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Afterlife Department

Chapter 21 - Thieves

Chapter 21 - Thieves

"Send him in." Gu Xingfeng said.

"Yes!" the police officer waiting by the door said and went out. When he came back, there were two more police officers escorting a man who was handcuffed. The man was struggling and tried to escape, but he was pulled back by the two police officers who were his escorts.

"Let go of me! I didn't do something wrong! I didn't kill them!" the man screamed and struggled out of the policemen's grasp. But, he can't beat their strength. He was forced to sit on the chair across Gu Xingfeng.

"Mr. Ji." Gu Xingfeng called with a smile on his face.

Ji Shao turned and murderously glared at Gu Xingfeng. He rose from his seat and tried to reach Gu Xingfeng. However, the table is wide and he can't reach the man. "You devil!" he yelled at Gu Xingfeng. "What are you smiling at?! Isn't it enough my parents were killed?!" he asked.

"Mr. Ji seemed to misunderstand something." Gu Xingfeng sympathetically smiled at Ji Shao, not bothered by Ji Shao's ear-piercing screams. "I only delivered the news to Mr. Ji of his parents' death." He said, then paused. "Actually, you're not Mr. Ji." He said, his face serious.

Huo Ling was puzzled. "What does he mean?" he asked Yi Bing.

"Don't ask me. Just listen." Yi Bing told him, his tone like he's reprimanding a naughty child.

Huo Ling harrumphed and resumed listening. "What do you mean?" even Ji Shao was confused.

But, Gu Xingfeng didn't speak. Suddenly, everyone heard a soft knock. "Enter." Gu Xingfeng spoke in a quiet voice.

Everyone inside turned and saw the door opened. A man in his seventies, dressed sophistically, entered. "I have arrived." The old man only looked at Gu Xingfeng.

Gu Xingfeng nodded. "Thank you. Please give Mr. Ji a seat." He said.

He doesn't need to. The man, dressed in a suit and is standing behind Mr. Ji, self-consciously took a seat and made Mr. Ji sit on it. "Mr. Ji…?" Ji Shao muttered as he stared curiously at the well-dressed man. Suddenly, his eyes flashed. "Grandfather?!" he exclaimed.

However, he didn't expect for Mr. Ji to suddenly raise his hand. What everyone – except Gu Xingfeng, expected of a family reunion would actually become a violent, one-sided beating.

PA! A loud and harsh sound echoed inside the interrogation room as Mr. Ji's hand descended and Ji Shao's face turned red in both anger and embarrassment. A vivid handprint can be seen on Ji Shao's cheek.

Everyone – except Gu Xingfeng, was stunned when they saw Mr. Ji slapped his 'grandson' Ji Shao. Meanwhile, Mr. Ji coldly looked at Ji Shao as if he was looking at a dead ant. "I have no grandson that's a thief." He said.

Thief?! Everyone thought as they looked at Ji Shao, who was also displaying an expression of an extreme shock. "Thief?! Did you just call me a thief?!" Ji Shao's voice rose as he also rose from his seat. He was about to hit Mr. Ji but Ji Shao's escorting police officer pushed him down to his seat. "I also have no violent grandfather like you!" he told Mr. Ji.

"Of course. Since you are not my grandson, identity thief!" Mr. Ji's voice was low but harsh. His words are like swords stabbing Ji Shao.

"What do you mean an identity thief?!" Ji Shao reacted.

"Everyone, please calm down." Gu Xingfeng said. Even though he said that, but he has an imperceptible smile on his face

Huo Ling's brows knit. "This man is evil." He said, his eyes piercing Gu Xingfeng.

Yi Bing didn't comment. "Listen." He told Huo Ling.

Gu Xingfeng attracted everyone's attention. "Although Mr. Ji Yubin and Ji Shao share the same surname, yet they are not blood-related." He said. "As Mr. Ji Yubin said, Ji Shao is an identity thief." he looked at Ji Shao.

"What nonsense!" Ji Shao said and was about to rose from his seat when his escorting police officer preemptively pushed him down on his seat.

"Well, Ji Shao indirectly stole an identity." Gu Xingfeng said and took out a document. "The apartment building is a gift of Mr. Ji Yubin to his son, Mr. Ji Fengyu." He started. "However, Mr. Ji Yubin lost contact of Mr. Ji Fengyu." He said and looked at Ji Yubin.

Hearing the name 'Ji Fengyu', Ji Shao's expression changed. It didn't escape Ji Yubin's eyes. "What?" he said. "Of course, your father's name can't be Ji Fengyu." He said and sarcastically smiled. "Since your father is Ji Fengyu only in name." he said. "Since he stole my son's identity! Your father, as well as your mother, are thieves!" he said and pointed Ji Shao.

"AAAAH!!!" Ji Shao screamed and tried to reach Ji Yubin. However, Ji Yubin is far from him, as well as his escorting police officer was holding him down, thus he didn't reach him. "Shut up!" he yelled at Ji Yubin.

"Your father's name is Lu Jingxi, and your mother's name is Du Chenfong." Gu Xingfeng spoke.

Ji Shao sharply turned to Gu Xingfeng.

Gu Xingfeng calmly looked at Ji Shao. "Because the real Ji Fengyu, along with his pregnant wife, died." He answered. He didn't give Ji Shao a chance to react as he added. "Their corpses were found on the twelfth floor of the apartment building." He paused, then smiled. "They didn't even bother to hide them." He said.

"ARRRHHH!!!" Ji Shao screamed. "I don't know about it! I didn't know!" he said. "I don't even know there are other corpses in the building - !" he said.

"But of course." Gu Xingfeng said. "The only corpses you knew are of your wife's, and stepson's, right?" he said.

Ji Shao froze. The truth he had been denying all day was easily exposed by the same mouth that denied it. He looked at Gu Xingfeng, stunned, before his expression distorted and he reached for Gu Xingfeng.

How can the chief inspector of the S City let him? But, before Gu Xingfeng could dodge, the door suddenly opened and a sword came flying towards Ji Shao. Everyone was stunned! But before they could react, Gu Xingfeng moved.

Gu Xingfeng slipped over the table and caught the sword that's about to stab Ji Shao's shoulder. "I didn't expect for young master Hao to attack the enemy without even warning them." He said and looked outside the door.

Everyone followed Gu Xingfeng's gaze. Then, they were stunned again.

A handsome young man dressed in white clothes making him look divine entered the dimly lit and has a gloomy atmosphere interrogation room of the S City Police Station. The police officers, for some reason, felt embarrassed. They think that the interrogation room is unworthy to be stepped on by Hao Baiyun.

Young master Hao has a fair skin, peach blossom eyes and full red lips. The famous actors and even the actresses would feel ashamed standing in the same room as him. His momentum caught everyone off-guard.

However, this momentum broke when Hao Baiyun's gaze met Gu Xingfeng's gaze. Then, Hao Baiyun's gaze fell on the tip of the blade of his sword that was caught between Gu Xingfeng's two fingers. "You rascal! Take your filthy hands off of my sword!" Hao Baiyun yelled at Gu Xingfeng, his gaze hostile.

Young master Hao… his face is too beautiful for his mouth!

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