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Chapter 30: Let Me Hug You For A While

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

However, the uncles looked at them and threw their pens aside, saying, “We won’t sign it! Why should we take responsibility for his treatment?”

Lin Liguo was trembling with anger and yelled, “All of you!”

The uncles of the Li family avoided Lin Liguo’s gaze and pretended to look elsewhere.

Wu Mei tilted her head with a mocking look in her eyes. She clapped her hands to call for the bodyguards to drag Lin Liguo away.

“From now on, Lin Liguo is no longer Old Master Li’s attending physician. He is not allowed to get close to Old Master Li!” Wu Mei said domineeringly. She leaned towards Lin Liguo’s ear and whispered, “Heh, how solid can a relationship based on profit be?”

“You! You’ll regret it. You won’t be able to cure the Old Master!”

“When the time comes, you guys will come and beg me, Wu Mei! I will get you to kneel down and kowtow to me!” Lin Liguo shouted hysterically.

Wu Mei simply dug her ear and turned to look at the awkward Li Family relatives. She asked, “What do you people have to say for yourselves?”

“Nanchen, I… I just remembered that I have something to do at home. I’ll leave first. I’ll contact you next time!”

As they watch Lin Lin Liguo getting chased away by Wu Mei, they knew there were no more benefits that they could covet. They could only silently pick up their coats on the ground and leave dejectedly.

Li Nanchen remained silent. Looking at the empty ward, he said in a hoarse voice, “Wu Mei, accompany me to see Grandpa.”

“Okay.” Wu Mei nodded. She wanted to say something, but she swallowed her words when she saw his shoulders slump.

Along the corridor outside the dialysis room…

Through the glass window, one could vaguely see Old Master Li breathing weakly as he lay on the blood purification machine. The blood flowed out of his body, went through a purification process, before entering his body again. The sight of the old man with machine tubes inserted all over his body, made one’s heart ache.

Li Nanchen slammed his fist against the wall. 𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

He actually didn’t realise this before!

Standing next to him, Wu Mei felt slightly bad for him and comforted him in a soft voice, “Grandpa will be fine.” Wu Mei.

Li Nanchen’s eyes abruptly flew open and he stared at her.

As if he had found someone he could rely on in that instant, he pulled Wu Mei over and hugged her tightly in his arms.

Wu Mei was not used to such intimacy and instinctively struggled.

“Don’t move. Let me hug you for a while. Just a while.”

Li Nanchen gently placed his head on Wu Mei’s shoulder and said in a low and tired voice.

Wu Mei wanted to push him away initially, but her raised hand simply landed on his back. She patted him gently and said, “It’s going to be okay.”

Li Nanchen took a deep breath. Smelling the fragrance of her hair, he felt strangely at ease.

This seems to be the first time he took the initiative to hug her?

Wu Mei could feel his heart beating as she thought back to the past. Gradually, she found it difficult to breathe.?He’s hugging her too tightly!

It’s as if he wants to integrate her into his body…

“Ahem. Are you Old Master Li’s family?”

A nurse passed by and saw them. She cleared her throat and asked.

Li Nanchen released his grip and nodded.

“You can visit Mr Li now, but only one family member can go in. Who wants to go with me to change into an antibacterial suit?” the nurse asked.

Wu Mei met Li Nanchen’s eyes. She tilted her head and smiled as she said, “Go ahead.”

While waiting for Li Nanchen, Wu Mei took out her phone and hid in the stairwell of the emergency exit. She took the initiative to dial a number.

She still had a score to settle.


Wu Pang’s voice was filled with smugness, as if he had guessed that she would take the initiative.

Wu Mei felt disgusted. She flipped through countless media reports and asked, “Was this piece of news yours and Yang Shan’s doing? What good will this do for the Wu family?”

“Don’t worry about it. As long as you hand over the money obediently, I will inform the media to withdraw the reports!”

“Otherwise, don’t think that I will let you off. Even if I die, I will drag you down with me!”

Knowing that the exposé would have a huge impact on Wu Mei, Wu Pang regained his confidence and threatened her.

Imagining his expression at that moment, Wu Mei felt a physiological disgust. She said calmly, “If you insist on doing this, fine.”

Then, she hung up.

When Wu Pang heard the disconnect tone on the phone, he thought that Wu Mei had finally relented. As he fantasized about how he would squander the money after getting it, he could not help but start humming.

“Hmph! Want to fight me? You’re still too inexperienced!”

In the hospital, Wu Mei came out of the stairwell. She saw Li Nanchen looking around for her and waved to him.

“Is Grandpa alright now?”

When Wu Mei got an affirmative answer, she nodded and said softly, “I have to go somewhere.”

Li Nanchen nodded and said naturally, “I’ll accompany you.”

Wu Mei did not refuse and went with him to the hospital that Mother Wu had briefly stayed in before entering the sanatorium. Through the reception desk, she found the doctor who had been responsible for Mother Wu’s treatment. She said, “I would like to retrieve my mother’s medical records.”

“This is proof of our relationship.” She showed him proof of her identity .

The doctor simply took a few quick glances at it before he said perfunctorily, “I’m sorry, medical reports are the patient’s privacy. Doctors have no right to give it to anyone. Please leave!”


He rejected her without even listening to her reason?

Wu Mei soon guessed that the doctor had received hush money from the Wu family and was deliberately making excuses!

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