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Chapter 12: She Must Go to School

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Xu Huanying heard those words, she wanted to scold Su Ye. If it were not because she was such a letdown and regarded in disdain by Bo Yunli, they would not have been rejected by Chairman Wang. How could she say that they did not need to rely on anyone?

But the moment she turned her head around, she saw Su Ye’s firm and cold eyes. There seemed to be strong hatred there, and Xu Huanying was stunned. She had never seen this expression on her daughter before.

Now that she thought about it carefully, ever since Bo Yunli came to cancel the marriage, Su Ye had become abnormal. She no longer put on makeup and jewelry. Just now, when she entered the mansion, she also carried a few books.

She seemed to have been stimulated.

Xu Huanying held back the scathing words that were about to spill out of her mouth. No matter what, Su Ye was her daughter. She should not make her even more agitated. Besides, if she went to the Bo family to throw a tantrum later, they were really going to say goodbye to the marriage.

After Su Jingyang heard Su Ye’s words, his anger subsided a little. Even though he knew that his useless daughter was just saying it to comfort him, he let it go when he saw that Xu Huanying did not offer any retort.

After Su Jingyang went away, Xu Huanying saw that Su Ye’s expression was no longer as cold as before, and she warned her, “Don’t tell your dad about the engagement cancellation! Don’t tell any outsider, either!”

Su Ye looked through the crinkled partnership documents on the table with a nonchalant expression. Su Jingyang was the one who had crumpled them. “You’re just deluding yourself.”

“You—!” Xu Huangying repeated that word for a whole minute, then gritted her teeth and reminded herself that this was her daughter. She growled at her after that. “Didn’t you say that you want to visit Master Bo? Hurry up and go.”

Su Ye spent three minutes reading the partnership document. “I’ll go tomorrow.”

“While Master Bo still likes you, hurry up and seize—”

Xu Huanying was not able to finish her speech. Su Ye left midway through her sentence.

‘Seriously, I gave birth to a brat!’

When Su Ye returned to her room, she locked her door and emptied the contents of her backpack. She brought out the tools she bought in the antique market and cast a glance at the clock on the wall.


She bowed her head and began repairing the turquoise pendant.

Her eyes were slightly downcast, and she had a serious, focused expression on her face. The warm light from the jewelry light added a filter to her face, making her skin so smooth that it looked like it had no pores. Her dull green hair slid down her cheeks, and her slightly curled eyelashes fluttered as her eyes sparkled.

She was peerlessly beautiful.

At 20:40, she finished repairing the pendant, and the total cost of the tools was 5.60 RMB.

Su Ye exercised her joints. “This actually took me two hours? I’ve grown rusty.”

Then, she spent half an hour dismantling her grandniece’s smartphone and carefully examining all its components. Once she was done, she cleaned out the dust and put everything back in its original place.

Her conclusion was: if she modified the phone a little, it would be even more convenient for her to write codes on it than on a computer.

When she went out of her room to pour water for herself, Su Ye saw that the door to Su Jingyang’s room was not shut completely.

Xu Huanying was acting sweetly inside while trying to persuade her husband. “Honey, Ye Ye isn’t academically smart. We shouldn’t make her finish the third year. After her birthday, she will be twenty. With her horrible results, she might be unable to graduate.

“If she married Bo Yunli instead, it would be beneficial to your company. Don’t we have Xing Xing? Let’s teach Xing Xing properly and look for the best home tutor for him. He’s smart, so he will definitely be outstanding…”

A woman’s private words to her husband when she was trying to persuade him were undoubtedly her trump card.

Su Ye thought that Su Jingyang would say nothing, but just when she wanted to push the door open and enter, Su Jingyang said, “Ye Ye and Xing Xing are both my children, and I won’t mistreat either of them. Ye Ye must go to school. If the Bo family doesn’t want her, I will take care of her for the rest of my life.. No matter how bad business is, the Su family will be able to take care of her.”

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