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Chapter 17: The Gentle He Feng

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He Feng looked at the old man with a serious face. “Old leader, I’m going to be late!”

When the old man heard this, he immediately let out an “Ah” and pushed the door open and pushed He Feng in.

“Behave well!” The old man did not forget to remind him softly once again through the door.

When the shop assistant at the door saw He Feng, she stood stunned for a moment. After a long while, she let out an “AHh and said, “Mr. He? Are you Mr. He?”

He Feng nodded awkwardly, and his face was stained with a suspicious red.

“Mr. He, are you here alone or with a friend?” The shop assistant’s excited expression looked as if she was about to pounce on him.

He Feng cleared his throat and said, “I’m meeting someone.”

“Then... you have an appointment with...” the shop assistant hesitated for a moment before asking, “Is your friend here?”

He Feng frowned. He really wanted to answer that he did not know.

At this moment, his gaze swept over a woman in white. On the table in front of the woman was a small booklet.

He Feng nodded at the shop assistant, indicating that he had found the person, then walked straight to the woman’s table.

“Hello, may I know who you are...” He Feng said, his gaze fixed on the woman’s face.

The woman raised her head slightly. In the next moment, both of them were stunned.

Fang Ya had never expected to see He Feng here!

He Feng looked at the woman’s face and gradually overlapped her visage with that of the figure under the old pagoda tree.

After being stunned for a moment, He Feng spoke again, “Are you miss Fang Ya?”

Fang Ya nodded, stood up, and extended her hand to He Feng.

He Feng politely shook hands with Fang Ya.

The two of them took their seats, and their gazes awkwardly shifted away from each other.

The shop assistant walked over at that moment. “May I help you two?”

Fang Ya pointed at the cup in front of her. “No, thank you!”

He Feng, on the other hand, frowned, not knowing what to choose for a moment.

He had been out fighting all year round, so he had no time to spend in such a shop, so he naturally did not know what to order.

Fang Ya saw He Feng’s predicament and quickly helped him out. “Give this gentleman a glass of water. He just came in.”

“We’ll order later,” Fang Ya said politely to the shop assistant.

The shop assistant responded and turned to prepare for He Feng.

He Feng looked at Fang Ya and said softly, “Thank you.”

Fang Ya slightly curved her lips. Her smile looked faint, but it made people feel particularly comfortable.

He Feng looked at Fang Ya and said after a moment, “I seem to have met you before.”

“Yes, we have met!” Fang Ya said without any hesitation, “When you came to the Neighborhood Committee.”

“No! Not at that time!” He Feng shook his head.

Fang Ya was a little surprised. “Have we met somewhere else?”

“Yes!” He Feng nodded and said, “Miss Fang, do you like that old locust tree very much?”

Hearing He Feng’s words, Fang Ya immediately understood what He Feng meant.

She sighed in her heart and said, “That place makes me feel very comfortable.”

What Fang Ya said was absolutely true. She had the memories of her previous life, and her heart was filled with too many unresolved puzzles and melancholy.

Every time she stood under the old pagoda tree, she would always be able to relax for a moment.

She never expected someone to notice her at that time, and she did not expect that person to be He Feng!

In her memory, He Feng was a decisive man.

Every time he appeared in newspapers and magazines, his appearance was frighteningly cold. Most of the news about He Feng on television revolved around his military achievements and military exploits.

Unexpectedly, the He Feng in front of Fang Ya was actually a gentle and somewhat shy man.

Fang Ya looked at He Feng with a flash of curiosity in her eyes.

He Feng caught this hint of information and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He used to think that the woman standing under the old pagoda tree would be a gloomy, solemn woman.

At least at that time, he only felt gloom from her. When he saw her again in the neighborhood committee, He Feng had the impression that she was a quiet woman.

Now that they had met for the third time, He Feng realized that this woman was generous, gentle, and made him feel warm.

He Feng suddenly became curious. What kind of story did this woman have?

“I heard that you are also divorced with children?” He Feng asked bluntly.

Since he wanted to date her, he had no intention of hiding anything.

Fang Ya stared at He Feng and then nodded.. “Yes! I haven’t been divorced for long, and have a five-year-old daughter.”

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