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Aether Beasts

Chapter 27 - 27(18+)

Chapter 27 - 27(18+)

I didn"t really know what to say if I"m being honest, and it was clear neither did Zirani, though she didn"t look as nervous anymore.

"So how do we…" My words trailed off when Zirani took a seat on my bed and patted the spot behind her.

"Come on, sit down and let"s just talk normally," She said, sighing. "This feels awkward and I just wanna get over that."

I took the seat beside her, and it was silent for a long moment before she spoke up. "So you"ve done this before?"

I nodded. "I have, though only twice before. I"m surprised you haven"t. You"re over four hundred years old, did you ever get the urge or think about it?"

She shook her head and shrugged. "Not really, I spent most of my time alone or with my sisters, I didn"t start truly interacting with people until I started trying to advance, and even then my focus was still on myself and nature. I won"t lie, I did think about it, but it never went beyond that. There were suitors from the court who tried to pursue me, but I didn"t care for any of them."

"But you"re ok with me doing it?" I asked.

She scooted over and leaned her head on my shoulder. "I"m sure you"ve noticed the odd feelings for me and the closeness you feel, well that"s normal for people with your bloodline. We are quite literally linked to one another, mind, body, and soul. We feel each other"s emotions, know the other"s thoughts and are together at all times. It"s only been a week, but even doing something like that for a short time with someone will breed closeness, and well for me and you, we"re going to be together for the foreseeable future so it"s even stronger. I"ve seen people with your bloodline make bonds of friendship instead of a physical relationship, but you"re attracted to me as I am to you, and our bodies are compatible and while we are friends the bond is pushing us towards a more intimate relationship."

"You don"t think that"s like mind control in a way? Like we"re being forced together?" I questioned.

"I"ve known people who"ve seen it that way, but I don"t. I went into this knowing what would happen and knowing without it I would have died in that warehouse."

Just as I knew I would have died without her, and I didn"t need to think to know even in normal circumstances I would have accepted a bond with her. She was amazing, to say the least. Smart, wise, strong, and as she"d said, attractive as hell.

"So, you"re ok with it," She asked, worry evident in her voice.

I chuckled. "Zirani I would also be dead if I hadn"t taken the bond, and I don"t need to think to know that even if I hadn"t been in a life-threatening situation I would have said yes."

I felt her body relax and she let out a sigh of relief. I was feeling her emotions through our bond, and we probably could have spoken mentally, but I was still used to speaking with my mouth. The nervousness that she"d had was fading as I knew my own was, and she turned to give me a smile.

I returned it and stared into her eyes. They shone with happiness and passion. I don"t know if it was her or me who leaned in or both, but soon our mouths were pressed together in a hesitant kiss. It was soft and experimental for her, but she must have liked it as soon her tongue was prying my lips open to meet my own in a clash of saliva and passion. The kiss quickly heated up and our passion grew, her hands moving to my shoulders as mine moved to her thighs, rubbing them gently. She let out a soft noise at my touch and pulled back, panting slightly.

"Clothes," She said breathlessly. "Take off your clothes, I want to feel you too."

I did as she asked and was about to open my mouth to ask her to do the same, but she was way ahead of me, but unlike my own clothes hers simply vanished from her body, and I had to pause in my effort at removing my own clothes to admire the sheer beauty on display. Her body was the perfect mix of athletic and curvy. Everything just worked together to accentuate everything else. Her skin was a sharp contrast to the patterns and added an exotic edge to her beauty, and my god, her breasts were the stuff of every man"s erotic dreams. Perfectly shaped, bountiful, and firm looking.

She noticed my gaze and blushed, smiling hesitantly. Then her eyes turned towards my still half-dressed form and she moved closer to help me get the rest off. She started at my shirt then knelt to take off my pants and underwear, watching intently as my manhood was freed from its confines, bouncing slightly in front of her face. She looked at it as though it was some sort of mystery and glanced up at me with a questioning look.

I just nodded dumbly. I was as hard as a rock.

She slowly moved a hand up to run it across my length, her eyes marveling at its feeling. I knew it through our bond. Her other hand soon joined, running across the other side of my length, and before I knew it she was using both hands to give me a slow but enthusiastic handjob which left my mouth dry and my body heated. She must have noticed and felt it through our body because she increased her pace and I was worried I was going to blow prematurely, but I held back, although it was hard because she stopped stroking me, and instead a thoughtful look came over her face.

A single thought moved across our bond. I wonder how it tastes.

Before I could react or say anything she moved forward and gave my tip a hesitant lick, sending a jolt of lighting moving through me, lighting up my pleasure centers. I let out a small moan and focused back on her to see a smile on her face.

"I like it," She said softly then moved back in. She began licking all over my length, getting me completely wet and even doing long licks from the base to the tip and vice versa. My mind was alight with pleasure and ecstasy and it took all I had to stop myself from blowing myself all over her face. That resolve was tested and as she apparently wasn"t satisfied with simply licking and soon she wrapped her lips around my tip and this time my moan was loud and echoed through the room. Zirani made a pleased noise in the back of her throat and moved forward. Her tongue lathered me up all over, and her hot, wet mouth was blissfully tight. She soon found a rhythm, bobbing up and down on my shaft. It was amazing, unlike anything I"d ever felt. It wasn"t the first blowjob I"d ever had, but it might as well have been because the others just couldn"t compare.

I quickly realized that I wouldn"t be able to hold out so I pulled away, hating myself for doing so, but I didn"t want to be the only one receiving pleasure. She pouted up at me, but that changed when I hoisted her to her feet. She must have been reading my thoughts because she knew what to do and we quickly got into a sixty-nine, position with her flower over my face, and her mouth already back to work on my manhood.

I leaned in and slowly began licking a trail towards her sex, enjoying the taste and feel of her smooth and silky skin. God, I couldn"t get enough of her, and my first lick of her core sent a drop of her nectar into my mouth and it tasted nothing like that of my previous lovers. It tasted sweet like a strawberry but with a hint of tang like an apple or orange. I didn"t hold back and dove in with gusto, showering her with long licks, digging as deep as I could. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her closer, devouring her sex. She moaned and I felt her pleasure and ecstasy through our bond, but I knew I could make it higher. I smiled and moved up to her glistening pearl and gently flicked it with my tongue. She moaned and I smiled in victory, but that wasn"t the end. I nibbled it gently and began showering it with all manner of passionate ministrations.

All the while her mouth worked me, up and down she went, her hot, tight, wet mouth, sucking me furiously, slurping sounds echoing through the room as did the sound of my tongue licking her. Soon I felt my climax reach its peak and I could no longer hold back. Funnily enough, and I suspected due to our bond, our climax had linked and together we let out simultaneous cries of pleasure as we exploded into each other"s mouths. Her sweet nectar flooded my mouth as my seed flooded her"s and we both eagerly swallowed and lapped up the other"s juices. She tasted like the best fruit drink.

Soon we were both empty and panting, but the flame of our passion was still burning brightly and had not been quelled. She got off and turned to straddle me and through our bond, I knew what she wanted to do, and let her. This was her first time so I would let her be in control and take this at her own pace. She smiled and reached down for my shaft which surprisingly hadn"t softened at all. If anything it looked larger than before. She rose a little and lined me up with her virgin sex and with one more smile, shoved herself all the way down. I was shocked as I"d been expecting her to take it slowly, and the pain that flowed through our bond caught me off guard, but soon it was gone, replaced by passion once again as her tight channel got used to the new invader.

She felt amazing, and her inner walls flexed around me, and I had to grit my teeth to stop myself from blowing into her instantly. I"d just cum, and already I could go again. This truly was unlike anything I"d ever felt. After a minute of slowly moving her hips and getting used to my large size, she slowly rose up until just the tip was within her, and then plopped back down. We both moaned together and the burst of pleasure from her side of the bond was larger than anything previous.

"Oh my god, how is it this good?" She asked breathlessly.

I only moaned in response, not able to form any words. She rose back up and soon she was bouncing up and down on my length, her mouth open, letting out cries of passion and moans of pleasure while her hands massaged her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples. I moaned and groaned alongside her, my hands on her sides, and my hips slowly moved along with her, still letting her control the pace. She rode me strongly and fiercely, not slowing down even once or getting tired, and all too soon we felt our climax rising and getting uncontrollable.

"Inside?" I managed to ask, my voice raw.

She panted. "Yes, yes, inside, let it all out, Aiden, Oh fuck, aaaah."

Her words trailed off into a cry of pleasure as her walls tightened around me almost painfully so. The feeling sent me over the edge and I roared as I let my seed spill in her depths. She moaned when she felt my seed enter her, and her tunnel flexed around me, milking me for all I had. As I emptied myself inside her, our passion slowly died down, going from a blazing bonfire to a gentle flame, but still there.

She fell down onto me, her large breasts squeezing against my hard chest. Her arms moved to either side of my face, and she smiled, her eyes watery. "Thank you."

I smiled and wiped the single tear that fell, away then leaned in for a gentle kiss. While that was happening I moved my arms around to cup her firm ass, and she squeaked as I flipped her onto her back.

"What makes you think this is over?" I asked, grinning down at her.

She returned the smile and soon our moans were once again mingling to create a symphony of ecstasy.

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