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Chapter 14: Liking His Size

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the room next door, the blonde was scratching his body non-stop due to the strong drug. He banged his head against the wall and was in so much agony with no means of release.

At that moment, he hated Lin Piaopiao to death.

“Lin! You b*tch! Stupid b*tch! Crazy b*tch!”

A series of curses interrupted Lin Piaopiao’s interrogation. Curling up his body, the blonde said in a quavering voice, “You f*cking told me that Wu Mei is a woman who can be manipulated by anyone. You promised me five million for having a one night stand with her to help her relax her muscles and bones and take some photos!”

“Where’s the money? She’s f*cking better at fighting than the special forces. I didn’t even touch a single finger of hers but I’m injured all over!”

“Lin Piaopiao, just you wait for me to get out. You have to give me every single cent. Otherwise, I’ll f*ck you!”

Lin Piaopiao screamed in disbelief, “You’re lying! Don’t spout nonsense… Ahhhh…”

She smashed her phone onto the ground.

When Wu Mei saw Lin Piaopiao’s panic-stricken expression, she knew that Lin Piaopiao’s inner defenses had completely collapsed.

Finishing the last mouthful of beer, she picked up the beer bottle and smashed it against the low table. She then held the sharp shard and walked to Lin Piaopiao.

“Speaking of which, I have to thank you.”

Wu Mei tugged at Lin Piaopiao’s hair, forcing her to look up at her. Her lips curled up into a bloodthirsty smile. “If it weren’t for you, Li Nanchen and I wouldn’t have slept together so quickly and realized that we’re very compatible… You can be considered our matchmaker.”

Wu Mei used the shard from the beer bottle to gently stroke Lin Piaopiao’s exquisite yet kitsch face. She stopped at her artery and stroked it.

The chilly sensation made Lin Piaopiao feel as if death was just a hair’s breadth away from her, and she shivered.

“I’ll let you off this time, but the next time I see you… It won’t be that simple.”

Wu Mei gently slit Lin Piaopiao’s skin in a punishing manner. She controlled her strength and only let a few drops of blood seep out, but it was enough to scare Lin Piaopiao.

Lin Piaopiao shrieked and her face turned ashen as she collapsed onto the ground like a pile of mud.

“Let’s go.” She turned to look at Li Nanchen and said.

Lin Piaopiao yelled hysterically towards their backs, “Wu Mei, don’t be too smug.”

“Brother Nanchen doesn’t love you at all! He must have already asked you for a divorce. He’ll definitely divorce you!”

Wu Mei paused in her tracks, but only for a moment before she walked out as per normal.

In the parking lot, Wu Mei sat in the backseat and kept a certain distance from Li Nanchen.

Other than her face, she could not find any other good points about Lin Piaopiao. She clicked her tongue twice and stared at Li Nanchen. Propping her chin on her hand, she said, “President Li, your aesthetic taste needs to be improved.”

“You want to divorce me for someone like that? Even if you’re looking for a mistress, you should at least pick someone of high quality that suits your status.”

Li Nanchen stared at the neon sign outside the window and subconsciously retorted, “The divorce isn’t because of her.”

“Huh?” Wu Mei blinked and leaned over out of curiosity as she asked, “What’s the reason then?”

Forming connections through marriage between families was common in the financial industry. Personally, she thought that Wu Mei’s looks were pretty food, so there was indeed no need for a divorce.

Yet, Li Nanchen wanted a divorce.?Could there be an ulterior motive?

Li Nanchen did not want to answer. He simply turned back to meet her sparkling eyes and asked, “What about you? What’s your reason for refusing to divorce me?”

Wu Mei was speechless.?Aren’t you being too calculative?

Wu Mei smirked, her eyes roved around as she deliberately teased him, “There’s unlimited money to spend if I’m with you.”

“Also, you’re not bad at your job and your skills in bed are quite good. Your size…”

Wu Mei gently pressed her hand against the base of his thigh. Narrowing her eyes, she stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked her lips. She said, “I’m very satisfied with that too, so I want to get a divorce after I’ve had my fill of you.”

Li Nanchen was speechless.

She! Damn it, she could actually easily arouse his desire now!

Li Nanchen exerted his strength, restraining her hands and pushing her down. He lowered his head and gently bit her earlobe, causing her to tremble slightly.

“Don’t arouse my fire!” He said in a hoarse voice.

Her beautiful body was a little soft from his teasing, but when she recalled how Lin Piaopiao had tugged on the corner of his shirt, she was enraged. Seizing the opportunity when he wasn’t paying attention, she bent her knee and aimed for Li Nanchen’s manhood as she ruthlessly thrust it forward!

Li Nanchen narrowed his eyes and shifted his body slightly to dodge to the side. The two of them actually began exchanging blows with each other in the cramped car.

Finally, Wu Mei restrained his arm and Li Nanchen also grabbed her thigh.

They froze.

Only then did Wu Mei realize that the two of them were very close to each other, and their positions were very suggestive…

Li Nanchen could feel her breath on his neck. His voice was slightly off-key as he said, “Didn’t you not know martial arts in the past?”

Wu Mei raised her eyebrows and deliberately stroked her calf against the tent that had propped up in the man’s pants at some point in time. She mocked, “Didn’t you also not get a hard-on with me in the past?”

Li Nanchen groaned, his face turning as black as the base of a pot.

“People change all the time.”

Wu Mei lightly tapped Li Nanchen’s penis with her finger.. She blinked seductively and said to the driver, “Drive.”

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