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Chapter 22: I Beat Them Up!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fang Ya had wanted to reason with Little Rock’s mother, but the other party was not exactly amicable.

Fang Ya shrugged and planned to leave with Tang Tang.

She did not want Tang Tang to suffer here.

Little Rock’s mother was unwilling to let her go. She grabbed Fang Ya and refused to let go.

“If you don’t apologize to my son today, everyone will hear of this!” Little Rock’s mother shouted loudly. Her voice sounded somewhat anxious.

Fang Ya frowned as she looked at the other party grabbing her hand. “Please let go!”

Little Rock’s mother did not intend to let go. She continued to shout angrily, “You’re as shameless as your daughter! How dare you bully my son!”

“I...” Little Rock’s mother raised her hand and was about to grab for Fang Ya’s face.

“Stop!” A male voice sounded, shocking Little Rock’s mother.

Fang Ya and Little Rock’s mother subconsciously turned their heads to look in the direction of the speaker.

They saw a man walking over with a little boy.

He Feng?

When Fang Ya saw that it was He Feng, she couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled. “Why are you here?”

He Feng walked forward and glanced at Little Rock’s mother before saying to Fang Ya, “My son beat someone up. I brought him here to apologize.”

“It was your son who beat up my son?” Little Rock’s mother’s voice rang out once more as she glared angrily at He Feng.

Following that, she looked down and stared at He Peng. “It was you who beat up my son?”

“Good! Good to see you two being acquainted as well!” Little Rock’s mother saw He Feng and Fang Ya greeting each other and immediately reacted.

She looked at He Feng and then looked at Fang Ya before taking two steps back. “The two of you are ganging up to bully our family!”

The more Little Rock’s mother spoke, the angrier she got. She pointed at the two of them with a trembling finger.

Then, she let out an earth-shaking cry and sat on the ground. “Help! They’re bullying us!”

Fang Ya was about to explain when the neighbors rushed out.

“What’s Wrong?” A woman who lived on the right side of Little Rock’s house ran out first.

“The two of them are ganging up on us, orphans and widows!” Little Rock’s mother was already crying.

Seeing this, the woman quickly reached out to pull Little Rock’s mother up. “Get up first, the ground is cold!”

Little Rock’s mother completely ignored her and waved her aunt’s hand away. “How am I supposed to live!”

“I can’t live like this anymore!” She slapped her thigh with all her might and wailed. “Our men died too tragically!”

“All of you are here to bully us!” Little Rock’s mother shouted louder and louder, and she fell into a state of madness. “I don’t want to live anymore!”

The neighbors who heard the sound stared at Fang Ya and He Feng, thinking that they were the ones who had joined hands to bully them.

Fang Ya sighed helplessly and hugged Tang Tang tightly in her arms.

Her daughter was still young, and such a wail could easily scare her.

Faced with the people around them pointing at them, Fang Ya and He Feng tried to explain themselves, but there was nothing they could do.

Not long after, someone invited the Director of the Neighborhood Committee over.

When the director saw that it was Fang Ya, he could not help but be a little surprised.

“What’s going on?” The director looked at Little Rock’s mother, who was slumped on the ground and had already wailed herself out of breath.

When Little Rock’s mother saw that the director had arrived, she suddenly stood up and grabbed the director’s hand. “These two are ganging up to bully me and my son!”

“You have to stand up for us!” Little Rock’s mother used her sleeve to wipe away her snot and tears as she continued to speak.

“My man died because he wanted to build a road for our city!” Little Rock’s mother grimaced and cried. “The government simply abandoned his widow and orphan.”

When the Neighborhood Committee Director heard Little Rock’s mother’s words, he could not help but frown.

“Get up first and speak clearly.” The director’s arm was hurting from Little Rock’s mother’s grip, and his frown deepened.

Little Rock’s mother turned to look at He Feng and Fang Ya. “The two of them beat up my son!”

When the director heard this, his brows furrowed even more. “Such a thing happened?”

At that moment, He Peng stood up and said to the director, “I beat him up!”

“It has nothing to do with my father and this lady!” Although He Peng was not an adult, he was reading the situation particularly well.

When the director saw this, the stiff expression on his face eased up a little. “Tell me, what exactly happened?”

He Peng explained in detail what had happened during the day.

When everyone heard this, their gazes on Little Rock’s mother changed from sympathy to reproachful.

“He’s talking nonsense!” Little Rock’s mother refused to admit what He Peng said.

“Whether he’s talking nonsense or not, why don’t you call Little Rock out and ask him!” The director looked at Little Rock’s mother and said.

Little Rock’s mother was hesitating when a bystanding woman said, “I’ll go!

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