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Chapter 15: This Was a Murder

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the villa, after eating and showering, Wu Mei changed into a comfortable silk nightdress and watched television with Li Nanchen in the living room.

Li Nanchen liked to watch the financial channel, but Wu Mei was unhappy because of what happened today, so she went against his wishes and changed channels one after another.

Li Nanchen frowned slightly but did not say anything.


“Change it back.”

Li Nanchen’s tone became more serious.

Wu Mei couldn’t be bothered with him and continued changing the channels. However, the next moment, he snatched the remote control and changed it back to the previous channel.

It was a military news channel.

Who would have thought that a prominent magnate would be interested in military affairs?

Wu Mei chuckled. She couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. Just as she was about to lower her head and fiddle with her phone, she suddenly heard a piece of news being broadcasted on the television. She raised her head and leaned forward slightly to turn up the volume.

A few explosive images were shown followed by a summary from the Ministry of National Defense at their press conference.

“It is reported that the national treasure that was stolen a few days ago has been recovered safely.”

“One of the high-ranking special agents from the Ministry of Defense, who participated in this operation, has unfortunately died in an accident. The special agent, codenamed M, has participated in many of the Ministry of Defense’s important missions and was a rare talent. We deeply mourn her death…”

Wu Mei brows furrowed and she used the remote control to freeze the frame.

Looking at the crashed helicopter, she immediately recalled some fragmented memories and became suspicious.

There were three other agents on the same helicopter as her. Why is she the only one who lost her life in the crash? Yet the others are still alive and well?

This doesn’t make sense!

Crash! Li Nanchen stared blankly at the news broadcasting. His expression was exceptionally unnatural and he accidentally knocked over the hot water bottle.

As Wu Mei was very near to him, her thigh still got scalded despite her dodging quickly.

“I’m sorry.”

Li Nanchen hurriedly stood up and rushed to grab the first aid kit to treat her wounds. His hands were trembling slightly.

Wu Mei scrutinised him curiously and asked, “What’s wrong?”

She rarely saw Li Nanchen lose his composure like this.

Li Nanchen pursed his lips before saying, “It’s nothing. I just felt that with M’s ability, she wouldn’t die from an accident. I was a little shocked.”

“You know her that well?”

Wu Mei hid her surprise and asked teasingly, “Do you know her?”


Li Nanchen’s hand froze for a moment. “Not really. We only met once. M… She saved me previously.”

Li Nanchen put away the gauze. Many memories rushed into his mind.

That year, when he returned from Country S and was about to drive across the border, he was stopped by mercenaries. Just as he was about to get out of the car and make a move, an agent from the Ministry of Defense suddenly rushed over after receiving a mission. The agent slid down the helicopter rope and landed beside their car.

Li Nanchen would never forget how M valiantly made a clean sweep of the group of mercenaries.

After dealing with the mercenaries, M flashed a smile towards the the interior of the car with tinted windows and saluted,

“Code name M, at your service.”

She was like a ruffian, but she left a deep impression in Li Nanchen’s heart.

As Wu Mei listened to his story, she suddenly remembered that she had indeed participated in a protection operation a few years ago.

She had left after beating people up and did not even see who was in the car.?Who would have thought that it was him?

They’re quite fated.

But she had only saved him once. There was no need for him to be so agitated upon hearing that she had died, was there?

Wu Mei moved closer to Li Nanchen and stared him in the eyes as she asked with a smile,

“Could it be that you like her?”

“The Li Corporation donates a huge sum of money to the Ministry of Defense every year. Is it because of her?”

Li Nanchen neither admitted nor denied it. He stood up and pointed at her wound as he said,

“Remember not to let it touch water.”

Wu Mei shrugged.?She didn’t think anyone would care, or feel sad because of Special Agent M’s death.

She looked at Li Nanchen’s back with an ambiguous expression. Her mouth opened slightly and she said lightly, “If M knew that you did all this for her, she would probably feel a little touched.”

Li Nanchen stopped in his tracks for a moment before heading to the study.

In the bedroom on the second floor…

Wu Mei closed her eyes and replayed the operation in her mind. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was amiss.

She hugged her computer and sat cross-legged on the bed. She then typed in the web address of a special agents’ forum and tried to dig for some information.

According to an anonymous tip from a few insiders, the other three who participated in the operation claimed to have fainted due to the impact of the explosion. When they woke up again, someone had already rescued them onto the rubber dinghy. There was no sign of M beside them…

How is that possible? It doesn’t make sense!

Everyone was rescued in time, except for her. It was as if this explosion had been specially prepared for her…

It was a murder!

Wu Mei recalled the identities of the three people. Other than her disciple, Ben, she was not familiar with the other two.

Other than that, there was also a member, K, who was responsible for receiving them.

K was her archenemy. When the accident happened, he wasn’t on that helicopter. He had sufficient motive and time to act. K was the biggest suspect in her murder.

However… The other three cannot be ruled out as suspects.


Wu Mei broke the ballpoint pen in two and a cold glint flashed across her eyes.

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