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After Marrying the Cold Villain

After Marrying the Cold Villain

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Le Tian





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Chinese Novel




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Bai Jing transmigrated into a book and became the male protagonist’s first love. She sacrificed herself for the male protagonist and the female protagonist got all the benefits.

Bai Jing, who wore the book, said, “Hehe, who wants to be the Virgin Mary?”

The male lead: “Jingjing, as long as you accompany President Wang for drinks, our company will be rich.”

Bai Jing kicked him away. “Get out. You’re not fit to depend on me!”

The female lead: “Jingjing, how could you break up with him when he’s broke? You are too materialistic!”

Bai Jing smiled lazily. “Are you envious? I’m more beautiful than you. I have the right to be willful.”

Bai Jing wanted to start her own career, but the male and female leads kept chasing after her.

She could not take it anymore and found a handsome man to marry.

“Let me introduce you, this is my husband. I’ve liked him for a long time.”

The male protagonist was stunned. “G… Greetings, President Si.”

The female protagonist trembled. “Si… Si Qian…”

Bai Jing was silent.

The villain in the book was also called Si Qian?!

That night, Bai Jing forbade men from going to bed. “Divorce. I’m not interested in villains.”


Si Qian leaned forward. “Before the divorce, give me one last night.”

The next day, Bai Jing didn’t manage to get out of bed successfully…

After countless “last night”, Bai Jing finally created her own technology empire.

Reporter: “Ms. Bai, can I ask you about your secret to success?”

Bai Jing held her aching waist and smiled mysteriously. “Treat every night as your last night.”


Bai Jing: Beautiful and cool, technology big shot.

Si Qian: Handsome and mysterious, wise and powerful, deeply attracted by Bai Jing’s charm.

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