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Chapter 18: Pressured to have a Chubby Baby

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“Have you heard of the famous doctor, Bi Fang?” Wu Mei hesitantly tossed out a name.

Li Nanchen’s gaze shifted slightly and he asked, “What’s your relationship with him?”

“He… is considered half a master to mine. When he was here previously, I picked up a few skills from him by chance.”

Feeling a tad bit guilty, Wu Mei fiddled with her nails out of habit. She stole a glance at Li Nanchen’s expression and could tell that he did not believe her.

Bi Fang was the best disciple of Special Agent M of the Ministry of Defence, and had learnt 80% of her medical skills.

Now, she could only use her own disciple as a replacement. Wu Mei felt that she was losing out.

“Can you get in touch with him?” Li Nanchen asked.

Wu Mei shrugged her shoulders and shook her head as she said, “He should be on some battlefield where there’s no signal. We have to wait for him to contact me.”

This was the truth.

Li Nanchen and Bi Fang could be considered friends. In the early stages of Old Master Li’s grave illness, he had already thought of asking Bi Fang for help. However, Bi Fang was always busy at war, so he could not contact him and could only look for Lin Liguo.

The clock was ticking and the villa was exceptionally quiet.

“Actually, you don’t have to think of ways to stall for time. Even if you don’t know Bi Fang and don’t have any medical skills, I won’t rush to divorce you again,” he said.

Li Nanchen rubbed his temples tiredly and looked at Wu Mei.

Li Nanchen had witnessed all that she had been through in the past few days. It had completely overturned his impression and understanding of her.

However, he still did not believe that she had any medical skills. In his opinion, Wu Mei was only trying to stall for time because she was afraid of being bullied again after the divorce.

“Previously, I didn’t know that Lin Piaopiao and the Wu Family treated you like this…”

“In the final three months, I will keep up our marriage until the three-year deadline ends. Don’t worry.”

Using his hand to prop himself against the wall, he stood up and took a deep look at Wu Mei.

“…Believe it or not, can you take me to the hospital tomorrow to visit Grandpa?”

Wu Mei knew that it was impossible for Li Nanchen to trust her within a short period of time.

That took time, and she also needed to see for herself how far Old Master Li’s health had deteriorated…

“Okay.” Li Nanchen walked around the mess and scattered furniture in the living room. His shoulders were slightly slumped, seemingly due to fatigue.

The next day, the sky was clear.

In order to make Grandpa Li happy, Wu Mei dressed up to look more innocent. She changed into a white dress and let her hair down before waiting for Li Nanchen on the ground floor of the building.

At the ground floor of the hospital building, Wu Mei bought two bouquets of fresh flowers. She followed him to the lift that went straight to the VIP ward. When he pushed open the door, Old Master Li was breathing weakly whilst lying on the hospital bed, covered in needles and detectors from various instruments.

“Has he always been like this?” Wu Mei asked as she approached. She placed the flowers on the bedside table and squinted as she flipped through Grandpa Li’s medical records.

Li Nanchen nodded lightly. He held Old Master Li’s hand and massaged his muscles to relax them…

“Nanchen? Mei’er? You’re here?”

Old Master Li, who had been drifting in and out of sleep all day, opened his eyes for the first time. His breathing was rapid as he spoke in a feeble voice.

Wu Mei took the initiative to run to his side. She smiled and said, “Yes, Grandpa. We came to see you. Are you feeling unwell?”

“I’m okay. I can hold on.”

Staring at them, Old Master Li placed Li Nanchen and Wu Mei’s hands together. “I’m still waiting to carry my great-grandson!”

“…” Li Nanchen was slightly stunned.

Wu Mei, on the other hand, coaxed him, “In that case, you have to recover quickly, Grandpa! You will have a great-grandson.”

Old Master Li laughed twice and suddenly coughed hard. When his breathing gradually stabilized, his experienced eyes saw through everything and said, “Mei’er only knows how to bluff this old man. I know that you guys haven’t consummated your marriage yet… It’s been almost three years…”

“You don’t know that.”

Wu Mei was stunned for a moment before she hooked her arm around Li Nanchen’s arm. As if putting on a show, she leaned her head gently against his shoulder and said shyly, “We consummated our marriage a few days ago. Nanchen especially likes sleeping with me.”

Li Nanchen was speechless.

This woman… Why are her words so crude?!

Wu Mei did not look the least bit embarrassed. She secretly went closer to Old Master Li and whispered, “I reckon that you’ll be able to hear some good news in a few months! So, you have to listen to the doctor and receive treatment properly, so that you can recover! You need to wait for your great-grandson to call you great-grandpa!”

“Okay, okay…”

Old Master Li realized that Li Nanchen was just a little stunned but did not retort. At that moment, he laughed so hard that the alarm on the equipment rang.

The nurses and doctors rushed in and performed various tests on him.

Wu Mei took a good look at Old Master Li’s stats. She had some speculations in mind, but she needed facts to verify them and could not let Li Nanchen know right then.

“Grandpa, the doctor said that you should rest well. I’ll bring him to visit you again in a few days.”

Wu Mei and Li Nanchen interlocked their fingers. She smiled as she waved to Grandpa Li.

Seeing that Old Master Li’s face had a little more colour than before and that he had groggily dozed off again, both of them remained silent.

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