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Chapter 23: I Won’t Drink It!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Ye had been in possession of her grandniece’s handphone for a few days, but this was the first time she noticed the app.

After all, no one knew what WeChat was forty years ago.

When she tapped on it, the message was from an account known as “Brightest Star in the Night Sky.”

Brightest Star in the Night Sky: Sis, you haven’t liked my Moments for a long time. Proud to be a siscon.jpg.

Was it Su Xing?

Su Ye cast a glance at the stairs and saw Su Xing peeking out from the stairs and wiggling his eyebrows at her.

A minute later, Su Ye understood what sort of existence WeChat was in the world of the youngsters.

After she liked Su Xing’s posts, she noticed her grandniece’s WeChat profile pic and name.

She did not know what to say about it…

Her profile pic was a selfie with the smokey makeup on. The black eyes alone were scary enough, but her grandniece had actually photoshopped them to make them even larger.

Her name was even worse. It was: @}!^_1 thr3w @w@y th3 w0яld

‘Threw away the world. Ha. More like threw away your dignity, right?!’

Su Ye believed herself to be the smartest girl in Imperial City, but she actually had a hard time deciphering the ID.

When she thought about how she would appear in front of people with this profile pic and WeChat ID, she felt goosebumps all over her skin.

She hurriedly found a pure black picture online and switched her profile pic. Then, she changed her WeChat ID to Su Ye.

After that, she deleted all the Moments where her grandniece had drawn heart arrows on Bo Yunli’s pictures. She felt a little more comfortable once that was done.

She had to admit that Moments were really addictive. Without her realizing it, she had already been scrolling through them for half an hour.

When she was about to put down her phone, the top of the screen showed that she had a new Moment.

It was from Lin Zhan.

The caption was: An herb worth 300,000 RMB looks like this…

There was a picture underneath. More than ten fresh herbs lay quietly within an exquisite mahogany box. 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

Su Ye observed them carefully and recognized them as Seven Deities.

Bo Yunli had actually managed to get Seven Deities so quickly? He had some skills.

She knew that it was difficult to find Seven Deities even in her time, but she did not expect that their price would have inflated to 300,000 RMB for one shrub. Since the herb had asexual reproduction, all the gardener needed to do was to cut off a portion of the roots and use the right method to take care of them. Then, the roots would grow into a new plant. The price of 300,000 RMB for it was a little insane.

Besides, with Bo Zhan’s condition, he would require one every two days. Only the Bo family’s wealth could allow the spending of so much money…

Wait. Su Ye suddenly thought of a new way to get rich…

At the same time in the Bo family mansion, Lin Zhan took the newly made medicine and turned his face up to make sure that his face did not face the bowl while he looked inside. “Cousin, you spent six million RMB on this? Is Su Ye planning to slowly transfer the Bo family’s wealth into her hands? If this really happens, you’ll be forced to marry her…”

Bo Yunli was focused on business matters and did not want to talk to Lin Zhan. He pushed his glasses up and said casually, “It’s just six million RMB. Our wealth won’t be drained from this.”

Lin Zhan sniffed the contents of the bowl and immediately scrunched up his nose. “So bitter! Will Master Bo be able to drink it?”

Bo Yunli remained calm. “Good medicine tastes bitter. Besides, Grandfather is not a child.”

“If we assess a medicine’s quality by how bitter it is, then this is definitely a top-grade medicine.” Lin Zhan nodded seriously and cast a glance at Master Bo’s room. “Alright, cousin. You do your thing. I’ll go in and give Master Bo his medicine.”

Bo Yunli let out a faint hum and continued with his work.

A few minutes later, the usually calm Master Bo roared thunderously in his room. “It’s too friggin’ bitter! Let whoever likes it drink it! I won’t flippin’ drink it!”

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