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Chapter 25: The Boss’ Wife’s Inspection

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Wu Mei turned around and pointed at the chips on the table. She casually picked up two of them and threw them to the dealer and said, “Bank card.”

“Let’s go.” She tilted her head and patted Brother Black’s shoulder lightly with a faint smile on her face.

N years ago, the Ministry of Defense Secret Agent M had been ordered to lurk in the casino during a mission.

After being reminded by the gamblers’ conversation, Wu Mei finally remembered that the little gambling king she had dealt with at that time appeared to be the boss in front of her.

She did not expect him to be doing well and to actually have such a huge underground casino.


Brother Black looked at her back then turned to look at his shoulder. He suddenly thought of that terrifying woman, M.

He shook his head to get rid of the unrealistic thoughts in his head, before chasing after her.

“Miss, are you short of money?” Brother Black pushed open the door and asked.

“?” Wu Mei frowned as she felt that Black was being rude.

Brother Black seemed to sense her irritation and quickly explained, “I just feel that with your gambling skills, if you can stay in the casino permanently, you will definitely earn a lot. I can talk to the boss behind the scenes. Your dividend will definitely be quite a lot…”

“I wonder if you’ll be interested?”

Wu Mei fiddled with the two chips, spinning them between her fingers as she pondered silently.

That’s a good suggestion. She is short of money, and this method will allow her to get the money she needs within a week. 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

“Alright.” Wu Mei nodded briefly.

A happy expression appeared on Brother Black’s face and he took out his phone. “Please hold on for a moment, I… I’ll report to Boss!”

Night fell. In the villa’s bedroom, Li Nanchen picked up the call.

“Boss? Someone taught Lin Liguo a lesson in the casino today…” Brother Black covered the receiver and whispered while hiding outside the office and looking at Wu Mei.

Li Nanchen looked at the wound on his arm and said, “Don’t bother with it.”

This underground casino was Li Nanchen’s property. It was not convenient for him to manage the grey business, so he entrusted it to Brother Black.

As the Li family’s private doctor, Lin Liguo was usually somewhat taken care of in the casino.

“Is there something else?” Li Nanchen frowned when he noticed that the other party did not hang up.

Brother Black quickly added, “Yes, the person who taught Lin Liguo a lesson has excellent gambling skills that are comparable to M’s. I feel that if she stays, she will definitely be able to generate more profits for the casino. Boss, do you want to keep her? I can help to negotiate the specific salary and dividends.”

“…” Li Nanchen did not respond.

Brother Black became anxious. “Her card skills are almost identical to M’s.”

“Keep her there. I’ll head over now.” Li Nanchen grabbed his jacket and car keys before rushing to the underground casino.

Half an hour later, two pots of tea had been refilled.

Wu Mei was getting impatient and was about to flare up when Brother Black suddenly pushed open the office door.

Behind him, a familiar figure stood against the light with his hands in his pockets.

Wu Mei looked up and met his eyes. He was also stunned. His eyes were filled with speechlessness and astonishment.

“Boss, this is the lady I mentioned to you…”

Brother Black could not tell what was going on. Before he could finish speaking, Li Nanchen strode over to Wu Mei and lifted her up.

“How did you run out?” he asked with a frown. The nanny and butler in the living room both did not know that she had left.

Wu Mei gently wrapped her arm around Li Nanchen’s waist. She raised her brows and replied to him, “I climbed out through the window.”

“Looks like I’ll have to install some security fencing around the villa in the future to prevent some people from secretly running away.” Li Nanchen said while holding her hand and smiling lightly.

Wu Mei tilted her head and smiled. She asked, “Do you think those things can stop me?”


Brother Black was not used to this scene and looked at the two of them in shock.

Wu Mei saw him out of the corner of her eye. Seeing that he looked like he was going to die from holding it in, she nudged Li Nanchen’s arm.

“This is my wife, Wu Mei.”

Li Nanchen’s voice was low and attractive, making her swoon.

Brother Black stared at her in disbelief. Two seconds later, he sank to his knees with a thud. Even the security guards behind him knelt down while trembling.

“So it’s the Boss’ wife in plain clothes coming to inspect our work!”

“We didn’t realize and even let you suffer such grievances…”

“And to think I still wanted to hire you to work? I’m really… blind!” Brother Black slapped himself and begged for mercy.

Wu Mei raised her hand and wanted to stop him. She sighed and said, “I really didn’t mean to conduct an inspection…”

She had absolutely no idea that this place was related to Li Nanchen. Otherwise, why would she come here?

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