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Chapter 8: What a Joke

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The owner then spoke in a powerful voice behind him, “Mr. Lu, do you still want the turquoise pendant done?”

Lu Wenbin blinked in front of the trapdoor. He had nearly forgotten his main task because of the shock Su Ye gave him. But speaking of which, why was there a trapdoor in an antique shop? He felt that he had entered an illegal shop.

But this shop was his last hope.

Lu Wenbin quickly returned to the counter and brought out a brocade box from his pocket. It had a shattered turquoise pendant, which was now in more than ten pieces of varying sizes.

Master Bo had treasured this pendant and never let go of it. But a few days ago, when he took it out to play with it, he was careless, and it fell. Since this pendant was carved after it was hollowed out, it was not fall resistant. When it broke, the master became agitated, and his blood pressure spiked up so quickly that it was like a volcano eruption. It was only when the chairman promised that he would definitely repair the pendant that the master calmed down.

After that, Lu Wenbin visited all the craftsmen in Imperial City, but all of them said that the pendant was too shattered for them to repair it. Lu Wenbin’s only option then was to ask the owner of one shop to carve an identical pendant.

Even though the owner asked for a high price of eight figures, Master Bo had bought the pendant in this shop in the past. Only its owner could carve an exact same pendant so they could pass a fake for the real.

Lu Wenbin could not quite accept it. “Boss, can you really not repair the original one?”

The owner stroked his beard and shook his head like a rattling drum. “I can’t. I can only make another one.”

The underlying message was: Stop struggling, boy. Let me just slaughter your wallet.

Su Ye craned her neck over and looked into the brocade box. “A lander blue spiderweb turquoise?”

“Girl, you have good judgment. This is a supreme-grade turquoise. I’m the only one in Imperial City that sells lander blue spiderweb turquoise, and there are only a few who can recognize these gems,” the owner immediately said.

Su Ye pursed her lips. ‘Duh, I came with Bo Zhan in the past to buy this. How could I not recognize it?’

The lander blue spiderweb turquoise had the most patterns among turquoise gems. Even if the store owner managed to carve out the exact same picture, it would be impossible to ensure that it would have the same pattern. The owner wanted to make money, so he intentionally kept it a secret, but Su Ye knew Bo Zhan. He might seem like a tyrannical chairman, but his judgment was as sharp as the knife’s edge. If they gave him a fake, he would definitely die of anger.

When Lu Wenbin saw Su Ye staring unblinkingly at the brocade box in his hands, chills crawled down his spine. Who knew what mischief this rascal was plotting again?

The next second, the rascal reached out her hand.

Su Ye wanted to take the brocade box, but Lu Wenbin thought that she wanted to grab his arm again. He was so terrified that his hands trembled, and the brocade box slipped from his grasp. It was about to fall on the floor!

At the critical moment, Su Ye bent down and caught the brocade box in her palm.

Lu Wenbin sucked in a deep breath. Relief washed over him when he saw that the brocade box was fine.

He cast a glance at the delicate Su Ye and was stunned.

How did she manage to catch it? He did not see what she did clearly.

The owner appeared to be calm, but in truth, he was anxious. “Mr. Lu, are you getting it made or not? The material for the pendant isn’t something you can get at any moment.”

“Yes,” Lu Wenbin said.

“No,” Su Ye said.

Both of them spoke simultaneously, and the owner was lost.

Su Ye sized up the shards in the box. The pendant could be said to have completely shattered, but all the shards were still around.

“Thank goodness I caught it just now. If it fell one more time, I wouldn’t be able to promise that I could repair it.”

The owner and Lu Wenbin stared at Su Ye. They looked shocked, but also as if they wanted to laugh after hearing the greatest joke in the universe.

The owner could not help but cackle. “What a joke! Are you saying that you can repair it?”

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