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Chapter 21: Emotional Blackmail

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The moment the knife was pulled out, it fell onto the tiled floor, dripping with blood…

“Li Nanchen! You…”

Wu Mei put pressure on his arm, but blood still flowed out from between her fingers. She frowned and said, “Why did you…”

“I’ve said it before. No one can hurt you.” Li Nanchen’s brows knitted together as he endured the pain and took out the iodine and gauze from the medicine cabinet. He then casually bandaged his arm.

Wu Mei looked at him and recalled the moment when Mother Wu brandished the knife and closed in on her. Almost instinctively, Li Nanchen had stood in front of her to shield her, hugging her in his arms and taking the blow for her.

She gulped. “…Thank you.”

“Let go of me!” The doctors and nurses kept Mother Wu under control and tied her hands and feet to the bed. She continued to struggle and scream.

“You can’t let the Wu Corporation go bankrupt! Give them money! Don’t you have a lot of money? Give it to them…”

Mother Wu’s hair was dishevelled and her pupils were dilated. In this state of extreme agitation, she stared at Wu Mei and said, “Promise me. Or else, I’ll kill myself! I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!”

“…” Wu Mei’s brows furrowed as an indescribable chill ran down her spine.

Her biological mother is threatening her with her own life to get her to help Wupang?

The culprit who destroyed her family and made her live in such a wretched place?

Something was amiss!

Wu Mei narrowed her eyes and quickly approached her. She realized that her mother’s condition was unstable and the relapse this time was more severe than all the previous times.

She scanned the surroundings and saw that there were no surveillance cameras in the ward.?Could it be…?

“Wu Pang, you got someone to provoke and instigate my mother on purpose?!”

Her mother had always been mentally unsound. If there were professionals inciting her, it was very possible for her to do something extreme.

Hearing Wu Mei’s words, Wu Pang felt uncomfortable for a moment but quickly concealed that.

“What nonsense are you spouting! I only told her what you’ve been doing recently. She was the one who disapproved and wanted to stop you!”

“You don’t even listen to your mother now? She asked you to give us money, or else she’ll kill herself! You heard it yourself! You saw it with your own eyes!”

The fat on Wu Pang’s body was shaking as he yelled in an ear-piercing voice while pointing at Mother Wu was in a daze.

“How dare you say that you are filial, and that you’re a great person! You must make a promise in front of her right now!” Wu Pang pressed her.

Seeing that Mother Wu was about to have another relapse again, Wu Mei had an idea in mind. She squatted by the bed and held Mother Wu’s hand as she spoke softly,*

“Mom, I promise you that I won’t let the Wu Family go bankrupt. Don’t worry.”

“…” With Wu Mei comforting her, Mother Wu gradually calmed down.

However, Wu Pang felt ill at ease with the promise and narrowed his eyes. He had a nagging feeling that something was amiss.

This wretched lass agreed so easily?

“In that case, when are you going to transfer the money to me?” He opened his hands, revealing his true nature. “It’s best if you transfer the money now!”

Wu Mei patted Mother Wu lightly. Seeing that her eyes were closed and she was sleeping, Wu Mei got up and looked back at Wu Pang.

After personally witnessing this farce, Li Nanchen could not bear to make things difficult for Wu Mei. He was about to take out his checkbook and sign for the 50 million.

Wu Pang’s eyes were wide open as he watched Li Nanchen’s actions. He could practically feel himself salivating.

“Wait a minute, there’s no hurry.”

Wu Mei held Li Nanchen back and said to Wu Pang in an insinuative tone, “Next week. Just you wait. I’ll give you a surprise next week.”

Wu Pang’s heart was pounding. Pointing at the bed, he raised his voice and said, “Don’t play any tricks. Or else, I can’t guarantee that she’ll be saved the next time she commits suicide!”

Is he threatening her?

Wu Mei sneered and turned to instruct the bodyguards, “Go and install 24-hour surveillance equipment in this ward right now!”

“You! What right do you have to do this in a sanatorium…” Wu Pang immediately felt uneasy and tried to stop the bodyguard.

However, before his fat hand could touch the bodyguard, Wu Mei grabbed his shoulder and threw him over her shoulder, causing him to fall hard onto the ground!

Wu Pang wailed in pain. Seeing this, Wu Yi did not dare to move forward. However, she stared at Li Nanchen rapaciously.

“Brother-in-law! Did you see that? Wu Mei is always so violent! She beat someone up!”

“She’s the daughter of a mentally unsound patient. Her blood and bones are all flowing with mental illness… That’s why her personality has changed so drastically during this period of time!” 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

“Hurry up and lock Wu Mei up in the sanatorium. She’s already mentally unsound!”

Wu Yi pointed at Wu Mei. Seeing Wu Mei shoot daggers at her, she withdrew her index finger in fear.

“I’m mentally unsound?”

Wu Mei glanced at Wu Yi derisively. Then, she rubbed her palms together and said, “Do you want to see what a real lunatic looks like?”

Wu Yi cowered behind Yang Shan in fear and only revealed her eyes as she shouted,

“This is a sanatorium. If you dare touch me, a doctor will lock you up immediately!”

Wu Mei tied up her curly hair and rolled up her sleeves. When she went past Li Nanchen, he suddenly held her wrist and shook his head.


Wu Mei wanted to shake off his hand, but she stopped when she saw his bleeding wound.

Is he going to defend Wu Yi?

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