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Chapter 11: Clue From The Past

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Huanying was still in the dress she left in. The husband and wife’s expressions were as dark as thunderclouds in the study.

Su Jingyang stood up and paced back and forth in agitation before sitting back down on the couch. “It’s the same to you. Don’t mention Ye Ye’s engagement to Bo Yunli the moment you see other people. Ever since the engagement, Bo Yunli has never looked Ye Ye in the eye.

“Do you think that Chairman Wang can’t see it? Should he work together with us, then? Forget it, I’d say since Bo Yunli doesn’t fancy Ye Ye, we should cancel the engagement on our own. Why should we force ourselves to play up to the people who won’t possibly help us? It’s humiliating. If we’re the only ones talking about it, we won’t even be able to salvage our dignity…”

When Su Jingyang was halfway through his tirade, he noticed Su Ye coming in. He was worried that he would hurt her feelings, so his tone became gentler, and he changed his words to welcome a discussion. “Ye Ye, what do you think?”

“Honestly, Bo Yunli came yesterday…” Su Ye started with a calm expression.

But she did not manage to say that he wanted to cancel the engagement because of the way Xu Huanying glared at her.

Yet they had already agreed to cancel the engagement. Even if they said nothing now, everyone would know about it sooner or later. Seriously, Xu Huanying cared about her dignity so much that she was going to suffer for it. However, Su Ye did not want to get herself into unnecessary conflict with the mother, so she said nothing.

Xu Huanying redirected her gaze to Su Jingyang. “No! Every family is trying to get affiliated with those of higher power. Are we supposed to look for someone who can’t compare to us?

“You didn’t see the daughter of the Rong family, did you? She has been dating Young Master Qi for more than a year, but they aren’t engaged yet. It’s because her mother is jealous that Ye Ye is engaged to Yunli and wants to find someone better for her daughter.

“Rong Ruo is bright, beautiful, and cultured, but even after looking around for so long, she hasn’t found any family that can compare to the Bo family. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

“Look at Ye Ye, with her appearance and behavior, she must have stacked up good karma for ages to be able to catch Master Bo’s fancy. Why shouldn’t she seize the chance? She won’t be able to find another one like Bo Yunli if she lets him go! The Su family can only rely on this marriage to make a comeback!”

Su Ye finally understood why her grandniece took things so hard: Her mother was too aggressive. She treated her daughter as a trading asset, and she was even willing to sell her for a cheap price. How was marrying into the Bo family forming a bond with someone of a higher position?

Su Ye was quite interested in the Rong family that Xu Huanying mentioned.

Before her death, she had found a clue. The “evidence” that framed her father, Su Chenshuo, was exposed to the media by Rong Shengming, who was the master of the Rong family at that time.

Then, overnight, Su Chenshuo turned from a philanthropist praised by millions to a hypocrite who raped a university student that he sponsored. Su Ye also turned from the queen of the business circle to a corrupt businesswoman who laundered money for her father.

The Rong and Su families had always been on good terms, so no one guessed that the Rong family was the one who framed the Su family. But even if Su Ye had mentioned it, it would have been useless.

She had yet to prove her and her father’s innocence at that time, so even if the others believed her words that the Rong family provided the evidence, they would just think that they were turning their backs on their friends for the sake of justice.

Besides, based on Su Ye’s understanding of Rong Shengming, even if he were jealous of her father, he did not have the ability to plan such a thing. If she wanted to find the culprit through the leftover clues, it would be best for her not to alert the enemy for the time being.

Fortunately, based on her grandniece’s memories, she found that Rong Ruo studied in the same high school as Su Ye, and she was going to be in the third year of high school once the new term started, so there were going to be plenty of chances to meet her.

Su Jingyang was so angry that his hands trembled. He pointed at Xu Huangying and said with agitation, “Are you saying that the Su family can only rely on the Bo family to make a comeback?”

Su Ye looked at the arguing couple with cold eyes.. “The Su family has never needed anyone to make a comeback.”

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