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Afterlife Department

Chapter 18 - Gu Xingfeng

Chapter 18 - Gu Xingfeng

"Chief." The police officer sitting beside the interrogating policeman called. "That Su Rong definitely killed the woman and the delivery man. Do you think Li Lingling had a hand in this?" he asked.

The chief inspector Gu Xingfeng twirled the pen in his fingers. "Yes." he answered.

The police officer was surprised. "But, she looked ordinary?" he said. "What grudge would she have with Fu Ling and the deliveryman?" he asked.

"That's what we're investigating here." Gu Xingfeng said and straightened up on his seat.. "Anyone who can live for who knows how long with corpses next to their door isn't an ordinary person." He said.

The police officer shut up. "Next." He called. The door opened and a woman came in with an escorting police officer. However, unlike Li Lingling, she has an angry expression on her face.

"Mrs. He." Gu Xingfeng called. He Furong, age 50. She is divorced with her husband after her husband cheated on her. Her ex-husband is now overseas with his new family.

He Furong's expression became uglier. "I am now Miss Zhang! Miss. Zhang!" she pointed out to Gu Xingfeng. Gu Xingfeng gave her a sincere apologetic smile which placated her. "What do you want?" she asked. "If it's about the corpses, I don't have a clue about it!" she said and frowned. She has a disgusted look on her face.

Her expression looked real and Gu Xingfeng smiled. "It's not about that that we invited Mrs. He – ehem. I mean, Miss Zhang." He lowered his gaze, avoiding He Furong's glare.

"Then what do you want?" He Furong asked.

Gu Xingfeng looked at her. "I want to ask about Mr. He's son – He Xiaozhu." He answered.

Hearing the name, He Furong's pupils shrank. However, she immediately hid it. If Gu Xingfeng wasn't observing her closely, he would've missed the fast change in her expression. He secretly smiled and lowered his gaze, hiding his thoughts.

"He Xiaozhu? He's my ex-husband's first-born child." He Furong answered. "What about him?" she asked.

"Eh?" Gu Xingfeng had a surprised look on his face as he raised his gaze to look at He Furong's irritated face. "Doesn't Miss Zhang know?" he said.

Hearing his question, He Furong's heart skipped a beat and she had a bad premonition. "W-what?" she said.

"Mr. He Xiaozhu is Mr. He Tianyu's second-born son." Gu Xingfeng answered. He watched as He Furong's face slowly turned green and he continued, adding another blow to her. "He Yiyong, Mr. He Tianyu's first-born son, just turned 24 years old two days ago – " he said.

He Furong didn't wait for Gu Xingfeng to finish when she rose on her seat, overturning her chair. She had a livid expression on her face. "That bastard!" she roared. "Not only he cheated on me, he even deceived me for a long time!" she said. He Xiaozhu – He Tianyu's son who was born when he was still married with He Furong, is currently 23 years old. If He Yiyong just turned 24 years old… "Damn it! Where is he? Where is He Yiyong?!" she asked and turned to Gu Xingfeng.

Gu Xingfeng smiled at her. "Mr. He Yiyong is currently studying in his second year of financing course in B University." He answered.

"Oh." He Furong muttered, she immediately became calm.

Gu Xingfeng kindly smiled at her. "Miss Zhang is such a virtuous person. It is really unfortunate to have an evil-hearted husband." He looked at her, his eyes full of sympathy.

He Furong sneered. "It is my fortune to know their real face." She said.

Gu Xingfeng just nodded. "I want to ask Miss Zhang – " he returned to the topic at hand.

Now feeling relaxed, He Furong answered. "What?" she asked.

" – does Miss Zhang know He Xiaozhu was living on unit 105?" Gu Xingfeng asked, his tone unhurried and gentle. Anyone would completely feel settled and comforted with his tone.

However, He Furong felt her body slowly turning cold instead as he looked at Gu Xingfeng's meaningful smile on his face. His voice that sounded a music to the ears is like a devil whisper's for her. "He – he was living next to me?!" she said, a shocked look on her face.

Huo Ling felt a chill ran down his spine and his pupils shrank. He turned to Yi Bing, his heart slowly sank. "105…" he muttered, his voice low.

Yi Bing nodded. "Yes." he said. "A corpse was hidden in the ceiling." He paused. "It was the corpse of a young man." His eyes cooled as he looked at He Furong.

Huo Ling can't help but shiver. "It's He Xiaozhu." He muttered under his breath. Suddenly, a memory flashed in his mind.

He was delivering flowers that time, and he just finished delivering to the Hao family. After hearing Hao Baiyun's divination on him, he was mad. However, when he reached his next destination to deliver, he was surprised to find a gloomy residence. "Scented Flower Shop, here to deliver." He said when someone opened the gate for him after he rang the doorbell.

"Oh. The flowers are now here…" the servant looked downcast. His eyes are bleak.

Huo Ling awkwardly smiled as he handed the flowers on the servant. "May… I know what just happened here?" he asked.

"The family is moving abroad." The servant said.

"Isn't that to be celebrated?" Huo Ling asked, confused.

"How can we?" the servant looked miserable. "The second young master was confirmed dead." He said.

Huo Ling was shocked. "'confirmed'?" he caught the key word.

The servant nodded, his eyes reddening. "The second young master is just 20 years old…" he finally cried. "He has been missing for two years. Today, we received a call from someone – it must be his kidnapper." He said. "He killed second young master!"

"Huo Ling." Yi Bing's voice pulled him from his thoughts.

Huo Ling blinked and saw Yi Bing's hand resting on his shoulder. He raised his gaze and saw Yi Bing looking at the documents on the table. He Furong's information can be seen. Huo Ling looked at where Yi Bing was looking. Then, he felt his soul trembled when he saw the apartment unit He Furong was living in.

205, just above and was connected with 105 by a floor in between them. Huo Ling remembered He Xiaozhu's corpse was found in the ceiling. She –

Huo Ling's eyes narrowed and his brows knit in anger. He gnashed his teeth. "What a poisonous woman!" he shouted and was about to go to He Furong when Yi Bing immediately pulled him back.

"Calm down. She'll get her retribution!" he assured him.

"18 years old… 18 years old!" Huo Ling said in indignation. He was itching to tore He Furong apart!

"Yes." Gu Xingfeng's cool voice was heard inside the silent room. He looked straight at He Furong's eyes. "He Xiaozhu's corpse was found inside the bedside drawer." He said.

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