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Chapter 26: You Think You Can Kill Me?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yunli, why are you standing so far away from Ye Ye?”

Bo Yunli looked to the side a little when he heard this. Su Ye did not react when she heard his grandfather’s question. At some point in time, she had already placed the mahogany box with the Seven Deities on her lap and was eagerly choosing her “reward”.

His grandfather’s illness made it so that he was not to be agitated. If he already acted like this because the medicine was bitter, then he would definitely cause a ruckus if he knew that he had cancelled the marriage with the Su family.

Now, he had to ensure that he was in a good mood.

With that thought in mind, he slowly walked to Su Ye and stopped next to her, as if he had completed his mission. He then stared at his grandfather.

As for Bo Zhan, he gave Bo Yunli a look that said, “That’s it?”

‘What the heck? When he stands there like this, he looks like an emotionless human-shaped standee.’

No matter how Bo Zhan looked at it, he found it awkward, and he was… not satisfied.

“Yunli, she’s your fiancee, not a criminal who kidnapped you. Why aren’t you talking to her?”

Bo Yunli swore that he would definitely not be this difficult when he was old.

He stingily pulled his perfectly crafted hand from his pocket, and his dark gaze landed on Su Ye’s thin shoulders. After hesitating for a moment, he bent his prideful, straight, suit-clad body slightly toward her.

At the same time, Su Ye took out a Seven Deities with the fattest roots that would be the easiest to keep alive. She then calmly told Bo Zhan, “It’s not necessary. We’ve never had any interact—”

Before she could say “tions”, a warm palm landed on her shoulder. She wore a sleeveless T-shirt, so the tingling sensation from Bo Yunli’s fingerpads went straight to her heart without any obstructions.

For some reason, at that instant, all Su Ye could think about was Bo Yunli’s perverted appearance when he did not cover his body and was dressed in just a bathrobe.

The next second, she acted like a shocked stray cat and stomped on his foot!

She barely moved, so Bo Zhan did not notice her plans, but the stomp was full of strength.

Due to the instant pain, Bo Yunli tightened his grip on her shoulder. To make sure that his grandfather did not see anything unusual, he pursed his lips and said nothing.

Su Ye then realized that Bo Yunli was just doing this to deal with Bo Zhan. Yet she had used all her strength when she stomped on him, so much so that when she pulled her leg back calmly, a hole had formed on Bo Yunli’s dust-free leather shoe.

She turned to look at Bo Yunli and gave him a smile as friendly as she could muster. ‘That was just reflex.’

Bo Yunli seemed to have understood her gaze, and he looked at her with eyes as cold as ice.

Su Ye remained smiling, but she mumbled in a voice that only both of them could hear, “If you dare to move, I’ll kill you.”

Her pronunciation was not perfect, but Bo Yunli understood.

She thought that he would reply with “You think I want to move?”

But instead, he mouthed “You think you can kill me?”

After saying that, he provocatively increased the strength of his grip, and the hand on her shoulder made it seem like he had forced her into submission.

Su Ye ignored him. No matter what, she was the one who stomped on his foot first. Once Bo Zhan was cured, she would just take her revenge for every slight he committed against her.

Lin Zhan had picked up his teacup and was getting ready to drink tea when his gaze landed on his cousin’s hand on Su Ye’s shoulder. ‘What the heck? Where are my cousin’s neat freak tendencies?! Even though this is what Master Bo asked for, I feel like something isn’t right…’

And because he was stunned, he did not pour the tea into his mouth. It landed on his pants.

‘Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!’

Bo Zhan watched the boy and girl interact and smiled happily. He felt much better now, and he gave Su Ye an expression that said “I’ll support you forever.”

Su Ye just laughed coldly in her heart.. ‘Stop supporting me being together with him so much.’

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