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Chapter 27: Thank God You’re Here

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He Feng let go of the man.

The man was about to go back on his word again when he took in He Feng’s uniform. He was stunned.

It was only now when he realized that the person who had held him down was actually a police officer!

The man cursed in his heart, I wonder where this b*tch found herself a police officer to back her up

In short, today was not a good day!

The man thought for a moment and said to Fang Ya, “Our Mother told you to bring the child home for dinner when you have time!”

“How long has it been since you’ve gone back?!” The man was suddenly energized. “Even if she’s your stepmother, you should at least have some respect!”

When Fang Ya heard the man’s words, the expression on her face changed slightly.

The man still did not stop ranting at Fang Ya, making her look like the unfilial daughter.

Finally, the man had vented enough.

Fang Ya asked coldly, “How long has it been since you’ve been back?”

The man was stunned by Fang Ya’s question.

He focused and stammered, “I just came from mom’s!”

“Is that so?” Fang Ya sneered, “Wu Wei, act like an actual son before pointing fingers at me!

“Or, you should actually go visit her yourself first!” Fang Ya said, as if she already knew everything.

Wu Wei gritted his teeth. He had a feeling that Fang Ya seemed to know something.

He cursed a few times in his heart, then spat on the ground, turned around, and left.

“I’ll be back! When that time comes, I’ll claim what my mother deserves!” Wu Wei said as he jogged away.

He Feng looked at Wu Wei’s departing figure, his gaze changing again and again.

Fang Ya looked apologetically at the woman. “I’m sorry to have made you worry.”

The woman waved her hand. “It’s nothing!”

“In the future, if this man comes again, knock on my door and I’ll kick him out with my broom!” The woman said fiercely.

Fang Ya smiled and nodded, expressing her gratitude again. He Feng looked at Fang Ya, feeling that she seemed to be hiding something.

He Feng shook his head to himself and decided that it was better not to interfere in other people’s family affairs.

He Peng pulled Tang Tang out of the house.

Tang Tang looked at Fang Ya with curiosity. “Mom, what happened just now? Was Uncle Wei here?”

Fang Ya smiled and nodded.

“Ms. Fang asked me to tell him to remember to go home if I ever saw him!” Tang Tang pouted and said.

“Mom, did you tell Uncle Wei?” Tang Tang asked anxiously.

Fang Ya patted Tang Tang’s little head and smiled. “Mom already told Uncle Wei. Don’t worry, Tang Tang.”

Tang Tang finally felt at ease.

He Feng said to He Peng, “Let’s go! I still have something to do today. Go home early!”

He Peng walked quickly to He Feng’s side and thanked Fang Ya.

Fang Ya looked at He Feng and thanked him again. “Thank God you were there for today’s matter!”

He Feng grinned and revealed a smile. “It’s okay, take care of yourself!”

Fang Ya nodded again to express her gratitude.

Everyone left one after another. Fang Ya held Tang Tang in her arms as she stood at the entrance of her courtyard.

“Mom, what are you thinking about?” Tang Tang asked curiously.

“I’m thinking that perhaps, this family really needs a man,” Fang Ya said and sighed.

That Wu Wei had been a hooligan since he was young, and after he grew up, he had only worsened.

Back then, Shao Xiang used the money from selling her daughter to find a wife for Wu Wei. She originally thought that after the couple got married, they would be able to look after each other, where at least their lives would be more stable.

Who knew that they would be the most dysfunctional and fragmented of all families. Wu Wei’s daughter-in-law was even more of a muddle-headed person than he was.

The couple got together and spent every day thinking about how to get the family property from the old lady. Finally, they kicked the old lady out of their house.

The couple then struggled with how to live their lives in the future. Wu Wei heard the news that Fang Ya and Tang Fu were getting a divorce.

Although he did not know how much property Fang Ya possessed, with Tang Fu’s strength, it was impossible for him to leave nothing for his ex-wife and daughter!

Therefore, Wu Wei had rushed over to ask for money from Fang Ya. Who knew that a divorced woman like Fang Ya would have so many people on her side!

Wu Wei was repelled.. He gritted his teeth and cursed all the way home.

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