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Chapter 22: Anonymous Email

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Xing took the empty glass and said sincerely, “Sis, you can’t stay up late all the time. You’ll go bald if you do, and will get eyebags, too. Then, Bitch Rong and Scum Qi will definitely laugh at you at Master Bo’s 70th birthday party.”

‘Bitch Rong and Scum Qi? Good names.’

Su Ye cocked her eyebrow. “You heard what they were saying in the living room?”

Su Xing nodded adorably. “Yup. That Scum Qi isn’t worthy of you. I looked him up. In all of Imperial City, only Big Brother Yunli is worthy of you!”

‘He’s young, but already mischievous.’

When Su Ye remembered what happened in the Bo family, she became agitated. “Bo Yunli? It’d be about right if he became my lackey.”

“Lackey?” Su Xing’s expression suddenly turned wary. “You lack lackeys? Aren’t I enough for you?”

‘Heh. He’s even jealous.’

The next day, just like usual, Su Ye returned to the Su family mansion at nine o’clock after her morning run.

The moment she entered the room, she saw Su Jingyan speaking to Xu Huanying in high spirits.

A look of understanding flashed past Su Ye’s eyes. She tossed the towel around her neck to Nanny Zhang and sat down on the couch to check her phone.

It was the first time she saw Su Jingyang in such high spirits after her reincarnation. It was as if the gloom that had been haunting his heart for a long time had finally disappeared.

Su Jingying could not hide the joy in his voice. “I received an anonymous email this morning! Someone is willing to invest in our company! This is great news!”

Xu Huanying put down the fashion magazine she had been holding and looked at him with sparkling eyes. “Invest? How much did they invest?”

Su Jingyang showed the figure with his fingers before her.

Xu Huanying immediately screeched. “Six million RMB?”

Su Jingyang smiled. “The six million RMB is just a downpayment. They’re going to invest more later. Their only condition is a 50:50 split of the company’s profits. Also, they want to join the strategic meetings of the board of directors in the form of emails.”

When Xu Huanying heard that the investor wanted a 50:50 split, she pouted like a miserly person. “Aren’t they too sinister?”

Su Jingyang waved his hand in dismissal. “You’re too shortsighted. What they asked for is perfectly reasonable. If they didn’t ask for a split in profits, were they supposed to give us the money for nothing? With the company’s current situation, they’re practically sending help during our hour of distress! Thank the ancestors for their protection!”

Su Ye did not move her eyes away from her phone, but she nodded in seriousness.

Xu Huanying sighed. “You’re right. But why did they send an anonymous email? Is it reliable?”

Su Jingyang had been cautious. “Even though they didn’t give their name, they’re definitely reliable. I checked the email. Their words were sharp and without any tact at all. They went straight to the point and pointed out plenty of the problems the company is currently facing, which enlightened me a lot. This shows that they know the company’s situation very clearly.

“They gave me the downpayment of six million RMB to participate in the ATA core technology project. This project will be beneficial to us and facilitate our cooperation with Chairman Wang. Why haven’t we thought about this before? This investor has really unique views, so they must be a genius in the business field!”

Xu Huanying remembered something, and she suddenly said mysteriously, “Are they so great? Do you think that Bo Yunli is helping us in secret?”

Su Jingyang scoffed in disdain. “Why are you mentioning his name? All you talk about is Bo Yunli. The person who sent me the email is not at all inferior to Bo Yunli. If we get the chance to know them and they happen to be close to Ye Ye’s age and are a bachelor, I’ll cancel the marriage with the Bo family and engage Ye Ye to them!”

The moment Su Ye heard this, she nearly spat out her pomelo tea. Was she supposed to marry herself now?

Xu Huanying turned her head around to cast a glance at her daughter, who did not even know how to drink her tea properly. Then, she got rid of the thoughts she’d had previously.

At that moment, Su Ye’s phone chimed, and her gaze shifted to it.. She had received a message on an app called WeChat.

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