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Chapter 24: The Gambling King Reappears

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Liquor bottles flew everywhere and cards were scattered all over the floor.

Wu Mei stepped on the head of one of the security guards and twisted the other security guard’s arm. As she pressed him down on the table, she took out two bamboo sticks and pierced his palms with them.

Anguished cries rang out incessantly and the surrounding gamblers retreated to a safe distance, not daring to provoke her.

“Ah… You, you… What are you trying to do?”

Lin Liguo wanted to escape, but his legs turned to jelly and he knelt on the ground while shouting.

Wu Mei tugged at his hair, but a security guard pulled Lin Liguo away again, keeping him at a safe distance.

Ha, this casino is protecting him?

Wu Mei pulled two chairs over and sat down. She washed her bloodstained hands with beer and looked at Lin Liguo who was hiding behind the security guard. She said, “Call me Grandma.”

“Three times, not even one less.”

“How about I rip out your tongue for you? You don’t want to talk anyway, so you won’t need it again in the future.”

Wu Mei crushed the beer bottle in her hand and used her fingers to wipe the sharp pieces as if he was trying to find an angle as she practiced the motion of cutting his tongue.


Lin Liguo was afraid that Wu Mei would get angry, and the security guards could not stop her. He had no choice but to utter softly in front of everyone.

Wu Mei propped up her long legs and leaned closer. She deliberately asked, “What did you say? Your voice was too soft. I couldn’t hear you!”

“Grandma!” Lin Liguo shouted with all his might.

Wu Mei frowned and looked at Lin Liguo coldly. She said unhappily, “Grandma isn;t deaf. Are you trying to kill me with the loud noise?”

While Wu Mei was teaching Lin Liguo a lesson, someone went to tell the casino owner about the incident.

The casino owner, who had rushed over, took control of the situation under the escort of his bodyguards. He first got someone to treat Lin Liguo’s wound, then looked at Wu Mei and asked, “You’re the one who caused trouble and cheated?”

“…” Wu Mei tilted her head and furrowed her eyebrows. Looking at the dark and skinny little man in front of her, she found him somewhat familiar.

Especially the scar at the corner of his left eye. However, she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Wu Mei nodded without batting an eyelid. Pointing at the tables and chairs all over the floor, she said, “I’ll pay for the damages. Give me the account number and I’ll compensate you.”

“No need.” The casino owner smiled and removed his sunglasses.

A bodyguard brought over two chairs for him and tidied up the gambling table. He took out a brand new deck of cards and summoned the female dealer back to the table.

“In my territory, no one is allowed to cheat and still walk out with their legs…”

“Why don’t you gamble with me? If you win, it will prove that you didn’t cheat. All the damages in the casino will have nothing to do with you…”

“But if you lose, you’ll be at my disposal. How about it?”

The casino owner had an imposing aura. He was smiling but his eyes were vicious.

He’s not simple.

Wu Mei thought to herself but did not refuse. She simply shrugged and spread out her hands while saying, “Since it’s the rules of the casino, please go ahead.”

Underground casinos were very particular about rules.

If someone cheated, it was normal to have both hands chopped off. Some people even died here.

The surrounding gamblers became excited again. They could enjoy two good shows tonight! How could they miss it?

“Lass, I advise you to admit defeat!”

“That’s right, Brother Black has never lost before! Don’t mess around to the point that you can’t wrap things up…”

Hearing their words, Wu Mei looked up and scrutinized the casino owner.

He held the card in a familiar manner and gestured with his hand as he said, “Let’s begin.”

Wu Mei didn’t reveal any panic or fear, which piqued Brother Black’s interest. He lowered his head and looked at his cards.

“…” A few minutes into the gambling session…

Big Brother Black’s complexion became increasingly pale. Initially, he was confident, but he gradually became oppressed by Wu Mei. In the end, he became powerless to fight back and was defeated.

It only took five minutes and six seconds.

The casino was dead silent for two seconds before thunderous applause erupted. The gamblers looked at Wu Mei in disbelief.

“Holy sh*t. How did she do that?”

“Brother Black has never lost before! He has only lost once. I think he lost to… A special agent known as M.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Mei stared at Brother Black. Looking at his eyes and the scar, she suddenly recalled something…

Many years ago, she seemed to have thrashed a little gambling king?

Brother Black stared at the cards in front of him in disbelief.?This woman didn’t cheat. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to tell.

Could she have relied on her strength??After so many years, he once again felt the fear that he had when he was dominated by M, but in a completely unfamiliar woman again. A chill rose from the bottom of his heart. He looked at Wu Mei’s face, which did not look anything like M’s, and got up.

“All these chips can be converted to RMB. Miss, do you want cash or a bank card?”

“If it’s not rude, I’d like you to invite you next door to have a seat and a cup of tea…” Brother Black’s attitude did an about-turn as he looked at Wu Mei and tried asking.

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