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After Divorcing, She Shocked the World

Chapter 357 - Begin the Attack Plan

Chapter 357: Begin the Attack Plan

Translator: Henyee TranslationsEditor: Henyee Translations

The plan was officially put into motion.

On the outskirts of a neighboring city, Mo Li was staying in a villa which hardly had anybody occupying it.

The investor here was a foreigner so they could only obtain the basic information.

‘They guessed that it was the hidden location of the Viper Organization.

It was actually so close to the city, yet they had never been discovered.

Could there be something special about this place?

‘Wu Mei stuck to the original plan and met Ben and the rest together with Li Nanchen.

‘When Feng Yue saw them, she quickly walked to Li Nanchen’s side and raised her brows smugly at Wu Mei.

Now was the critical moment, and it was the best opportunity as the Viper Organization members in the villa did not notice what was happening outside.

Feng Yue did not think about working seriously. Instead, she wanted to take advantage of her mission to protect Li Nanchen’s mission to provoke Wu Mei. It was too shameless.

Ben shouted at Feng Yue in dissatisfaction, “Don’t forget your identity and mission.”

Feng Yue didn’t succeed in provoking Wu Mei. Instead, she was reprimanded by Ben. She blushed and retreated behind Bai Xue.

Focused on the mission, Bai Xue merely said to the remaining members, “All of you, focus and follow the orders. The most important thing is to stop the Viper Organization members who might return from outside, understand?”

This was because the members of this organization might not all be staying in the villa. They might have been asked to do other things.

They had to be extra careful.

‘Wu Mei looked deeply at Li Nanchen, worried about his situation.

Li Nanchen was caught between laughter and tears as he kissed Wu Mei’s forehead and said softly, “Put on your earphones and keep in contact.”

“Don’t trust them too much, just trust yourself.”

‘Wu Mei touched the bulletproof vest on her body and promised Li Nanchen, “I will return safely.”

When Feng Yue saw how close Li Nanchen and Wu Mei were, her face turned red with anger. However, no one would stand on her side.

Due to the urgency of the situation, everyone had to keep their spirits up. No one would be bothered by such jealousy.

Set off!

Ben’s team walked in front, trying to clear the barriers to the gate without using their guns. They started to break into the interior of the villa.

Ben and Bai Xue walked in front while Wu Mei followed behind them.

‘Wu Mei suddenly turned around and looked at Li Nanchen. She squeezed out a smile, hoping that Li Nanchen would not worry.

How could Li Nanchen be at ease? However, he also placated her by waving his hand.

He wished that he could go in with Wu Mei, but with Ben and Bai Xue present, they were constantly stopping him. If he continued insisting they would miss the best opportunity. Thus, he could only choose to endure.

He had brought a lot of bodyguards and professional gunmen with him. They would rush in to save her at any time.

In the end, Wu Mei turned around, held her gun tightly and quickly walked in with them.

Occasionally, someone would let out a groan as though they had fallen to the ground. After that, tranquility would be restored, as though no one had been alarmed.

‘When Li Nanchen turned to enter the car, Feng Yue quickly followed him but was stopped by the bodyguards.

Feng Yue said anxiously, “Mr. Li, I’m here to protect you.”

“You’ll only drag me down,” Li Nanchen said in disdain.

Needless to say, Feng Yue knew that her ability was far inferior to Wu Mei’s, much less Li Nanchen’s. Instantly, her face turned red with anger, but she could no longer approach Li Nanchen.

Li Nanchen sat in the car and listened to Wu Mei’s breathing through his earpiece. He was slightly relieved.

However, why did no one come out to check even though there were some strange sounds?

It turned out that the members of the Viper Organization were also taking advantage of their free time to wrestle in the backyard, which was much louder than their movements.

With every step she took, Wu Mei would carefully observe the situation inside.

This is very strange.

Are there no surveillance cameras?

“The first floor is safe. There are no rooms.”

“The second floor is safe. It’s a storage room for ammunition.”

“The third floor…”

There was the sound of fighting on the third floor.

‘Wu Mei and the others quickly ran to the third floor and joined the fight. They took care of the situation in the shortest time possible.

“There’s still the fourth floor,” Bai Xue said through gritted teeth.

Her arm had been cut by a knife. She quickly bandaged the wound and watched as Ben’s team members walked up to the fourth floor.

There was a commotion on the second floor too, but it was successfully resolved by Bai Xue’s team.

Thinking that there might be people living on the third floor, Wu Mei immediately raised her gun and started searching every room.

She had guessed correctly.

‘When someone heard the commotion and walked out of the room, he instinctively raised his fist, wanting to take Wu Mei down, but Bai Xue’s dagger stabbed his aorta.

Blood spurted out rapidly.

“Thank you!” Wu Mei said to Bai Xue gratefully.

Bai Xue glared at her angrily and said resentfully, “I didn’t do it to save you. I did it for the mission.”

To earn credit.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Wu Mei was still useful, she definitely wouldn’t have saved her.

‘Wu Mei only expressed her attitude before going to check the other rooms.

There was quite a commotion on the fourth floor and a gunshot was heard.

Ben got the message that there were five bodyguards guarding the door of one of the rooms. Their bullets kept coming.

Bai Xue also heard her team members say that the members of the Viper Organization who were having fun at some place had come out one after another.

They had to guard the second floor and not let them get their hands on the guns.

Time was running out.

After confirming the location of the room, Wu Mei quickly ran into a room on the third floor and opened the window.

She did a simple check and climbed out of the window..

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