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Chapter 6: 006 Inability to Discern People

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

In the Fu family.

Old Master Fu was infuriated after watching the video that he smashed the teacup next to him. His skinny hand gripped the armrest of the chair tightly.

“Shen Yan! She’s really capable,” Old Master Fu uttered sarcastically. Then, he turned to look at Lin Xing on the sick bed and comforted her, “Don’t worry! I believe you, Lin Xing. This video is definitely edited by that?Shen Yan made in order to get away with her insidious acts!”

Lin Xing sat on the bed with tears brimming in her eyes. She looked at Old Master Fu with a touching expression and murmured softly, “Grandfather, it’s probably my fault. That’s why she tried to defame the Fu family...”

Look at how skilled Lin Xing was with her words!

On the surface, she apologized, but in reality, she took the opportunity to involve the Fu family with her. She knew that Old Master Fu cared greatly about the Fu family’s reputation. As long as the matter was related to the Fu family’s reputation, Old Master Fu would definitely not think too much about it before acting out of haste.

“Shen Yan!” Old Master Fu gritted his teeth. His eyes were filled with hatred as he picked up his phone to call Shen Yan.

“I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable...”

The pleasant voice of the customer service staff came from the phone. Old Master Fu got so infuriated that he hung up the call. Then, he tried calling Fu Hang, but his call did not get through.

Lin Xing observed Old Master Fu’s rage. Then, she thought of something and added submissively, “Grandpa, it’s okay. It’s not a big matter for me to be falsely accused.”

“How can this be? You’re a good child of our Fu family. I absolutely won’t allow that wretched girl, Shen Yan, to slander you!”

Old Master Fu naturally didn’t believe that the video was real. He watched Lin Xing grow up under his nose. How could he not know what kind of person she was? It must be that Shen Yan, who was of an unknown origin, trying to frame Lin Xing.

Old Master Fu wanted to call Lin Nan, but he couldn’t get his call through. He directly rushed to the Fu Corporation building as he couldn’t sit still. Then, he called for Fu Hang, who was in a meeting, to come to the CEO’s office.

“Grandfather, why are you here?” Fu Hang stood at the side, and looked at Old Master Fu, who was sitting on the sofa.

“This!” Old Master Fu threw the tablet onto the coffee table. He said in a flustered tone, “Where’s that wretched girl, Shen Yan? Call her over!”

The video was playing Lin Xing’s arrogant voice.

Fu Hang’s dark eyes dimmed, and he said, “We have divorced. Also, this video is real. There’s no trace of it being edited!”

“Nonsense!” Old Master Fu got so exasperated that he stood up. He pointed at the tablet and said indignantly, “Lin Xing usually speaks in a gentle and soft manner. How can she be this kind of person? Fu Hang, I want you to make her kneel in the ancestral hall. Although you are divorced, she has caused such a commotion! After that, I want her to apologize to the public and clarify the truth!”

“It was sister-in-law who jumped into the water herself.” Fu Hang replied coldly. Although he had no feelings for Shen Yan, he respected the truth. He continued, “Sister-in-law should apologize for this incident!”

Old Master Fu was so enraged that his face changed color. It was clearly that wretched girl, Shen Yan’s fault, yet Fu Hang wanted to vent his anger on Lin Xing. He said in a flustered and exasperated manner, “You really don’t know how to discern people! It’s fine if you don’t tell me where Shen Yan is. Then, don’t blame grandpa for disregarding your feelings!”

Old Master Fu left in a huff and instructed his men to look for Shen Yan.

Fu Hang hurriedly ordered Lin Nan to stop Old Master Fu’s men behind his back. However, he discovered something strange.

Shen Yan seemed to disappear into thin air. Her phone and bank cards were all gone.

She seemed to have booked a flight to the capital, but she did not board the plane. Moreover, she seemed to have left An City in Chen Nian’s car.

The car disappeared without a trace after leaving An City.

Both of them disappeared just like that. Lin Nan searched around An City for half a month but discovered nothing.

Afterward, Fu Hang asked Lin Nan to withdraw. He was pretty curious as to how Shen Yan was able to hide so well.

A month later.

Fu Hang brought Lin Nan to the auction. He wanted to bid for a sapphire in the auction as a birthday present for his mother.

Fu Hang and Fu Xiaoxiao arrived at the auction venue early and sat in the first row of the VIP seats.

He looked down at the auction list on the tablet. There were quite a few antiques worth collecting on the list. Fu Xiaoxiao’s panicked voice chimed just as he was engrossed in it.

“Shen Yan?”

Fu Hang heard her words and glanced at her. She looked like she had seen a ghost. Then, he followed Fu Xiaoxiao’s line of sight.

Shen Yan and Chen Nian were walking in from the entrance of the auction while chatting and laughing.

Shen Yan was wearing a purple dress that mopped the floor. She looked like a different person after not seeing her for a month. Her previously black wavy hair was styled into a European-style retro style. A few strands of hair fell loosely on her sexy collarbone.. It made her skin look even fairer and more attractive.

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