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Chapter 570: 569 Punishment

Song Xia hurriedly withdrew her hand because she was in so much pain. She knew Shen Yan would undoubtedly kick her into the pool if she drew closer to the shore.

Song Xia was having a hard time swimming in the pool. She snapped with overwhelming rage in her eyes, “Aren’t you frightened that I’ll cause trouble if you treat me like this?”

“Chen Nian, get the waiter to bring over a few buckets of ice. We can’t keep Miss Song warm.” Shen Yan looked at Song Xia as she said, “Miss Song, do you still remember that night at the hotel? You were tied up for so long. Did you experience any discomfort?

Song Xia’s eyes were wide open. She was now entirely sure that Shen Yan had not lost his memory.

Very soon, Chen Nian asked someone to bring the ice over. Many people came over out of curiosity because of the commotion caused.

When Fu Hang rushed over, he saw Shen Yan beating Song Xia, who was about to reach the shore, with a hint of a smile in her eyes. He took Shen Yan’s hand and asked gently, “Does your hand hurt?”

When Shen Yan heard Fu Hang’s words, the corners of her mouth could not help but rise. She shook her head and said, “No.”

Song Xia trembled due to Chen Nian and the waiter pouring ice directly into the pool.

When Xu Nan rushed over, she saw Song Xia soaking in the pool. Xu Nan looked at Shen Yan puzzledly. “Miss Shen, what’s going on?”

Shen Yan smiled lightly and said, “It’s nothing. Just now, Miss Song said that she felt that it was too hot, so she wanted to swim in the pool. She even asked someone to bring ice cubes over.”

Shen Yan continued, “I think Miss Song would prefer to be in the pool.”

When the people standing not far away saw Shen Yan’s demeanor, they knew that Shen Yan was trying to set an example for others. They were so frightened that they dared not move. They also wholly believed that Shen Yan did not have amnesia at all.

When Song Xia saw the main guest of the banquet, Xu Nan, approach, she quickly said, “Miss Shen, you can’t take a joke!”


Xu Nan wanted to ask the waiter to stop, but Chen Nian glared at him. Xu Nan had no choice but to withdraw his hand silently.

Xu Nan knew he could not speak up for Song Xia now. Otherwise, Shen Yan would think that he was siding with her.

Moreover, so many people were present, and no one dared to speak up. Nobody dared to stand out even though everyone knew this was Shen Yan’s doing.

Shen Yan looked at Song Xia and said coldly, “Miss Song, to show my sincerity to you, I will stay beside you. You have to cool down before you come out.”

Chen Nian picked up a tree branch. Seeing that Song Xia still wanted to get up from the side, she immediately hit Song Xia back. “Behave properly. Why are you coming out?”

Shen Yan waited until the ice in the pool was about to melt. She walked in front of Song Xia and said, “Miss Song, I advise you to stop trying to stir trouble with me in the future.”

After saying that, Shen Yan looked at Fu Hang and then at Song Xia. “Also, stop trying to lay your hands on him.”

“Let’s go!”

Finally, Shen Yan glanced at Chen Nian.

Chen Nian hit Song Xia with a branch again before throwing it to the side. She clapped her hands, wiped them with a tissue, and turned around to leave.

Everyone had left, and the commotion was over.

Xu Nan looked at Song Xia, and he got someone to bring a towel over and helped her up.

Song Xia stayed there for nearly an hour, and her body turned pale. She wanted to tear Shen Yan apart but couldn’t afford to offend her.

The news of Song Xia being punished in the pool spread like wildfire. In the end, it was only when Shen Yan and Fu Hang’s wedding date was announced that the attention on Song Xia was shifted.

Shen Yan lazily sat on the sofa and played games on her phone. Fu Hang sat opposite her with a serious expression.

He frowned slightly and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Shen Yan calmly played on her phone and asked, “What?”

“When did you remember?”

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