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Chapter 6: Heroic Rescue of a Damsel in Distress

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“This slap is to teach you a lesson!”

“Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what you’re worth. Don’t be like your mother, always thinking about other people’s husbands!”

Massaging her sore wrist, Wu Mei glanced sideways at Yang Shan, whose expression was extremely awful. She deliberately made a jab at the mother and daughter’s sore spot as she scolded.

Wu Yi her face and got up from the ground with her hair in a mess. She looked like a crazy woman.

“You… you’re crazy! How dare you hit me!”

She felt a burning pain on her left cheek, as if it had swelled up in an instant. It was so numb that she could no longer feel anything.

Seeing his beloved daughter getting slapped, Wu Pang trembled with anger. Picking up the baseball bat that was placed at the side of the living room, he walked towards her.

“Who taught you to say such things?”

“You ill-bred thing, I’ll teach you a lesson today!”

As Yang Shan and Wu Yi enjoyed the show, Wu Mei simply held his wrist and exerted a little force, making him let go of the baseball bat. She kicked his knee pit and Wu Pang immediately fell on his knees before her!

Wu Pang was in utter disbelief.

When did this girl become so strong?

In the past, Wu Mei only knew how to cry and bear with it. How can such a drastic change happen overnight?

Wu Pang was in a state of shock and his thoughts were in chaos.

“Teach me a lesson? What right do you have to do that?”

Wu Mei bent down and looked at him coldly. The corners of her lips curled up into a scornful and derisive smile. “You only have your current life because of my mother’s dowry and my maternal Grandpa’s support. Don’t forget your roots when you’re living off a woman!” 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

She turned back to look at Yang Shan’s pale face and continued, “This villa that you guys are staying in belongs to my mother…”

“Living in someone else’s house and sleeping with someone else’s husband, isn’t a certain someone afraid of having nightmares?”

Yang Shan’s breathing became laboured due to anger.

Wu Mei sat down and glanced at Yang Shan, who was speechless. Relaxedly slumping into the sofa, Wu Mei looked down and fiddled with her nails.

Every corner in the villa seemed to be filled with beautiful memories of the Host and her mother… She felt a slight ache in her heart.

“Bullsh*t! This villa was willingly given to me when your mother and I got divorced! What do you know?”

Upon hearing this, Wu Pang’s fat chin and belly quivered with anger. It was hard to look at.

What exactly did Mum like about him back then?

“Do you think a mental health patient’s ‘willingness’ is believable?”

Who knew if she had been forced?

Wu Mei lifted her eyes and thought of the poor mother in her memories. Her eyes darkened and she said, “Give me my identity card and let me take my mother away. From now on, I have nothing to do with the Wu family. How about that?”

How could Wu Pang be willing to do that?

If he doesn’t have this trump card, how can he continue to threaten Wu Mei and get her to bring more money back?

He looked at his somewhat unfamiliar daughter with an inquisitive and contemplative gaze.

“Don’t forget that your mother has a terrible relationship with you. She only trusts me now. If she doesn’t see me, she will commit suicide… She has cut her wrist and jumped off a building more than once. Are you trying to kill her?”

Is this a threat?

Usually, Wu Mei hated it when people threatened her, but now she had no choice but to take it into consideration.

A mental health patient’s behavior was uncontrollable. She could not possibly be watching her at all times.

She could only have her staying in the sanatorium for now and let them take care of her for a while.

At the thought of this, Wu Mei stood up. There wasn’t a trace of familial love or reluctance in her eyes. Instead, there was an indifference that was almost heartless.

“Okay, Mom will stay in the sanatorium. But if I catch wind of anything happening to her or that she has been aggrieved, we’ll meet in court!”

“I don’t mind letting the judges hear about the terrible things that happened in the Wu family and ruining your reputation!”

“You were unfaithful during your marriage and let your mistress become your wife. You started your career by living off a woman and treated your ex-wife harshly. It’ll probably take more than three days and nights to list out all the sins you’ve committed, isn’t that right?

Wu Mei tilted her head and pretended to be naive as she listed their sins. “Aiyo, I really can’t bring myself to talk about them.”

“I don’t know how you guys are so thick-skinned to be able to do those things… Even beasts can’t do that, right? Tsk tsk.”


Wu Pang pointed at her, breathing laboriously in anger.

Wu Mei smiled and used her fingers to push Wu Yi, who was blocking her way, aside. She wanted to go upstairs to look for her identification card. However, the next moment, she felt someone tugging on her hair. Her body staggered backward uncontrollably. From the corner of her eye, she saw Yang Shan’s vicious expression. She instantly moved into a horse stance to adjust her center of gravity, and nimbly leapt down.

“I’ll rip your mouth out!”

Yang Shan couldn’t take it anymore. Wu Pang was also taking her side. His eyes were ablaze as he raised his arm to hit her.

This couple is going to gang up to hit her again?

Wu Mei clenched her fists and prepared to punch Wu Pang in the abdomen. However, she then saw Wu Pang bent over with a pained expression on his face. He sank to the ground like cotton and started wailing in anguish.

Li Nanchen’s tall and handsome figure appeared in front of everyone.

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