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Chapter 23: Causing Trouble in the Casino

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In front of the French windows in the bedroom…

Wu Mei swirled her wine glass as she stared at the scarlet liquid inside in a daze.

The phone screen gradually dimmed and froze at the page where the bank balance reflected only four digits. Wu Mei rubbed her temples as she felt a slight headache coming on.

She had made a threat back at the sanatorium and she was indeed planning to acquire the Wu Corporation.

However, she obviously didn’t have that much money right now.

Wu Mei opened the special agent forum, intending to find out where pirates were rampant and earn a fortune from them.

Ding dong…

Just then, she received a message on her phone. It was an advertisement for an underground casino.

Wu Mei’s eyes instantly lit up as she thought of an idea. Grabbing her coat, she hurriedly left the villa through the window and headed straight for the underground casino.

Night-time at the casino is always lively.

Holding the few chips she had bought, Wu Mei cautiously studied the tables with the highest returns and win rate.

Noisy conversations surrounded her as she approached the roulette table and observed…

“Dr Lin? You’re here again? How much did you win tonight?”

“Aiya, Dr Lin isn’t afraid of losing money. I heard that in order to get him to treat Old Master Li, the Li family paid him 50 million!”

Wu Mei’s hearing was sharp. She propped herself up on the gambling table and turned around to see a few gangsters look-alike surrounding Lin Liguo. They hooked their arms around his shoulders and held him down, forcing him to remain seated and not be able to get up.

50 million?!

Li Nanchen is really generous!

Wu Mei took the money she had won from the few chips she had casually thrown out just now and weighed it in her palm.

“What’s that bit? In a few days, when they come back to beg me, I won’t go even if it’s 100 million! Not unless he marries my daughter!” Lin Liguo bragged after drinking some alcohol. However, Wu Mei, who had been about to leave, happened to hear his words and stopped in her tracks.

She turned her head and sneered. Pushing the onlooking gamblers aside, she then sat across from Lin Liguo.

“What are you playing? I’ll gamble with you.” Wu Mei placed a few chips on the table and challenged him.

When Lin Liguo saw that it was her, he subconsciously covered his injured finger but quickly regained his composure.

“With just you?” Pointing at the chips in front of Wu Mei, he mocked, “You’re not fit to play against me.”

Lin Liguo had some skills in terms of gambling.

However, he was stupid because he didn’t know how to stop. He demanded so much medical fees and even wanted Lin Piaopiao to Li Nanchen in order to reap profits from the Li family.

“Why don’t we bet on something new? You can raise any demands…”

Wu Mei raised her eyebrows and calmly stated the condition that would pique Lin Liguo’s interest.

The surrounding gamblers started to cheer and urged Lin Liguo on. Seeing that Wu Mei was a new face in the underground casino, they whistled and said, “Elder Lin, what are you afraid of? Gamble with her. If you win, get her to take off her clothes and let us admire the view!”

Holding the chips in his hand, Lin Liguo narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment before nodding towards the female dealer.

“If I win, get a divorce immediately. How about that?” he asked.

Wu Mei raised her hand to signal the female dealer to give out the cards. She pushed out her chips and said calmly, “Sure.”

“If you lose, give me all your chips and kneel on the ground as you call me ‘Grandma’ thrice.”

Wu Mei held the cards in her hand and only glanced at it once before pushing all her chips out.

Her straightforwardness caused everyone in the casino to come and watch this game of the century. Furious, Lin Liguo also followed suit and showed his hand.

Everyone was waiting for Wu Mei to perform the striptease. However, they were quickly slapped in the face.

“Banker wins…”

Wu Mei looked at Lin Liguo’s face darken. Her expression remained calm, which seemed out of place with the atmosphere in the underground casino.

“Banker wins again…” 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

The female dealer piled chips in front of Wu Mei. Lin Liguo’s eyes were wandering and his expression grew increasingly more awful. His hand that held the cards was trembling.

“How is it? Continue to show hand?”

Wu Mei had won two rounds consecutively. She pushed all her chips to the middle of the gambling table. Lin Li mustered up his courage and followed suit.

He did not believe that Wu Mei would be so lucky.

However, the truth was that Wu Mei won again, winning three games in a row. The gamblers around her gasped and looked at her in admiration.

One must always honour a bet. Mr Lin, please…”

Wu Mei kicked his chair aside and crossed her legs. She pointed to the empty floor and deliberately dug her ear as she said, “Don’t forget, you have to call me three times.”


A commotion broke out around them. All of a sudden, Lin Liguo stood up and tried to flip the table. However, he was weak. The table did not move, but he ended up in a sorry state.

“You played tricks! You cheated!” He kept shouting and got the casino’s security guard to come over. He pointed at Wu Mei and accused, “It’s her! Hurry up and arrest her!”

Wu Mei’s eyebrows were furrowed. Looking at Lin Liguo behaving like a sore loser, she felt a little disgusted.

The security guards approached her with their electric batons. They wanted to twist her hand and bring her to the casino owner to await punishment.


“Get lost!”

Wu Mei yelled viciously as she lifted up the chair and smashed it on the security guard’s head.

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