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Chapter 21: Shameless Woman

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Tang was brought home by Fang Ya. After washing up, she sat on the small chair and waited for Fang Ya’s reprimanding.

Fang Ya looked at her pitiful appearance and did not know where to start. She asked, “What’s going on?”

Tang Tang raised her head to look at Fang Ya and asked carefully, “Mom, will you promise not to be angry if I tell you?”

“I can’t promise that!” Fang Ya directly refused her.

Tang Tang frowned and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Okay...”

“Then let me tell you this, you can’t get too angry!” Tang Tang took a step back and said.

Fang Ya sighed and said, “Okay! Mommy won’t get too angry!”

Tang Tang then revealed a sweet smile and continued, “Today, Little Rock scolded me for being a fatherless child.”

When Fang Ya heard this, she frowned deeply. She did not stop Tang Tang and allowed her to continue speaking.

“I do have a father! So I told Little Rock not to speak nonsense!” The way Tang Tang argued was actually somewhat similar to Fang Ya.

“Little Rock did not listen to me and kept shouting.” Tang Tang said with some grievance.

“He said that mommy is a bad woman!” Tang Tang said with more grievance, “He said that mommy and daddy divorced!”

“He said that all women who are divorced are bad women!” Tang Tang looked at Fang Ya with some doubt.

Then, she continued, “He also said that Tang Tang would become a bad woman if she followed mommy!

“I was so angry that I went up and pushed Little Rock!” Tang Tang said and reached out her hands to make a pushing gesture.

“But he’s so strong, he didn’t move, he pushed me back and I fell!” Tang Tang pouted.

“Then, a big brother came over.” Tang Tang’s eyes immediately lit up. “He heard Little Rock’s words and told Little Rock not to talk nonsense.

“But Little Rock didn’t listen and even called that Big Brother a motherless child!” Tang Tang raised her nose and looked very angry.

“Big Brother got very angry. He pressed Little Rock down so that he couldn’t talk any more nonsense.” Tang Tang said as she made a downward movement with her hands. She did not forget to sit on the chair in order to reenact the scene as best she could.

“Little Rock said that Big Brother’s mother ran away with someone else! That he’s a wild child without a mother!” Tang Tang said with a somewhat sad expression.

Then, she waved her fists excitedly. “Big Brother pressed Little Rock down and they started to fight!

“Then, after Big Brother finished beating Little Rock, he asked me to go over and beat him up!” Tang Tang showed Fang Ya a row of white teeth.

“I beat Little Rock Up!” Tang Tang said as she raised her little fists.

When Fang Ya heard Tang Tang’s words, her heart ached.

Although she knew that it was wrong for her daughter to beat someone up, the damage that the other party had caused to her daughter could not be ignored.

Fang Ya decided to have a good chat with Little Rock’s parents. After all, most of the things that a child would say had a lot to do with their parents.

After dinner, Fang Ya brought Tang Tang to Little Rock’s house.

On the way, Fang Ya kept saying to Tang Tang, “Even if Little Rock said something that you don’t like to hear, you shouldn’t hit him, right?”

“Yes!” Tang Tang promised.

“So, we have to apologize to Little Rock.” Fang Ya persuaded Tang Tang again.

“Will Little Rock apologize to me?” Tang Tang asked back.

“He said something that hurt you, so of course, he has to apologize to you!” Fang Ya promised solemnly.

“That’s good...” Tang Tang finally followed Fang Ya to Little Rock’s home willingly.

The two of them walked to Little Rock’s door and knocked.

Little Rock’s mother opened the door from the inside. When she saw that it was Fang Ya and her daughter, her entire face flushed red.

“You beat up my son, and you still dare to come knocking on my door!” Little Rock’s mother roared angrily.

“You beat up such a young child!” The more Little Rock’s mother spoke, the angrier she got. She stepped forward and tried to pinch Tang Tang.

Fang Ya quickly shielded her daughter behind her and asked, “Is Little Rock alright?”

Little Rock’s mother’s face was filled with malevolence as she roared, “Alright? Try getting beaten up!”

“You guys are too vicious!” Little Rock’s mother roared angrily, “A daughter brought out by a shameless mother is definitely shameless!”

“How can you talk like that!” Fang Ya frowned as she looked at Little Rock’s mother.

“Did I say something wrong?!” Little Rock’s mother was even angrier. “You were dumped by your husband!”

“You came here, pretending to be a saintess!” Little Rock’s mother’s tone became worse the more she spoke. “Bah!”

Fang Ya bit her lower lip and took a deep breath, trying hard to control her emotions...

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