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699 The end of the whole story (Side Story 99)

“I agree!”

“Yunli, this is a good suggestion!”

“Yunli, don’t go easy on me just because I’m your grandfather. You’ll know when you hear me out. I like my grandfather the most!”

Bo Zhan had drunk the medicinal wine specially concocted by su ye today. The alcohol content was very low, but he did not expect that it would be so old and dry.

Su also looked at the table of men who were in a frenzy, and his eyes narrowed into thin slits.

I really want to take a picture for their fans and subordinates to see.

Bo Yunli’s arms wrapped around her waist from behind.

His well-defined fingers were on her Y’s| In between, he groped around, light or heavy.

The strength of the force was completely dependent on the words of the man.

Wang Qingshen was the first to speak,”do you remember that time at old Mr. SU’s banquet, Bo Zhan?” I don’t know where she went in between. I couldn’t find her after more than half an hour.”

Bo Zhan looked at him suspiciously from the corner of his eyes.”Do you remember Yingluo? Are you going to say that she’s with you?”

“bingo!”Wang Qingshen had too much to drink, so he started to speak in foreign languages. that night, the two of us were on the balcony on the top floor of the banquet hall. We leaned against the railing and chatted for a long time.

When Wang Qingshen said this, his eyes were blurred, and the corners of his lips were raised. It simply made one’s imagination run wild about what had happened that night.

Bo Yunli’s eyebrows twitched. He turned his face away without a sound and looked at su ye with a stiff smile.

His expression seemed to be asking,”really?”

Grandfathers always liked to chat with Ye Ye in between their conversations. She really could not find a chance to tell Bo Yunli ...

That day on the balcony of the banquet hall, she had only been talking to Wang Qingshen about selling him the prescription at a high price!

He kept talking about his father’s condition, so they had a long chat!

Why did he change the meaning of such a good thing?

As it turned out, Wang Qingshen wasn’t the only one who had a change of heart.

Bo Zhan snorted with disdain,”So what if we talk for a night? Has she touched you?”

Sue also has a very bad feeling about this.

“Girls in our time are all very shy. How could there be physical contact?” Wang Qingshen laughed.

“No?” Bo Zhan laughed,”if I don’t, that’s because I’m disgusted with you!” She’s the one who touched me!”

Su also spat out the water in his mouth when he heard that.

Bo Yunli patted her back. He could guess that the grandfathers ‘words had a lot of exaggeration in them, but when their voices entered his ears, he could not help but feel jealous.

The grandfathers were all shocked by Bo Zhan’s words and didn’t pay attention to her.

Yan Zhengwei directly slammed the table. don’t you deliberately ruin my Senior sister’s reputation by saying only half of what you said. Tell me, how did she do it? ”

Su ye thought,”Junior Brother, are you really afraid that he will ruin my reputation, or do you want to eat the melon for yourself?”

However, she also wanted to know when she had touched him.

Bo Zhan’s expression was obviously a little unconfident. anyway, it was that day. I don’t even remember what happened at that time. She grabbed my hand, looked at me affectionately, and even asked me to wait for her!

Su also kind of remembered.

The heavens could testify that she was only angry at him because of the contract that day, so she grabbed his hand and wanted to give him a back throw!

There was no deep affection at all. Her eyes were clearly filled with anger as she said hatefully, ” “Just you wait!”

old Bo, I can tell that there are many loopholes in your words. She’s fine and she doesn’t want to travel far. Why did she ask you to wait for her? ” Zhang Qingfeng held his wine glass with a calm expression.

Su also applauded him in his heart.

Bo Zhan didn’t deny it. then tell me. Have you two ever been alone? ”

Zhang Qingfeng stood in the yard and looked up at the ‘moon’ that couldn’t be seen during the day.

His thoughts drifted away.

it was my first day as the principal of Qing University. I invited her to Qing University for a trip.

When she heard this, su also pinched Bo Yunli’s large hand that was on her.

He meant,”did you hear that? he was the one who pestered me to go!” I didn’t take the initiative to go!

As expected of a cultured person, he didn’t twist the truth, nor did he avoid the important and the trivial.

Bo Yunli’s expression was gloomy. He did not respond and continued to listen.

we were enjoying the breeze by the Lotus pond at Qing University, watching the stars at the observatory, and having dinner at the first Western restaurant in Qing University. At that time, I told her that I hoped that Qing University would have its own medical department in the future, and she said, ”

to fulfill my dream, she is willing to donate unconditionally to build a medical building for Qing University!

Su ye: “??? ”

Big brother, is your brain short-circuited?

At that time, she had said that she was only donating for the sake of the country’s medical development!

It was a completely different meaning!

The grandfathers were also shocked.

They all knew that to Bai yueguang ...

You can chat and grab your hands, but you can’t touch money!


“Really? She’s donating for you?”

“Isn’t it a lot of money to donate a building?”

Zhang Qingfeng, you are a great writer. Don’t lie to us!

Zhang Qingfeng placed one hand behind his back and raised his head to finish the glass of wine, ” “Why do you think the medical department of Qing University is called ‘Ai Ye’? If you don’t believe me, I can go back and find her donation records for you.”

Su was also speechless,”Zhenzhen.”

Alright, this was real!

They ate lunch all the way until the evening. After that, everyone forgot that they were here to attend Bo Zhan’s birthday banquet. When the topic changed to Bai yueguang, it couldn’t be avoided anymore.

Wang Qingshen, Zhang Qingfeng, and Bo Zhan were all comparing themselves to each other, and even elder ye would interject from time to time.

Could it be that he wanted to impose a master-disciple ban?| Break off love?

However, Bo Yunli did not try to stop him.

His grandfather’s birthday banquet might very well be the last birthday banquet in his life.


He could live however he wanted to.

However, regarding the topic of ‘if su ye had not passed away early, who would he be with’, Bo Yunli naturally would not help them analyze it, because the final answer was only Huahua.

Su was his.

After the meal, su was even more certain of one thing ...

She must cover up her great aunt’s little avatar!

She must not let them know her true identity!

She really thought so until the third day after the birthday banquet.

The Butler had prepared breakfast and knocked on the door of the old master’s room as usual.

But today, no one answered even after he knocked for a long time.

The Butler was shocked and quickly opened the door.

What she saw was Bo Zhan lying on the bed with a pale face.

He looked like he had not woken up yet, but he had already fainted.

He didn’t know when he fell unconscious last night, but his condition was very dangerous.

Although they had expected this day to come, the entire Bo family was still shrouded in an indescribable emotion.

The Butler quickly went to knock on the door of the young master and young Madam.

It was obediently calling out uneasily at the door.

Bo Yunli put on his coat and went to get the car. Su also quickly changed his clothes and followed.

When the children woke up, their father’s car was already on its way to the hospital.

When he heard the news that his grandfather was seriously ill, Bo Yicheng helped him apply for leave from his sister and was taken to the hospital by the driver ...

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