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Chapter 7: 007 What Did She Do Wrong?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Fu Hang’s black pupils dimmed as his gaze fell on Shen Yan’s face. Her makeup appeared to be more radiant today. He would not have recognized her if he did not see her face for three years.

Shen Yan noticed that someone was staring at her. She followed the gaze and spotted Fu Xiaoxiao, who was looking indignantly at her, and Fu Hang, who was expressionless.

Chen Nian was wearing a pale pinkish grey mermaid dress. She caught a glimpse of that jerk, Fu Hang, as soon as she entered the auction. At that moment, she leaned closer to Shen Yan and asked softly, “Do you want to go and greet him?”

“No, I’m not familiar with him.” The smile on Shen Yan’s face did not change, but her slightly narrowed eyes became aloof. She raised her feet and walked toward her seat.

Fu Xiaoxiao stared at Shen Yan in disbelief. The anger that she was suppressing all this time soared slowly.

Over the past month, although the Fu family used the top-notch celebrity, Su Yang, to divert attention, the public did not buy it at all. Therefore, the incestuous affair between the Fu family’s Uncle and Sister-in-law still garnered the attention of everyone.

Fu Xiaoxiao immediately stood up and took a step forward to block Shen Yan’s path. Afterward, she held her face up haughtily and raised her hand as if she was about to slap Shen Yan.

Shen Yan grabbed Fu Xiaoxiao’s arm swiftly. Her exquisite phoenix eyes slightly narrowed as she looked at Fu Xiaoxiao scornfully.

When she was in the Fu family, she tried to please them with no dignity. However, she had nothing to do with them since the divorce.

Shen Yan slapped Fu Xiaoxiao’s hand away. Then, she threw a disdainful look at her.

“Shen Yan!” Fu Xiaoxiao yelled. She placed one hand on her waist and glared at Shen Yan with uncontrollable anger.

“You still have the face to come here! You harmed my sister-in-law and the Fu family, and you still came here while pretending as if nothing happened. This is my first time seeing such a shameless person like you!”

Chen Nian, who was standing beside Shen Yan, face darkened when she listened to her words. She took a step forward and was about to speak, but Shen Yan stopped her.

The smile on Shen Yan’s face was still faint. Her gaze fell on Fu Hang’s face, and then her gaze fell on Fu Xiaoxiao simultaneously. She said with a smirk, “You guys are indeed biological siblings. Both of you like the same kind of people!”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Fu Xiaoxiao scowled at Shen Yan irritably and retorted in exasperation.

Chen Nian smiled, and she quickly continued, “That is indeed true. The Fu family people like women who cry all day long. Fu Xiaoxiao, shouldn’t you go to Thailand and change your gender? That Lin Xing is really amazing! She has gathered the love of all the three brothers. I just don’t know when she will be able to collect all the three bodies!”

Fu Xiaoxiao was always pampered. Therefore, she had never heard such dirty phrases before. She blushed out of embarrassment immediately and tried raising her hand to slap Chen Nian.

Shen Yan swiftly slapped her hand away and said with a smile, “Miss Fu, this is a public place. You are embarrassing the Fu family with your unruly mannerism.”

As Shen Yan spoke, she tightened her strength on Fu Xiaoxiao’s hand, causing the latter to cry from the pain.

Fu Hang sat silently by the side, and his eyes gradually darkened. He had never noticed Shen Yan’s decisiveness and audacity formerly.

“Shen Yan, you dare to hurt me? I want you... ah!”

Fu Xiaoxiao originally wanted to threaten Shen Yan, but she ended up getting slapped by her. She was completely stunned by this outcome. Then, she glared at Shen Yan in disbelief. She couldn’t comprehend what capabilities this wild girl from the countryside had to have the audacity to shout at her.

“Xiaoxiao, stop messing around!” Fu Hang knew that Shen Yan had suffered a lot in the Fu family. This time, Fu Xiaoxiao should learn something after deliberately provoking Shen Yan and suffering a loss instead.

Fu Xiaoxiao immediately became defensive like a cat with bristling fur when she heard what Fu Hang said. She wailed, “Second brother, she hit me. Why are you...”

“Shut up!” Fu Hang stood up with a solemn expression and glanced at Fu Xiaoxiao coldly.

Fu Xiaoxiao had always been afraid of her second brother. Hence, she shrank her neck and kept silent.

When Shen Yan saw him standing up, her smile gradually faded. She decided to go and bypass the Fu siblings.

“Shen Yan...” Fu Hang called out.

Shen Yan walked to the first seat in the first row, which was on the right side of the aisle, and sat down. Her face was expressionless. It was as if she did not hear Fu Hang’s voice. Then, she elegantly tidied up her dress.

Chen Nian glared at the Fu family and sat at Shen Yan’s side.

“Second brother, she bullied me!” Fu Xiaoxiao trembled in anger. She was the Young Miss of the Fu family. Everyone always treated her politely, but Shen Yan actually dared to lay a hand on her. She had never been embarrassed like this her whole life.

“Do you want to go home and ponder over your mistake in seclusion?” Fu Hang muttered lightly and sat down at his seat again.

Fu Xiaoxiao walked to Fu Hang’s side and sat down in exasperation. She reached out to hold his hand and complained, “Second brother, she hit me! How can you not help me?”

Fu Hang looked at Fu Xiaoxiao coldly and asked, “What did she do wrong?”

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