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Afterlife Department

Chapter 6 - Searching For Clues

Chapter 6 - Searching For Clues

Huo Ling hugged his knees as he floated on the floor. Yi Bing was standing beside him, leaning on the wall. They watched as the police interrogated the neighbor of the woman.

"I didn't notice anything. The walls of the apartment building are all soundproofed." The man said. "I only found out she died when you knocked on my door. I never went out of my unit." He told the policemen.

"That bastard…!" Huo Ling cursed as he glared at the man. "Not only did he took my foods away to hide the evidence. He also implied I am having an affair with that woman! And - !" his face indignant. "I am into BDSM! Shameless bastard! Grrr!!!" he gritted his teeth, itching to bite the lying murderer.. "I curse him! Curse!" he said as he muttered at a very fast pace.

"If the woman's soul could at least speak, then we might find a clue about her situation." Yi Bing spoke, ignoring Huo Ling. "But, she cannot. Thus, our only clue is this man who stabbed you to death." He said and looked at the neighbor.

"Can't you always stab me with the cause of my death?" Huo Ling sarcastically said. "Why didn't you say 'our' murderer? He isn't the one who murdered the woman?" he asked.

Yi Bing shot him a look of 'you've become sharp'. "Killing you doesn't necessarily mean he also killed the woman." he told him.

Huo Ling frowned. "He's the only one who could do it!" he said and pointed the man who had been invited by the police for further interrogation. "Also, I don't even know him. So, the only reason he killed me is to silence me." He told Yi Bing.

"You may not know him but he may know you." Yi Bing said. "And, he might have a grudge on you." He added.

"Geez!" Huo Ling rolled his eyes. "Dead men can't tell lies. I am already dead, so what's it to me if I lie?" he asked Yi Bing. "I say, I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time thus I died!" he said.

Yi Bing shot him a look of 'you finally figured it out'. Huo Ling felt pissed at Yi Bing's gaze thus he tried to kick him. However, he has no feet – only knees. So, he kneed him. But, his knees are sticking to each other, thus, he can only punch Yi Bing. But – he is a soul, thus his punches passed through Yi Bing's body.

"Damn it!" he cursed and kept his hands to himself. He sulked in the corner like he was growing mushrooms.

Yi Bing glanced at Huo Ling. The corners of his lips rose to an imperceptible smile. He opened his wristwatch and sent a message to San Di.

0001: I've found an interesting guy.

After one second and San Di replied.

3257: You're gay?

If only Yi Bing could pass through the holographic screen, he would've pulled out San Di and gave him a beating. He even sent another email, which made his face instantly darken.

3257: 0001, give me an update about the Abnormal Soul. Not an update of your romance. Bye.

Huo Ling suddenly felt chills. Fortunately, the policemen already left. But Huo Ling is unfortunate since he's still around Yi Bing. When he turned, he saw Yi Bing literally blowing a cold air and he was glaring at the holographic screen like it was his enemy. What happened to him?! He thought and immediately shrank into a ball when Yi Bing turned to him, and the expression on his face turned ugly.

Yi Bing saw Huo Ling turned into an orange ball. He felt his irritation slightly disappeared. He took the floating orange ball in the air and played it with his hand. Even if Huo Ling wanted to turn back, but since his ball of a soul can somewhat appease this great lordship, then he'd sacrifice his dignity.

Whoever offended Yi Bing today and caused my misfortune, I'll stab you to death! Huo Ling thought.

From above the clouds, San Di sneezed in front of his computer. "Who's talking bad about me?" he muttered and rubbed his nose.

"Me." Gu Shi's voice can be heard overhead. San Di raised his head and gave Gu Shi a grin. "Where is Yi Bing's report?" he asked and reached his hand out.

San Di shrank on his chair. "Gu Shi! Yi Bing was busy with his boyfriend!" he immediately said.

Gu Shi's hand reaching for the ball of soul stopped. "Yi Bing got a boyfriend?" he said, surprised.

San Di's soul bounced up and down. "Yes!" he answered.

Gu Shi pondered. "Then, I think I can wait, while a lover cannot wait." He said and left.

San Di sighed in relief. He immediately returned to his human form. "That scared me… sorry, Yi Bing!" he clapped his hands into a prayer.

Underneath the clouds, Yi Bing sneezed. "Who's talking bad about me?" he asked and squeezed the ball – of soul, in his hand.

Me! Huo Ling thought. If you'd continue to squeeze me, I'll continue to make you sneeze! He immediately flew out of Yi Bing's hand when he found the chance. "Whew!" he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He turned to Yi Bing who was blankly looking at him. He suddenly felt a chill on his spine.

For a moment, Yi Bing saw a young man wearing orange robes and has a long black hair standing before him. When he blinked, his eyes saw Huo Ling.

"Yi Bing?" Huo Ling called when he saw Yi Bing was in a daze again. Black lines covered his face. Is he pissed again? He thought. I don't want my soul to be squeezed like a fruit again! "Yi Bing!" he called.

Yi Bing almost jumped in fright. He blinked, then looked at Huo Ling. "What?" he said. He didn't give him a time to speak when he continued. "Let's check the other units here." He told him and walked away.

"Eh?" Huo Ling said as he followed.

Yi Bing turned to him. "Since we have no one to open the door for us, then you go through the wall and find clues for us both." He told Huo Ling.

"Huh…? What?!" Huo Ling said, his voice loud yet the people in the apartment building wasn't even disturbed. "NO WAY!" Huo Ling said. Just because you're mad at something, you shouldn't take it out on a soul as pitiful as me! He thought as he glared at Yi Bing. 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

Yi Bing frowned. Damn it. That San Di… I'll really beat him to death when I see him again! He thought.

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