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Chapter 9: Don’t Want to Get Married Anymore

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Wu Yi’s eyes shone with fanaticism. She pushed Yang Shan’s hand away and shrieked, “She doesn’t deserve you at all, Brother-in-law!”

“Divorce her. I’m willing to be with you. Even if I don’t have a status… I’m very obedient…”

No man can refuse a mistress who offered herself to him and whom they didn’t have to be responsible for!

Li Nanchen is no exception!

Wu Mei looked at her speechlessly.?She is talking about marrying her brother-in-law in front of her sister?!

Truly shameless indeed.

Wu Mei’s eyes were cold as she walked towards the berserk Wu Yi. She raised her hand and mercilessly slapped her a few times.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The crisp sound of the slaps reverberated throughout the room.

Wu Yi saw stars and staggered, nearly losing her balance.

“Wu Mei! You b*tch!”

Yang Shan wanted to rush over to help Wu Yi fight, but Wu Pang’s sharp eyes saw that Li Nanchen had no intention of stopping Wu Mei, so he quickly pulled Yang Shan back.

“Kneel properly!”

Li Nanchen had completely acquiesced to Wu Mei’s actions. If they were to stop her now, wouldn’t they be courting death?!

Thus, no matter how indignant he was, he could only settle scores with Wu Mei in the future!

Yang Shan’s expression was one of bitter resentment, but she had no choice but to continue kneeling.

Wu Mei pressed onto Wu Yi’s neck and forced her into a corner. Looking at Li Nanchen’s figure reflected in those eyes that were gradually widening due to suffocation, Wu Mei said lightly, “Waiting for us to get a divorce? In your next life…”

“Even if it’s something I don’t want, it’s not for you to pick it up.”

Wu Mei moved closer to Wu Yi’s ear and lightly enunciated a few words, “You have no right!”

Then, she let go and Wu Yi fell to the ground like a pile of dirt…

“Let’s go.”

Wu Mei wiped her hands in disgust. Taking the packed luggage from the servant, she then held Li Nanchen’s hand and arrogantly left.

When she reached the door, she seemed to suddenly remember something. She looked back at the mess in the living room and the way Wu Pang was clenching his teeth and looking like he wanted to rip her apart.

He did not look like a father, but more like an enemy.

Wu Mei said scornfully, “Let me give you a piece of advice. Take good care of my mother. If I catch any wind of her getting injured, your company… Will go bankrupt in minutes.”

She was clearly smiling, but the chilliness was enough to make one’s heart tremble and cause fear to rise in one’s heart.

After saying this, Wu Mei left with Li Nanchen without any hesitation.

After she left, Wu Yi, who was lying on the ground like a dead dog, finally burst out screaming.

“Ah… B*tch!”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Inside the car, Li Nanchen and Wu Mei were both silent. The driver sensed the unusual atmosphere and felt a chill run down his spine.

“President Li, are we… going to the Civil Affairs Bureau or…?” He probed.

Fiddling with her ID card, Wu Mei remembered the look on the faces of Wu Pang and the others. She tilted her head to look at Li Nanchen and raised an eyebrow.

“Let’s go home. We’re not going to the Civil Affairs Bureau anymore!”


Li Nanchen furrowed his brows, as if trying to look past her smiling face to figure out her true thoughts.

“Right from the start, you never thought of divorcing me, did you?” Li Nanchen asked as he recalled her contradictory behavior.

Is this another act that she’s putting on?

Wu Mei pressed the button on the control panel, and the soundproof panel slowly descended, isolating the driver.

“Not really. Before I stepped into the Wu Family’s house, I really wanted to divorce you.”

“After all, the hundred of millions worth of divorce alimony is right in front of me. It’s much more tempting than you.” She was exceptionally frank, causing Li Nanchen’s expression to darken.

“But the Wu Family disgusts me. They all want me to get a divorce so that Wu Yi can replace me…”

Wu Mei looked at Li Nanchen and said arrogantly, “Why should I let them have their way?”

Li Nanchen scrutinized Wu Mei.

This woman has changed so much in just one day. Right now, he couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth or not.

“Don’t worry. There’s only three months left in our contract marriage. When the time comes, I will definitely give your freedom back to you.”

Wu Mei magnanimously patted Li Nanchen’s shoulder, as if trying to console him.

She rolled down the car window and felt the breeze outside. “Even if you’re unwilling, bear with it for a while. After all… As long as I don’t agree, you can’t divorce me, isn’t that right?”

Li Nanchen pursed his lips tightly at her words.

Indeed, Wu Mei had always been the one with the initiative in their contract marriage.

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