation as she walked towards the next flight of stairs.

She didn't know that behind her, a misty white figure appeared. Its head is dripping with blood. Raising its head, a pair of cold eyes looked at Shasha's back with a blank gaze.

Maybe Shasha suddenly felt colder and she sneezed loudly. "Ugh… what a bad luck! I think I am going to catch a cold!" she said and sighed as she stepped on the last step.

"… Shasha…" the misty white figure that still on the top of the stairs spoke.

Shasha suddenly paused when she heard the voice. "Huh?" she muttered and slowly turned with a puzzled expression. Why does this voice sound hoarse and weak? Did someone catch a cold already? She thought and raised her gaze when she saw that someone is standing on the top of the stairs. "Who…" she was about to ask who was it, when her voice abruptly stopped and was stuck on her throat after she saw the misty white figure on the top of the stairs.

Although she believes in science, she believes in her eyes more. Her eyes widened when she saw the transparent figure that looked to be made of smoke since the edges of its body is dissipating. She knows that there is no human that have a body like this. So, this one is definitely a ghost!

"Y…" she opened her mouth to speak, but no voice nor words came out. She saw the face of the ghost and her entire body froze. "You… H… Hyacinth?! Li Fengxin?!" she exclaimed in shock. 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

Li Fengxin's ghost didn't answer and just watched her.

Shasha felt her scalp became numb and she took a step back, but only for her to feel air beneath her foot. It was too late for her to retract her foot. She fell from the last step! "AAAAH!" she screamed and fell on her back. Fortunately, it was only a step! She only sprained her ankle.

But, the backpack that she was carrying on her back fell on the ground. Its contents scattered around the ground, especially the lotion bottles, perfume bottles, and some skincare products that broke due to the impact of the fall. Fortunately, Shasha's clothes were hidden on the bottom of the backpack so they didn't scatter and became dirty.

One of the things that was scattered was Lin Lan's diary, which right now is out in the open.

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