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Afterlife Department

Chapter 27 - Causes

Chapter 27 - Causes

"Huo Ling is also a victim. Thus, I suspect she won't blame a fellow victim?" Hao Baiyun said.

"Young master Hao is really good at pretending." Gu Xingfeng said. "But, you're right. Even if she would find out the cause of her husband's death, she won't blame him." He said.

"Since he's the victim?" Hao Baiyun said.

"Since he saved her." Gu Xingfeng said. Seeing Hao Baiyun didn't react, he smiled and lowered his gaze. Someone like Hao Baiyun could see the karma attached to the beings.. Thus, he would definitely see the karma between Li Lingling and Huo Ling. "Sometime after Li Lingling's husband died, Li Lingling got a miscarriage." He said and took out a copy of Li Lingling's medical report. The word miscarriage was encircled. "She got a miscarriage because, like her husband, she was hit by a car." He said.

"How unfortunate they are." Hao Baiyun just said and took a sip of his drink.

Gu Xingfeng continued. "However, she just was almost hit. Still, when she lost her balance after she tried to dodge the car, she fell on the ground. Her body hit the ground hard because of the impact, and she suffered miscarriage." He explained. "This is where Huo Ling came. He saw her and carried her on his back, then took her to the nearest hospital." He said. "When they arrived, she lost too much blood. Huo Ling, on the other hand, has his job to do so he left her in the doctors' care after leaving them his contact number. When the doctors contacted him, it was to deliver the news that she got a miscarriage." He made the paper face Hao Baiyun, then pointed at some few words.

Hao Baiyun felt the drink in his hand became cold. "The baby is already dead." He said.

Gu Xingfeng nodded. "Yes." he said, his expression heavy. "She suffered depression when her husband died and the baby wasn't fed properly. There were also signs that she took some drugs, but later found they were just sleeping pills. But, she took so much of them it affected the baby." He explained. "She herself must have not been aware of this." He sighed. "The dead child has been in her stomach for less than a week. If it stayed in her stomach longer…" he didn't continue. Li Lingling's body would be affected, and there's a possibility she would die.

Gu Xingfeng looked at Hao Baiyun's face. For some reason, his heart became heavy. It was Hao Baiyun's expression. His expression tells him that Li Lingling is aware of her child's death, and that she has no plan to live longer, thus she left her child that died in her stomach.

It was so that they could be together again – as a family of three.

The sun has started to sink behind the mountains. Huo Ling instinctively covered his nose when the smell of garbage assailed his nose. "It stinks!" he exclaimed as he floated away from the mountain of garbage. Then, he found Su Rong in front of the computer. "This bastard!" he cursed. He wanted to punch him, but it was useless. He's already become a ghost. "What did I do to deserve this? What did I do to you? Why did you kill me?" he asked as he floated towards Su Rong. "Why? Why did you kill me?" he asked again. He knew, facing your murderer would unleash your hidden emotions. Thus, Huo Ling started to cry. "I don't even know you, so why did you kill me?" his words became repetitive because of the emotions flooding his heart.

Then, Foul came out from the corner and floated around Huo Ling and Su Rong. Su Rong's mind started to became muddled and he started to mutter. "Bastard. It serves you right!" he said as he glared at his computer screen. "If not for you, people wouldn't laugh at me. If not for you, people wouldn't point at me. They wouldn't suspect me. They wouldn't judge me. My family wouldn't have locked me up. I wouldn't be kicked out in my family! I wouldn't find a hard time looking for work!" he smashed his keyboard and some keys was plucked out and fell on the floor with a clatter. "Bastard! It's all because of you! It's you!" he said as he stared at his computer screen like it was his enemy.

"Why?! Why me?! I didn't do anything to harm you. I didn't do anything wrong! I never harmed anyone! I never…" Huo Ling cried as he covered his head with his hands. The Foul started to enter his soul and Su Rong's soul.

On the thirteenth floor, Yi Bing's wristwatch suddenly beeped. Yi Bing's pupils shrank. "Huo Ling!" he exclaimed and immediately flew down to the second floor. He didn't know that when he left, Foul started to seep out of 141's door and windows.

S City Police Station.

They turned when they heard the sound of the raindrops falling. It suddenly rained again. Earlier, a storm passed only for a short time. Now, it rained again.

"Su Rong." Hao Baiyun said. "What is his relationship with Huo Ling?" he asked.

Gu Xingfeng turned his gaze to Hao Baiyun. "Don't you already know that?" he said.

"We aren't allowed to speak." Hao Baiyun said.

"Stingy." Gu Xingfeng said. He took out a school roster. "They were classmates." He answered.

Hao Baiyun looked at the school roster. "… Huo Ling's name isn't here." He said when he didn't see Huo Ling's name.

"Huo Ling dropped out of school on the first day." Gu Xingfeng said.


Gu Xingfeng took out another school roster. The names are printed using a ballpoint pen. "This is the initial one." He said.

Hao Baiyun finally saw Huo Ling's name. He compared it with the previous one. Huo Ling's name indeed appeared on the initial roster, while Su Rong's name were in both. "What's Su Rong's motive for killing Huo Ling?" he asked. "Not becoming classmates?"

"You jest, young master Hao." Gu Xingfeng said. "Something happened on their first day." He said. "Su Rong was suspected of theft." He told him.

Hao Baiyun was surprised. He may see one's karma, but not its details. They can pursue the details, but they have to pay the price. "Did he steal from Huo Ling?" he asked.

"No." Gu Xingfeng answered. "Huo Ling is the witness." He said.

Hao Baiyun's brows knit. "Huo Ling reported that he stole something?" he asked.

"No." Gu Xingfeng answered. "It was another classmate who reported that Su Rong stole something from him. Huo Ling…" he looked at Hao Baiyun. "… he defended Su Rong." He said.

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